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Posted : admin On 21.02.2019
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Amazon today updated its to version 3.5, adding X-Ray for books. With X-Ray, users can see detailed information on plot ideas, characters, and locations within novels. From the app description: X-Ray for Books - see the 'bones of the book.' X-Ray helps you learn more about notable characters, places, and phrases with descriptions from and Wikipedia.X-Ray, which is a major selling point of Amazon's own Kindle devices, was previously introduced as a textbook-only feature with the 3.4 update for Kindle for iOS.

The feature is backed by Wikipedia and Shelfari, which is described as Amazon's community-powered encyclopedia for book lovers. IOS 5 is required for the 3.5 update, which can be. mac pro 2012. 8GB PC3-MHz Macbook Pro 13-inch/15-inch Mid 2012 iMac 21.5 inch Late 2012 Early Late 2013 Late 2014 Mid 2015 Mac Mini Late 2012 MD634G/A ME167G/A. By A-Tech Components. $95.99 $ 95 99 Prime. FREE Shipping on eligible orders. More Buying Choices. Amazon’s Trade-In program now accepts laptops and netbooks, which means Mac users are eligible to swap their MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, or MacBook before the upcoming refresh. Safari と相性の悪い ATOK 12 for Mac のアップデートが、 iPhone 6/ 6 Plus、Apple Storeで唐突な?値上げ; Chromebook、WinPC でも Mac でも無いパソコン、 ATOK 2012 for Mac、Safari 6.2 と相性が良くない? レンズ・スタイル・カメラで撮ってみたが、 iPhone 6 と iPhone 6 Plusの在庫状況.

Hmmm.I think Amazon lumps all the different sizes together. I am reviewing the 120GB SSD Plus. I noticed that the read speeds are as advertised = UP to 500+MBps.

The write speeds, however seem to top out at 80-90 MBps for the one that I have. I have also have one of these in 240GB size and the write speeds on it go up to 500+MBps. So I don't know if I received a bad one or if the 120GB size is limited in this way. Because the drive works well (just slower than expected write speeds) I did not attempt to return and I am living with it in a repaired laptop. It works well, just a bit slow with writes. Again, maybe someone else has a review on the 120GB where they are seeing better writes and I have a dud. I am please with this drive, Ive been using it for a few months now with out any problems.

I have a MacBook Pro mid 2012 and I used this to update it and also upgraded memory to 12 g ram. This works great in my MacBook and it was recognized immediately, I did a dual boot with Bootcamp to put Windows 10 on it for programs like MS Publisher which doesn't have a Mac version. Ive had no problems dualing booting and I recommend this as a cheap alternative to SSD drives. My machine boots up quickly but its not super fast but for me it works perfectly.


I use it for graphic design mostly. I have Sierra although I had high Sierra and it worked with that as well but I decided to downgrade back to Sierra.

This all worked out fine in the end. When I opened the computer (the provided tools were correct), it looked different from the instructions- the SSD was located in a different place. The instructions had it over by one of the fans, but it was actually in a more centrally located caddy or tray that came out with the card in it. A difference in the actual model number or mfg date of my computer, I suppose (12 in. Retina i5, purchased March 2013), which I could not resolve. However, I was able to find a video (I think via the MCE website) that had a step-by-step procedure for this configuration.

I could see that the new SSD was identical in form to the old one, and it fit easily in the tray in accordance with the video instructions. A 20-minute job, no glitches. I had lived with 256GB for 5. I have purchased this memory module to upgrade my daughter's MacBook Pro (Retina, 13-inch, Late 2012) with 256GB SSD, model A1425. Though I rated it as 5 stars (because the item works perfectly after the upgrade), there are some concerns with the vendor and with the product itself. First of all, this memory module is not in one piece.

The memory module itself MZ-M5E1T0 appears to be a regular Samsung EVO 1TB SSD, but there is an adapter at the connector and another adapter at the end to make the module longer (please see the picture attached). I did not pay attention to it when I purchased it. The package includes the memory module with two adapters, the enclosure case with the spare screws and one screwdriver, two another screwdrivers, USB3 cables for the enclosure case, and the installation instructions. There is no any software included.

Amazon Atok 2012 For Mac 動作環境

Now what was wrong: 1. This review is for Mushkin's Reactor 1 TB (MKNSSDRE1TB). This was a replacement drive for my aging OCZ Vertex 4 256 GB drive.

I cloned my original using WD's version of Acronis (I have a MyBook as an external backup), running before and after tests with Crystal Disc Mark 1.2 (64-bit) on Windows 10. I was hoping for, at best, to get close to my old OCZ Vertex 4's performance, but I was not expecting it to exceed its performance on practically every front! Check the included pics. Assuming this drive lasts, I can wholeheartedly recommend it. I've had my OCZ Vertex for about 2 years now as my main boot drive and have had no issues. I'm expecting the same from Mushkin; we'll see how it goes! This is a great product but there is one missing step in the installation instructions that took me a long very frustrating time to figure out.

In order to back up your existing hard drive to the new unit the FIRST thing you have to do is make sure that the current hard drive is not storing encrypted data. It will not backup if you have encryption turned on!! So decrypt the existing hard drive first and then follow the rest of the instructions for transferring the data. Also when removing the screws from the case take careful note of their position because there is at least one screw that is longer than the rest. Hind sight being 20/20 I would layout the screws on a large piece of duct tape or scotch tape so that the exact order is retained. I just threw all the screws into a saucer. Took out my optical drive and replaced it with a second hard drive.

Amazon Atok 2012 For Mac Free

As other reviewers have noted, there are no screw holes to attach the drive to the adapter nor the adapter to the BMP. The fit is snug enough that I'm not worried about anything moving. As another reviewer noted, there is a piece of plastic that gets in the way. Instead of breaking it, I found that you can pry it away from the side of the adapter and it will come off. Simple mod and great way to add a second hard drive. Also, it's spec'd as a 9.5mm drive adapter.

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I did get a 1T 12.5mm drive in, but it's really too much stress on the bottom plate and a cable that fit over the drive bay in the case. Stick to 9.5mm or find another adapter. I put a 750G Scorpio Black in instead.