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Really not sure how to uninstall Aobo Keylogger for Mac. It's sooo annoying in my 'status bar' at the top of my MacBook Pro. Uninstall Aobo Keylogger. Ask Question. Up vote 0 down vote favorite. Really not sure how to uninstall Aobo Keylogger for Mac. It's sooo annoying in my 'status bar' at the top of my MacBook Pro. Anyone know how? Aobo Keylogger [Snow Leopard & Lion] Aobo claims that you can use the software to “spy and discover the truth” and “get back a stolen Mac”. This is perfectly fine and seemingly honest, but there is always the chance someone might have ulterior motives while using it.

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Aobo Keylogger For Mac Aobo Mac Keylogger for Mac OS X, integrating the features of Keystroke Logging, Website Recording, Desktop Capturing and Report Sending(Email/FTP), is the only Keylogger Mac Spy Software that Records Passwords. Aobo Keylogger for Mac OS X is designed to record Mac user activities by logging the keystrokes typed on a keyboard, capturing screenshots of the Mac desktop and recording websites visited from browsers. Do you intend to monitor your kid’s computer while you are unable to accompany them? Do you want to back up the data in case of computer crash when you are writing? Are you in need of a comprehensive look about how your employees use the office computer? Are you trying to discover what others do on your Mac? Aobo Keylogger for Mac OS X is accomplished in Mac Spy work and will help you attain your goals at full steam!

Purchase Aobo Keylogger for Mac Now Aobo Keylogger for Mac Key features Aobo Keylogger for Mac has two editions: Aobo Keylogger for Mac Standard and Aobo Keylogger for Mac Professional. The main difference between them is the Keylogger for Mac Professional edition can record passwords while the Keylogger for Mac standard edition cannot. Looking for more easy-to-use employee monitor for Mac OS X? Spy and discover the truth Why others borrow your Mac frequently when they have their own computer and what they have done on your Mac will be you concerns.

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If you suspect that they have ulterior motives or serve the devil on your Mac, Aobo Mac Keylogger for Mac OS X could help you keep their footprints on your Mac staying. With it you can finally discover the truth. Back up important data Nowadays computer is a basic tool for writers and researchers to hold sketches, notes, stories and ideas.

Sudden computer crash and data loss can be frustrating. Aobo Mac Keylogger, which records every keystroke you type, can be helpful in backing up important data by receiving report emails from this keylogger for Mac.

Get back the stolen Mac Property safety has been a big problem for all of us. Losing your Mac will cause a succession of bad effects, for example, files missing, secrets leaking, etc. If you have Aobo Keylogger for Mac installed on your computer, it will record Mac user activities and send you report emails in stealth when the thief is using your Mac, which will help you get clues and catch the thief.

Run in stealth Record keystrokes Retrieve web history Log typed Facebook chats Log Skype messages Log AIM messages Log iChat messages Log Adium messages Log MSN messages Keystroke/IM/Web log size Limited: 2MB Unlimited Unlimited Take desktop snapshots Limited: 50MB Unlimited Unlimited Automatically Delete Old Logs Send logs via email/FTP Track IP address Password protected Customizable hotkey Monitor multiple Mac users Log typed passwords Multi-Language Support Admin password required Get Started Now!