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The best Mac and iPad keyboards. The Wired Keyboard with Numeric Keypad is the only USB keyboard Apple currently makes. Such as the boxy jet black keyboard above.

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The keyboard protects both the front and the back of a Pro and, when opened, can sit the tablet at multiple angles for desk or laptop use. Apple describes it as having a 'streamlined,' minimalist design intended to be thin and light.

The Folio's most important feature may actually be its Smart Connector, as when attached to a Pro it never needs to be paired or charged. The Smart Keyboard Folio is on sale today at.

Layout options include over 30 languages, some of the non-English options being French, German, Japanese, and simplified Chinese.

I checked the ioregistry and I found there's difference in usbhub entry between cinema display and apple keyboard. There's entries for 'extra power for ports' and 'extra power request' in keyboard hub. Extra power for ports want 400mA and extra power request want 600mA. So I guess it means that mac has 1100mA for usb ports. But ioregistry of cinema display doesn't have those entries and hub supports 500mA and I can charge my phone. If you can remove those entries in keyboard hub config, then maybe at least one port would work. Maybe experts in dsdt could do that.

There's AppleUSBMergeNub.kext in iOUSBFamily.kext's plugin folder. I think there's information that you need to change in info.plist of that kext. I guess that display has its own power supply for usb ports. I don't think it's possible to fix this problem with modifying info.plist.

I also have this issue and I have actually posted a thread on it as well. There are what I could find 3 posts on this issue, mine included. I find it fascinating that no one has a fix for this. I find it even more fascinating about all the people answering pure rubbish like 'cable is too short', 'firmware issue with keyboard', 'usb port only delivers 500 mA' and so on. Have you people actually used a REAL MAC sometime in your lives? This is not an keyboard issue, it works on a real mac period, and has absolutely nothing to do with cable length or anything else.

This is a usb driver issue. How do I know this? I recently by accident discovered that my iphone actually charges connected TO THE KEYBOARD during bios or shortly after, it's a brief period of 1-2 seconds before OSX starts loading. As soon as it gets to the white loading screen it stops charging and then I get the 'usb device needs more power' message.

So there you have it people, stop speculating, it's a driver issue. Interesting concept - and I had read about the Windows fix for changing the power levels to USB ports, elsewhere. I would add though that this shouldn't actually be a keyboard problem in itself. As eelhead points out the USB ports there are powered by the single 500mA USB lead and the keyboard is taking some of that, what's left is divided between the two other ports by onboard hardware. The power going to the keyboard is coming from a standard USB port on the Mac.

It's not a special keyboard or hub supply, just a standard USB 2.0 port spec. (And remember all iMacs come as standard with a bluetooth keyboard anyway) I've heard tales that which USB port you plug a device into on the Mac can produce varying power outputs so maybe plugging the keyboard into a different supply might alter things sufficiently to run the Bluetooth adaptor. Perhaps it depends one where in the chain of ports the one you use is. BUT hackintoshes have their own ports, their own supplies and I find it a little hard to stretch to the concept that altering a kext or driver on a hack specifically can change the power. If 10.8.1 could supply greater power to the same port than 10.8.2 then that's a big Wow!

In my book Going to USB 3 levels, yes for sure. Click to expand.Ok, there's perhaps a little misunderstanding going on here as far as I can tell. The video doesn't tell you anything useful except that a 'generic USB hub' is only given 100mA by the Windows 7 system USB driver. The video shows that by editing a registry key you can override this default and deliver the USB 2.0 standard power to a port - 500mA. This is not something you need to replicate on a Mac because - as far as I know - the real Macs I've had default to delivering 500mA anyway. However, take a look at these two screen grabs:.

It seems that the Mac USB ports ARE producing the full power and that the keyboard only demands 100mA. What's more the data transfer speed through the keyboard is rated at only 1.5MB/Sec as opposed to 480MB/Sec in a standard hub! So what are you trying to do? Get more power out of your Hackintosh port than it's present max? OR adjust the Apple Keyboard requirement.? To do that in software would mean going into the kext: AppleHIDKeyboard.kext, Showing it's Contents, going to Plugins and choosing the AppleUSBHIDKeyboard.kext.

However there isn't a Plist in there to modify If the keyboard has a built in limit on the power it uses I find it really difficult to understand why Apple has designed OS X to simply ignore its own keyboards requirements! That you can simply alter a registry setting in Windows to trick the keyboard into taking more power might, just might, be 'overclocking' it in the power-stakes - if you'll forgive the phrase. After all it doesn't have OS X there in the background on a Windows machine to look after it! Maybe it'll be damaged in some way, in the long run?


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