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6 days ago  Sync 1.3.3 - Sync app for secure cloud storage; 5GB free to start. Download the latest versions of the best Mac apps at safe and trusted MacUpdate Download, install, or update Sync for Mac from MacUpdate.


Latest version (Syncovery 8) Fully compatible with macOS 10.14 (Mojave). This version works on all Intel Macs and it is compatible with all macOS versions since 10.4. A 64 bit version will be ready when needed.

On OS X 10.4 or in case of problems, use this Syncovery 8 is a free upgrade for licenses ordered on or after August 1st, 2015. All registration codes generated since then still work with Syncovery 8.

Read more about here. Previous version (Syncovery 7) On OS X 10.4 or in case of problems, use this You can also download 32 bit versus 64 bit / “Optimized for Mac OS” On the latest Mac OS version, you may receive a warning once because the Syncovery GUI is still a 32 bit app. We are heavily working on a 64-bit GUI and it will be available well before Apple ceases to support 32-bit apps. The core technology is already available as a 64-bit command line tool (SyncoveryCL64).

This tool can be used to run jobs in the background in 64-bit processes. To take advantage of this feature, go to the Performance tab sheet of the Program Settings dialog and choose:. Use 64-bit edition for GUI-less background processes The 64-bit GUI edition will be a free upgrade for all licenses ordered on or after August 1st, 2015. Other Languages. Additional Downloads. Syncovery Remote Service v7.62a for Mac: (or ) This service can be installed on the other end of a sync (remote Mac) to speed up some operations. New: it can now be installed as a system service (daemon) that starts automatically with MacOS even before you log in.

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Dear empoyees who are able to place change request and get them throug;-) Finally Office for Mac (2016) will be (almost) similar to the 'real one', which is great. But: As described in Exchange Active Sync (EAS) sould be possible in Outlook 365 for Mac similar to Outlook 365 for Windows. I'm sure many students nowadays want to sync their contacts and calendars - and they will not buy a Office Business Pack just for this one machine but look for alternatives like Google ical etc, wich will also have effect on device and OS decisions.

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Please request EAS for Outlook Mac. Any Plans if or when it will be implemented? Thank you and best regards Daniel. I'm not at all saying you didn't post in the right place. You sure did.

I'm just saying that EAS is not supposed to be available for desktop computers: it's limited to mobile devices. Outlook for Windows uses some sort of a hack to grant access specifically for (and no other EAS service like Exchange for instance). Outlook for Mac can only sync through Web Services to Exchange. That implies for instance that you do not have any way to sync anything like calendar events and contacts to from Outlook for Mac. (don't blame me on this one: I'm only the messenger.

It's not like I have a say in all this, I'm simply stating the facts — this is a peer support forum and we're all regular users. The forums are not meant to be a way to communicate with Microsoft). Corentin — MVPs do.not. work for MS Les MVP ne.travaillent pas. pour MS. Hi Corentin, I think I understand the technical details, but they don't make sense from the perspective of a service that I am paying for.

I am subscribed to office 365. It is a paid service, that provides office applications on-line, and off-line versions of the same. It includes outlook, word, excel, etc.

On-line, and also the possibility to install these apps on macs, PCs, etc. They even have the same names and the same icons on-line and off-line to reinforce the idea that they are supposed to work together. Am I supposed to understand that on-line calendars and contacts on office 365 are NOT SUPPOSED TO SYNC with the corresponding desktop app that comes with the same service, paid-for by the same subscription, and this is BY DESIGN? This does not make sense at all. The question here is not whether this-or-that technical feature is supposed to be implemented or not - this is sidetracking the issue. I don't care what feature is used to implement calendar syncing in the context of the SAME SERVICE - whatever works is fine by me!

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Microsoft controls both ends, no one is allowed to say this is not possible. The real question is: does Microsoft provide calendar syncing on the desktop for their (paying) Office 365 customers, or do they not provide this service. Simple, right? Do they provide ANY solution to this out-of-this-world problem AT ALL? After several hours of googling I have not found a solution. Frankly, no answers I found are clear enough to say for sure. All of the answers (just like yours, apologies for the directness) hide behind some technical mambo-jumbo to avoid having to provide a direct answer.

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Maybe the answer (i.e. That Microsoft does not in fact provide such a service) is so daunting, given the very basic nature of what is asked for here, that people at or close to Microsoft do not dare say it out loud, fearing it would make Microsoft look stupid. I don't know. I also did have a chat session with Microsoft Support today, and they opened a remote control session to my PC, and they definitely did not say this was not possible by design or otherwise. Instead, they tried to help (without success, but truth be told we were sidetracked by another issue). If this service weren't available, would it not have been easier to just say so, instead of spending hours trying to help?

What I'll do is I'll call them on Monday (it's a public holiday today where I live) and post their answer here, clear-as-day. I will get to the bottom of this. As I have found this forum trying to find a solution to this problem, others might as well, and this might help them. Roland, we're all regular user in these (peer-supported) forums. You're preaching to the choir. That being said You can't sync contacts and events with the regular, free, accounts, but you can sync with the Paid, Pro Office 365 accounts that work through Exchange.

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It all depends whether or not your level of subscription includes an Exchange account. You're saying Microsoft support tried to help you on your PC. DO you mean PC as in Windows machine or as in Personal Computer (and still a Mac?). As I was saying, it's possible (even with the free accounts) under Windows. If it was on your Mac, then they either thought you had an Exchange account, or didn't know enough about the Mac version of Outlook:- Corentin — MVPs do.not.

work for MS Les MVP ne.travaillent pas. pour MS.