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Posted : admin On 19.05.2019
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.And I'm a little ponied out. I confess it took me-what, two years?-to finish the first two seasons. I would watch an episode once in a moon or so, they were mildly entertaining, but that was it.

Still, wanting to be 'in the know' about a popular American phenomenon, I continued watching it this spring, and I started to enjoy it from season three onwards. The first two seasons felt like they were geared purely towards kids, and the episodes had problems of minor consequence (except for the finale and initial story arcs, which are usually my favorites). From season three forward, I thought the writing was tighter, the characters more consistent with themselves, and any event would have a consequence in later episodes. The Cutie Crusaders also began to be likable rather than annoying. It was interesting how they handled Twilight becoming an alicorn: they easily could have given her a Messiah status ('you were once of us, but now you're practically a god'), but she continued to be herself and still learning about friendship even though she gained wings. I was pleased that Spike got his moments to shine, particularly in the Crystal Empire.

I appreciated how when a pony learned a lesson, her character developed and demonstrated the growth throughout the following episodes. Fluttershy's gaining of assertiveness is an example. They also added some depth to Pinkie Pie. I did find the cutie marks of the Cutie Crusaders to be somewhat disappointing: I was hoping that they would have individual abilities. All of them having similar marks seems to me like they're doomed to consider each other first, rather than moving on to individual lives and families eventually. As important as the Mane Six are, it seems that a lot of the side characters didn't really get any spotlight until much later on. 'To Where and Back Again' is probably my favorite two-episode story arc because you have the side characters saving the day.

And any episode with Discord is a good episode. Starlight adds a different dynamic to Ponyville, and a lot of the focus was on her in the later episodes, probably because they were running low on ideas. Not that I was complaining.

Adult Scootaloo Wallpaper (left Side For Mac

Rarity seems to have outgrown Ponyville, and in consequence, the show. She has adult concerns that seem more realistic than those of other ponies, and because her interests are so specific, it's hard to relate to her. Rainbow Dash seems less dimensional than she used to be: rather than being balanced with her own ego and caring for her friends, most of her dialogue revolves around her, or so it seems in the later seasons. The finale episodes of season seven felt the weakest of all of their two-episode story arcs: they really didn't know that bringing back the six heroes would also bring back the Pony of Shadow? Not even Celestia or Luna? Starlight was the only pony that thought bringing them back might cause trouble?

Still, overall, the series deserves its popularity. Rarely has a series held my attention for that long. I appreciated how it was approachable to pretty much anyone of differing backgrounds (though I thought it was really weird that they included commentary on a hippie pony, fine dinning versus Indian-inspired food and tried to make different 'races' of ponies). I was surprised how, as a kids show, they showed Rarity stress-eating cartons of ice cream, multiple times. I would think that the Bunny Song from VeggieTales nearly twenty years ago would have taught cartoon makers against giving kids bad examples, but I guess not ( ). Anyway, what are your thoughts? You can no longer comment on this thread as it was closed due to no activity for a month.

I’m actually pleasantly surprised to see someone giving such a pleasant and reasoned critique of the show! For years it’s pretty much been pink sparkly mega-fans versus ultra-macho haters in a bloody fight to the death with no room for logic. I used to watch it more than I do now - I think it’s wonderful that there’s such a well-written, creative and narrative-driven show out there for little girls. Sure, it peaked at around seasons 4 and 5 (in my opinion) and has been in a rapid decline into vapidity ever since (again, my opinion), but for what it is it’s still nice to have it around. Personally, I think I’ve outgrown it. Its lessons no longer teach me and its characters I no longer find relatable - but that doesn’t mean I don’t think others in a worse position than me (either children or, yes, adults) couldn’t find it a fun and educational viewing experience. Not a little girl, is all.

I do partly blame the show for reforming all its villains and dialling down the violence. The badassery was what got me into it initially rather than the cutesy ponies, so now that that’s all but gone I don’t have much of a reason to stick around!

Thank you, I try. Though if you ask me to write a review of The Lion King, I'm afraid my nostalgia would prevent me from being objective about it. I'm not sure when it peaked, but I think it certainly has. The movie and season 8 are on the downhill slope (my opinion). I couldn't even finish the movie: it seemed like it was written by people other than creators of the show, and stamped on things that I best liked in the show (and the art style was strange, too).

Season 8 feels like a new show: totally different intro, a lot more characters, Twilight opening a school, etc. I feel like they are scraping for ideas. They are running out of villains. Then I shall attempt not to ask such a thing of you! Agreed about the movie. I managed to finish it and did quite enjoy some aspects - like the return to adventuring and an actual relatively cool bunch of villains - but for a film (partly) written by the show's writers it sure did seem.

Sort of unlike the show. I’ve only seen the first couple of episodes of Season 8, so I couldn’t possibly comment on it - although that said, the opener to me had a bizarre message that I think could be interpreted in some strange ways.

Next they’ll have to bring back, I dunno. The Diamond Dogs, and teach them how to share until they’re so good at sharing that they can teach a special sharing class in the school. True, the stories I enjoy the most are either the two-episode story arcs, because the stakes are high ('oh no! Equestria and life as we know it is in danger!' ), or episodes with reformed villains, particularly Discord and Starlight. In the later seasons they also tackle difficult subjects, like bullying, scandalous family history or having to accept that you don't like your sister's boyfriend. The character designs did keep me away for a while: I grew up with the 1980's reruns, and they still look more proportionally sound to me.

I started watching the show out of curiosity then got hooked.up until Twilight became a princess. The fact that yet another female character became a princess just annoys me; I mean, not every girl wants to be one. I know I'm probably alone in this, but I don't see why she had to become a 'Princess of Friendship.' It seemed kind of.dumb. It just got boring after a while; I found myself just watching episodes with the CMC, Big Mac and Maude Pie.them I find interesting. I love Fluttershy as well and the majority of her episodes were great, but I started to hate Pinkie Pie and her annoying high pitch voice.

I grew up on MLP (80s) and although I confess some of the episodes after Twilight became a princess were interesting.I just can't stomach their storyline anymore. At the moment I'm re-watching all of the episodes before the 'wings' got in the picture.

And in regard to the Equestria Girls movies (not Everfree).loved the music, but I haven't seen the new movie.don't think I will either. Love the song though. I actually don't care for the pre-wings period. I'm kind of ambivalent about Twilight being a princess: it wasn't so much 'oh great another princess', but for a while it was 'so she's a princess.And nothing has changed'.

Finally with her getting more princess duties (and actually getting a castle), she seems like more believable royalty. What really carries the show for me isn't Twilight, or even anyone in the Mane Six: it's Spike and the reformed villains like Starlight Glimmer and Discord. Actually, it's pretty much the side characters. The Mane Six aren't that interesting to me. I think I stomached Pinkie Pie because I watched two or three seasons in French in English subtitles, and her French voice isn't annoying. I confess the CMC aren't my favorite: I have skipped at least one of their early episodes.

I also watched the 1980's show, and had quite a few of the toys. The animation is.Lacking.

I used to love MLP when I was younger, and while I don't watch it now, it still holds a lot of respect from me. I actually think it's interesting that Rarity is being more ambitious-she has a love of designing and she wants her business to be as successful as possible.

It's not really what you usually see in kids' shows (especially with that kind of character. A lot of time the girly fashion crazy one is an antagonist, and large, successful bushiness are usually portrayed as bad) And while I think the shift towards focus on Starlight probably was because the staff was running out of ideas with the mane 6, I thought she was an interesting character. I agree about the Cutie mark crusaders though, I think it would've been a lot more interesting to see what they'd do and how their lives would change if they got different cutie marks at different times. It's too bad the finale wasn't that good, but I'm glad you enjoyed it overall. It is very impressive that they show that Rarity is successful and ambitious: as a contrast, in the Harry Potter world, ambition is a Slytherin trait. It just feels like she doesn't fit in the fantasy world of the ponies anymore. I don't have a solution as to how to make it better, but it's just an observation.

As for the Cutie Mark Crusaders, I too was looking forward to the dynamics if one pony got her cutie mark before the others: would the other two still accept her? How would they feel? It could have been a really interesting character development opportunity (even with valuable lessons). Another missed opportunity was with Shining Armor getting married: I thought it would have been way more interesting if he was marrying a pony Twilight didn't know, and she would have to accept that he's now devoted to someone else and try to make friends with her.

This scenario would have been very relatable to kids of blended families (and adults too). Thank you for the link: I started watching it. I might have to rewind to understand his definition of 'rebellion' in his context-does he mean add story elements that are not expected? I've heard mixed reviews about the Equestria Girls, but I might be curious enough one of these days to explore them. The opener for season 8 was indeed odd. I first took it as a jab at recent American politics, but you could also read it as 'fight against the system', which is a very American attitude that doesn't work in all situations (or even cultures). The episodes in season 8 also seem formulaic in the sense that you can relate many of them to specific situations: 'oh, this one is an allegory for how to deal with divorced parents' or 'this one is about puberty'.

Adult Scootaloo Wallpaper (left Side For Mac Pc

The writers seem to be loosing their touch. Yes - he’s referring to things you wouldn’t expect to find in a little girls' show, like the fighting, adventure and more varied, adult characters. Just a personal opinion here. The second one's the best. I don’t know how many there have been now, but out of the first four I thought the second film had the most logical plot. The others made me feel a bit uncomfortable watching them as an adult; I felt too excluded by their general strong little-girl vibe, as if I really wasn’t any part of their intended audience. Yeah, I think it was probably supposed to be about recent American politics.

Agreed about the 'fight the powah' interpretation! I was reminded of religious groups whose views are too abnormal to be accepted by wider, legitimate denominations, so they recede and start their own little extremist churches rather than coming to see that their views are odd. Perhaps this is a bit of a paranoid interpretation on my part, but if it's possible to read that into their story then I don’t think the writers are doing a very good job. I thought the one about Maud Pie's new boyfriend was like that!


It was so obvious what situation it was depicting that I couldn’t bring myself to remain interested in the story. (Mind you, there was a point at which I thought maybe Maud was actually going to say she had a girlfriend, and that was pretty exciting. That's actually something I kind of didn't like about Harry Potter-how basically everyone who valued ambition was considered evil. But I can understand how in a show about friendship and fantasy, a character subplot about business could break the immersion. I had so been hoping they'd get different cutie marks at different times! I thought it would be so interesting to see how their dynamic would change.

Would they still be as close without that common interest, would they still be able to be in and preserve the club, how would the last pony to get her mark feel and what would she do? I feel like they wasted tons of potential for development for something that was's really a shame since there was so much they could have done with it. Huh.actually, I don't know if I ever thought about that.

Which, while I enjoyed a Canterlot Wedding, is a really interesting idea! It would've been really relatable for a lot of people I'm sure. You can learn to read an author based on the features of her good guys and bad guys. Obviously Rowling isn't fond of ambition, or snakes.

MLP tends to wander to the safe, non-confrontational side of story opportunities. I had to Google to find out the latest speculation about Applejack's parents or about Scootaloo's inability to fly. The fan conclusions were that it's implied that the parents are no more, and that possibly Scootaloo is disabled. But since it's a kids' show, they won't clarify these points. I'm also really curious about Scootaloo's parents, as we have had yet to see them. If you plan to continue after season 7, skip the big-budget movie: it's like a bad fan fiction, or an attempt to combine universes. I couldn't finish it.

Adult Scootaloo Wallpaper (left Side For Mac Free

Just read a summary and continue onto season 8.