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Posted : admin On 24.03.2019
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Make sure it is the correct game, there are always similar applications. Once the installation is over, Tap the App icon in Menu to start playing. If is everything OK, Enjoy! Configure your new controls on PC, laptop or MAC. Destroy your opponents! Tutorial play and download Angry Birds Space for PC, Windows or MAC.

A new collaborative promotion between Rovio and McDonald’s China is now available! This is a brand new web-based mini game called Angry Birds McDonald’s. You can play this in most any modern web browser, excluding mobile and tablets, by going to. The game does require Flash. You will have to register in order to unlock any levels beyond the first two. Easy enoughif you speak and read Chinese. While we’re not native speakers, we have deciphered it well enough to provide you with these instructions.

To sign up, you have to click on the bottom-right most button (just right of the “i”). The right tab is where you want to go to register if you have not already done so. The fields are as follows: top line is email, next is password, third is “confirm password”, and finally “username”. We checked both boxes below the fields, but are not 100% what each means.

One likely signs you up for some emails (the horror!) and the other accepts Rovio’s Terms & Conditions. Like I said, at this time we don’t know which is which, so proceed at your own risk. If you’ve already registered the left tab is to sign in. The fields from top to bottom are: email, password, and finally there is a “Remember Me” box.

A quick rundown of what is included in this mini game. A total of eight levels to play: Two teasers, three “McDonald’s” levels, and three “Mooncake” levels. We have already live! In each of the “McDonald’s” levels, some quintessential McDonald’s foodstuffs appear in-game. These include Big Macs, orders of french fries, and sodas. These items are worth 4000 points each! In each of the “Mooncake” levels, the red lanterns are worth 2000 points each!.

Power-ups can be earned via codes we will probably never have access to. There is also a worldwide scoreboard on the right hand side of the screen. This is likely part of a contest, though we aren’t quite aware of the details at this time.

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Anyone willing to contribute more information — such as our Chinese-literate members — are more than welcome! Happy gaming, and remember to exercise! That would be interesting for Rovio with KFC. What I do like about the partnership is that it does show how diverse Rovio wants to be. They are being very openminded and worldly in their selections.

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For most of us ABs is a game but for them it is a business. To make it better for the players, they seem to be willing to market their concepts and creativity into many different venues and partnerships. Logically this should benefit the players with better games, more formats, and more game selections.

Hello there everybody! Who in the world is not aware of the cutest Angry Birds? I am sure everyone has played the super popular angry bird game or watched the angry bird movie. So, here I bring you a game called Angry Birds Match developed by Rovio Entertainment Ltd. Apart from the incredible graphics and cute sound effects this game has a super interesting game play. This is a super fun game consisting of more than 1000 levels where you will have to match the toys, stuffs, stars and a lot of other things the cute hatchlings ask for. It is never going to get boring because of the addictive levels and the cutest characters.

There will be various levels and you will have to collect more than 50 hatchlings and also find the hatchlings to earn valuable gifts. Isn’t that amazing? After such an amazing brief introduction about the game. I am sure you must be dying to play this superb game. Well, it’s very easy to play Angry Birds Match for PC on a Windows XP, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1, Windows 10 and MacOS/OS X powered computers. All you have to do is just go through the steps listed below and start playing Angry Birds Match for PC without any further ado.

Angry Bird Go Free Games

Download Angry Birds Match for PC This method works on both Windows and Mac. Grab and install BlueStacks or BlueStacks 2 Android emulator.

You can also get Andy OS or Remix OS Player. Here are all the. Now search for Angry Birds Match in the BlueStacks or BlueStacks 2 Android emulator using the.

Angry Birds Online Game For Mac

Once Angry Birds Match pops up in the Play Store, click it and install it. After successful installation, the application will appear under “All Apps” tab in BlueStacks and in the Android All Apps tab in the BlueStacks 2. Click on the application/game and follow on-screen instructions to use it or play it right away.

Angry Birds Online Game For Mac Free

Install Angry Birds Match for PC and Laptop APK method. Alternatively, you can also download and install Angry Birds Match for PC using an APK file. The emulator guides linked above have a particular method to install APK files in them. You can grab the Angry Birds Match APK file from a credible source and then install it using the instructions given in the relevant guides in your desired Android emulator. Angry Birds Match for PC via APK installation method is quite simple, it won’t require you to go through searching the application and then installing it. You will just launch the file and it will install it on your own. After successful installation, the installed application will appear under All Apps for BlueStacks, it will appear on Android All Apps for BlueStacks 2, App Drawer for Andy OS and similarly in the app drawer or home screen for the Remix OS Player.

In case you are stuck with something or the game isn’t running fine at your end, do not hesitate to discuss your issue with us using our contact us page. We are here to help you out.