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Even if you don't know what event, contact, and location suggestions are, you've probably seen at least one of them floating around on your Mac. Simply put, when things are suggested to you, it's your Mac's way of saying 'you have a text from a stranger, they said in the text their name is Tanya, so therefore we're going to suggest that the contact is named Tanya'. While some people absolutely love this feature and find it helpful with not only their contacts, but locations and events, others might be somewhat annoyed with the constant bombardment of incorrect/wonky/not-as-right/annoying suggestions.

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Whether you fall into group A or group B, here's how you can enable or disable contacts, location, and event suggestions!. How to enable or disable contact suggestions. Launch your Contacts from your home screen. Click Contacts in the upper right-hand corner. Click Preferences.

Click Show Contacts Siri Found in Apps to enable or disable your suggested contacts feature. A reminder will appear on screen and read that doing this would delete any unconfirmed contact suggestions. How to enable or disable location suggestions. Launch System Preferences. Click Security & Privacy.

Click on the Privacy. It should be beside Firewall. Click on the lock and key in the lower left corner. This will allow you to make changes. Click Location Services from the left side menu. Click on System Services.

You might have to scroll for a second to find it. Click on Details. Click to uncheck the box for Location-Based Suggestions to turn the feature off, or check the box to turn the feature on. Click Done When you're finished to finish up turning on/off your location services.

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A Suggestion For Mac

How to enable or disable event suggestions. Launch your Calendar from your home screen. Click Calendar in the menu bar on the top left of your screen. Click Preferences. Click Show Siri Found in Apps Calendar to enable or disable your suggested events feature.

A reminder will appear on screen and read that doing this would delete any unconfirmed event suggestions from your calendar. What's your preference? Are you a big fan of having things like location and contact suggestions pop up on your screen, or would you rather they go away and stay away?

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Thursday, May 10th, 2018 Author: Apple’s for macOS and iOS has a variety of amazing features that are often overlooked by users. One of the more powerful features is something called “Safari Suggestions,” which captures what you are typing into the search/address bar at the top of the browser and offers suggestions for websites or articles that may provide the answers you’re looking for. Although you’ll see in the following example that while this feature is very useful, some users just don’t like the extra information provided and want to be able to turn off Safari Suggestions. In this quick Tech Tip, we’ll show you how to disable Safari Suggestions on both Macs and iOS devices.

First, let’s take a quick look at the Safari Suggestions functionality. It can provide useful information by simply typing a few searchable words or letters into Safari’s search/address bar. For example, if we’d like to see how Apple’s share price is doing today, we can simply type AAPL into the search bar and the following appears. (Safari Suggestions for the phrase “AAPL”.) Safari Suggestions supplies a lot of information. Since AAPL is the ticker symbol for Apple’s stock, it starts with a current listing of the share price today along with high and low numbers for the day and a numerical and percentage increase or decrease. Next up are suggestions tied to the search engine being used. In this example, Google is the search engine being used so it lists common searches for the term AAPL.

Finally, Safari Suggestions displays bookmarks I may have stored or websites that I’ve looked at in the past. Let’s try another quick example of Safari Suggestions, typing in the word “praseodymium”. (Safari Suggestions for the word “praseodymium”.) Here, Safari works hand-in-hand with Siri to highlight a Wikipedia entry for the element Praseodymium. Clicking or tapping on that suggestion opens the page in Safari. Why Would You Want To Disable Safari Suggestions?

Safari Suggestions are very useful, but sometimes they can provide information you might not want. For example, if I type in “Steve Jobs”, the Safari Suggestion is for the 2015 movie about the late Apple co-founder. If I’m looking for historical information about Jobs, this isn’t too useful! Older Macs can see a slight performance boost while using Safari when Safari Suggestions is disabled, and if you’ve ever had Safari crash or lock up when typing search phrases into the Search/Address bar, disabling suggestions may help as well. Disabling Safari Suggestions on Mac 1) Launch Safari 2) Select Safari Preferences from the menu bar 3) In Safari Preferences, select the Search tab (it has a magnifying glass icon on it).

The screenshot below shows the Search preferences. Recent Posts.

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