Acdsee Pro 2.2.172 (2013/eng For Mac

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ACDSee Pro (Mac) - ACDSee Pro (Mac) is a professional photo editing and management application and is an essential tool for every digital photographer.Intuitive Workflow-Oriented Interface: To help you accelerate your workflow.

ACDSee Pro v2.2.172 Mac OS X 15.2 MB When you’ve got a thousand shots to process and you’re up against a deadline, every minute saved in post-production counts. Real-time operation and customizable, linked batch presets make ACDSee Pro 2 (Mac) one of the fastest, most efficient pro-level photo editing and management solutions out there. Add a powerful RAW processing engine and a full kit of non-destructive editing tools, and watch your post-production workflow fly. Manage Mode Do you want to go faster? Whether you have thousands or tens of thousands of photos to process and organize, ACDSee Pro 2’s Manage mode delivers the tools you need to work smarter and finish faster. Instant Access Access your existing collection without waiting. Unlike catalog-based photo applications, you don’t need to spend valuable time importing files that are already on your system and connected devices.

When you browse a folder on your system, Pro 2 immediately begins to display thumbnails of your photos. Plus your external devices are automatically detected, so you can copy images onto your hard drive with drag and drop simplicity. Pro 2’s file management capabilities are powerful enough to keep ALL your digital assets organized. Effortless Organization Pro 2’s Properties Pane gives you EXIF and IPTC Extended metadata fields and more. Organize your collection with complete flexibility and control.

View complete EXIF information captured from your camera, add and edit IPTC information, and set and embed your own custom metadata. Customize the Properties Pane to create a clean custom metadata view showing only the fields relevant to you. Add keywords, rate images to keep track of your best work, and set multiple hierarchical categories without duplicating images. Use custom keyboard shortcuts to add metadata on the fly. Searching Simplified Find individual or groups of photos from your collection quickly and easily. Get relevant results with the Quick Search tool, locate photos by date with the new Calendar feature, or retrieve images already indexed by Spotlight.

For even more focus, build complex Boolean searches based on a combination of file properties and metadata, and save them for ongoing use. You can even drag and drop individual EXIF or IPTC Metadata fields into the Search bar. With Pro 2, you'll never lose track of another image again. Customized, Linked Batch Operations Drag and drop actions in any order you wish to create a customized workflow that can be saved as its own preset. Rename files, set metadata information, adjust the time stamp, change the file format, resize, copy, move, and apply develop presets all in a series of linked steps, even as you import. Rev Up Your Post-Production Tap into a multitude of time-saving features.

Conveniently tag images with one click for management or further processing. Add customizable color labels to keep track of where each image is in the process. Categorize, rate and apply keywords to non-image files. Move images to your ACDSee Online space with drag-and-drop ease.

Manage your photos online Simply drag and drop select images or folders directly from ACDSee Pro 2 (Mac) to your ACDSee Online profile page. Experience complete control over your digital assets, as you pick and choose which folders will be public or private.

Conveniently share your online images by instant message or email, allowing your friends, family, or clients to see your photos in a clean, advertising-free interface. Easily organize your photos using hierarchical folders, instead of a restrictive album structure. You can even apply the same organizational structure you have on your desktop! View Mode Instant Viewing Gratification View images anyway you want on your Mac, at unparalleled speeds in Pro 2’s powerful View mode.

Acdsee Pro 2.2.172 (2013/eng For MacAcdsee Pro 2.2.172 (2013/eng For Mac

Display images in full screen for maximum effect, examine in detail, and zoom through your latest shoot with speed and ease. Focus on Your Photos Review your images in Pro 2's large, uncluttered viewing space. Examine images in detail with pan and zoom, or instantly view photos at 100%. Get down to the pixel level on specific areas using the Selection tool. Organize on the Fly Talk about multi-tasking! With Pro 2, you can categorize, rate, rename, rotate, copy or move your files as you're viewing them. Plus tag or color-label images for further processing.

Navigate Your Collection Power your way through a large group of images in real-time using the filmstrip viewer. Show Off Your Photos The new Slideshow allows you to present your photos to family and friends in a clean, stylish full-screen view.

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This feature is chocked-full of fresh transitions, including Color Planes, Copy Machine, Dissolve, Doorway, Mosaic Flip, Pan & Zoom, Sliver, and Swing, and will ensure your show won’t be short on ooh and ahh factor. There’s even a simple fade transition to satisfy the traditionalist! Develop Mode Make Your Best Even Better ACDSee Pro 2 (Mac) is for you if photography is your passion and you like the option of working in the RAW. Make your amazing photos look even better, faster with Pro 2’s full toolkit of non-destructive editing features that apply in real time or near realtime - no waiting to see your changes.

Efficiency Expert Complete non-destructive adjustments on RAW, JPEG and other image types, and achieve results fast in Pro 2’s new, more intuitive user interface. See your results applied in realtime, go back and forth between settings at will, and show and hide results of any adjustment. Preview your results in full screen, and return to further processing with ease. Save your work, and restore your original photos at any time. Tune Them Up Boost dull colors and underexposed areas. Instantly rescue details that are too light or too dark, without affecting other areas of the image.

Adjust the brightness and contrast of different tone bands. Increase saturation while protecting skin tones with the Vibrance slider, or adjust saturation, brightness and hue on a color by color basis. Improved Interface New, more intuitive user interface includes colored sliders, shortcuts and keyboard controls for precision adjustments.

Really, Really Fast. 64 bit RAW processing makes post-production fly! Superior Lighting Control Experience the full power of ACDSee’s patented LCE (Lighting & Contrast Enhancement). Nobody else handles lighting and contrast this way or delivers results this amazing. HDR results from a single shot? Find the detail in the dark recesses of an underexposed image?

Acdsee Pro 2.2.172 (2013/eng For Mac Mac

We’ve got it covered. It’s All in the Details Sharpen and reduce noise with Pro 2's precision tools. A user-controlled edge detection mask slider lets you focus the sharpening effect more to edges and textures without amplifying any pre-existing noise in areas with little detail. Use the Full Resolution preview window to see the results of your adjustments in fine detail, without needing to zoom in and out of your image.

Get it Straight Correct geometry issues including barrel, pincushion, and fisheye distortion, fix the perspective on photos taken with telephoto lenses, and rotate and straighten your images at custom angles, without any loss. Take it Further Soft Focus and Clarity tools target midtones to make intuitive, natural-looking adjustments to your images, instantly. Split Tone Get complete control over the balance of tones in the shadows and highlights of your image with Split Toning, and open up a world of creative possibilities. Create sepia or tinted black & white, or add a tinted color to highlights and another to shadows to create a dramatic toning effect. Get Your Hipster On Combine the new Cross-Process tool with a vignette to quickly produce a retro, Lomo effect. Auto-Magically Correct Instantly remove red-eye with the new “Do it for me” feature.

Apply the power of batch processing to RAW files, JPEGs, TIFFs and more. Easily copy and paste processing settings from one image to another. Create batch presets to automatically complete a series of routine editing tasks, and share those presets with others. Experience the unparalleled speed and stability of Pro 2's processing power, now operating at 64 bits.