Abit Ab9 Quad Gt Drivers For Mac

Posted : admin On 06.12.2019
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Abit Ab9 Quadgt Drivers For Mac

I built a new PC and am having a problem with the boot up. First one was a memory problem but that just turned out as a bad stick. Using a stick from a buddy until my RMA comes back and now am past the C1 stage but now it will run through everything, hit a 75 and then hang on a 7F. The monitor never gets any feed because the light just blinks as a no video feed. Could I be running some incompatible stuff? Here's what I've got so far. Let me know if you guys need some other info.

The utility will automatically determine the right driver for your system as well as download and install the ABIT AB9 QuadGT driver. Being an easy-to-use utility, The Drivers Update Tool is a great alternative to manual installation, which has been recognized.

Motherboard - Abit NI8 SLI CPU - INTEL 805 D Memory - K-Byte 512 667 (borrowed from a friend to verify the first stick was bad) Vid Card - XFX GF6800XT 256M Hard Drive - 300G Seagate SATA2 CD Drive - NEC DRW-NE-OND1100A PSU - ANTECSP-500 RET. The mystery has been solved.

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After doing what I should have done first and step by stepped my way through the mobo manual (haven’t built a Intel or PCIe yet). I found that I had neglected to put in the PCIe selector chip. Popped that baby in there and presto working PC! Well only bad thing is I’ll have to take it apart again and put on some better paste on the processor, runs pretty hot (45 C when idling) but at least its working and I won’t have to do any returns.

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Thanks for the ideas and help!