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Welcome to the AirBeam for OSX Online Help AirBeam streams live audio and video from the cameras of iPhones, iPods, iPads and Mac computers. You can watch the stream remotely in a browser or with another instance of the AirBeam app. To use this computer as a camera device, switch to the camera tab.

Other devices running AirBeam on the same local network will automatically discover this camera. Camera mode is only available with the Pro Version of AirBeam and requires OSX 10.9 or later. To use this computer as a monitor device, launch AirBeam on a second iDevice or Mac and switch it to camera mode. If on the same local network, it will automatically appear in the monitor window. Select one of the links to jump directly to a specific help section.

Apologetics Airbeam For Mac Free

Monitor Mode Monitor-Mode is selected by choosing the ‚Monitor‘ button in the left bar of the main view. In monitor mode AirBeam uses Bonjour to search the local network for active AirBeam-cameras.

AirBeam for Mac 1.0 is free and available worldwide exclusively through the Mac App Store in the Photography category. AppStore link. About Appologics. Appologics is an independent iOS development studio founded in 2010 by experienced iOS developer Heiko Straulino. ContaCam for Mac System Tools › Device Assistants ContaCam by Contaware is a video surveillance application that allows you to watch remote webcams, network cameras, DVs and other devices from your computer. Apart from looking ecstatic as a bright royal blue colored poster, this also comes handy for Mac beginners by featuring all the Mac OS X shortcuts on one place.


While searching, the scanning animation is shown. Alternatively you can connect a camera manually by address and port number. To do so use the „+“ button in the lower right corner of the monitor window. Monitor Mode searching for cameras For each camera found, a thumbnail image is shown with a preview of the current camera image. The text at the bottom of the preview image shows the camera’s name. The preview image is updated once a second. If more cameras are discovered than fitting into the AirBeam window, the previews can be scrolled up and down.

To watch the camera and listen to the audio, click the thumbnail image and a monitor window for the camera will open. Previews for discovered cameras The monitor window shows the live stream from the camera and starts audio playback when activated on the camera.

Several controls are available to control the camera remotely:. Camera controls on the bottom to start recording and to capture still images. The microphone button activates the two way audio so that you can talk to the camera device. Motion detection indicator and threshold slider on the top. Press the button to turn motion detection on/off. Audio detection indicator and threshold slider on the top. Press the button to turn audio detection on/off.

A battery indicator in the top right corner to shows the charging status of the camera Monitor Window to follow and control the camera Camera Mode Camera Mode is activated by choosing the ‚Camera‘ button in the left bar of the main view. It is only available with the Pro Version of AirBeam for OSX. As soon as the camera is started it can be discovered by other AirBeam instances on the same local network. Several buttons are available to control the camera:.

The buttons on the bottom of the screen are the recording controls. The left button starts a video recording, the right button captures a photo and the middle button starts motion controlled recording. The green Wi-Fi icon on the bottom right indicates that the camera has can be discovered by others on the local network. It turns red when sharing failed for some reason. By clicking the icon a message box with the detailed camera address opens up. The slider on the top left indicates the current motion level and can be used to adjust the threshold for motion detection.

You can turn motion detection on/off by pressing the button next to the slider. The slider on the top right indicates the current audio level and can be used to adjust the threshold for audio detection. You can turn audio detection on/off by pressing the button next to the slider. The green text on the top shows the URL for browser access to the camera. Enter this URL into a browser on the same local network and you will be able to watch and control the camera with your browser. Camera Mode Recordings View The Recording View is selected by choosing the ‚Recordings‘ button in the left bar of the main view.

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Appologics Airbeam For Mac

It is only available with the Pro Version of AirBeam for OSX. The recordings view shows the contents of your local recordings folder (see preferences). Videos and still images are shown as small thumbnails in a grid view. To watch a video or image in full size, just double-click on the thumbnail. You can delete recordings by selecting them and pressing the ‚backspace‘ key on your keyboard. Recordings View Preferences You can open the preferences window by selecting ‚Preferences‘ from the AirBeam menu at the top of your screen.

The preferences window contains several tabs to configure all detailed settings of AirBeam. For the basic version of AirBeam only the ‚monitor‘ tab is available. General Preferences (Pro version only). Internet Access: Activate port mapping if you want to watch your Mac’s camera connected to your Wi-Fi network at home from anywhere in the Internet. As long as your WiFi router support Universal Plug and Play (UPNP) or Apple’s NAT-Port Mapping Protocol, AirBeam will configure the required port mappings with your router automatically. If your router does not support UPNP or NAT-PMP, you can still setup port forwarding manually in your router’s setup. If port mapping is activated, it is recommended to configure a password to prevent other users from watching your camera.

Security: You can set a password to prevent other users from accessing your AirBeam camera. You will be asked to enter this password when you connect to the camera from another AirBeam app or via a web browser. Folder for Recordings: Allows you to set the folder AirBeam uses to store recordings. Please be aware that by default recordings are always stored on the camera device, even if started remotely. Video Preferences (Pro version only). Video Capture: Allows you to choose the camera device used for video capturing in case your computer is equipped with multiple cameras.

You can also disable video capturing completely, if you want to use AirBeam only for audio monitoring. Video Quality: Allows you to adjust the quality settings for video streaming. You can switch between different resolutions supported by your camera and the maximum rate at which video frames will be captured and transmitted. The quality slider adjusts the compression ratio for the video frames.

Slider to the right means higher quality and lower compression. Please be aware that a high overall video quality consumes high network bandwidth and will reduce the frame rate of the video playback. Mirroring: Activate mirroring if you want the streamed video to be flipped horizontally or vertically. Audio Preferences (Pro version only). Audio Capturing: Allows you to choose the microphone used for audio capturing in case your computer is equiped with multiple microphones.

You can also disable audio capturing completely if you want to use AirBeam only for video monitoring. Audio Encoding: Choose the audio codec best suited for your application and network connection. PCM is recommended in case of a good WiFi connection. For streaming over cellular 3G it is recommended to choose a low bitrate codec like AAC. Detection Preferences (Pro version only). Actions: Selects the action to take in case the detection is triggered. Possible actions are to record video or to capture a photo.

‚Max rate‘ sets the camera frame rate to maximum as soon as the recording starts. Motion sensitivity: Adjusts the overall sensitivity for motion detection. Slider to the right means higher sensitivity. Audio sensitivity: Adjusts the overall sensitivity for audio detection. Slider to the right means higher sensitivity. Timing: Adjusts the timing for recording. ‚Delay‘ waits for the given time until the detection is armed.

Appologics Airbeam For Mac

‚Prerecord‘ records already video before the event. ‚Post record‘ continues recording for the given time after the event. Mail Preferences (Pro version only).

Activate: Turns email notifications for detected motion or audio event on or off. Test mail: Sends a test email to verify whether your settings are correct. If not, an error message will be shown. SMTP Server: The SMTP server and account information that is used to send messages. Please check with your email provider for the correct settings. To: The target address your email is delivered to. From: The source address of the delivered email.

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AirBeam turns your Mac and your iDevices into a flexible audio and video monitoring system. AirBeam streams live video and audio from your Mac's cameras and microphones across a WiFi or 3G network. You can watch the stream in a web browser or with the AirBeam App on your iPhones, iPads or iPods (Note: AirBeam for iOS requires a separate purchase and is available in the iTunes AppStore). AirBeam works also vice versa: Use your iDevices as remote cameras and follow the live stream on your Mac.

AirBeam's applications are countless: Use it as a luxury babymonitor, for serious surveillance, to keep an eye on your pets, a FPV cam in your remote control toysthere are hundreds of useful and not so useful things you can do with it. AirBeams features in detail:. High Quality Realtime: Video streaming in amazing quality with resolution up to Full-HD 720p (1280x720 pixel) and up to 30 frames per second. CD quality audio. Zero Configuration: No need to manually configure device addresses when used on a single WiFi network.

AirBeam automatically discovers all AirBeam cams on your network and you can instantly watch them. Multi Camera, Multi Monitor: Launch as many camera devices as you want and monitor them simultaneously. Or follow a single camera on multiple screens at the same time. Recording: Seeing or hearing something on AirBeam you want to remember? Just press the record button and the video and audio will be recorded. Motion and audio detection: Trigger alarms or recordings when something happens in front of the camera to create a single track of events that happened during a day.

Web interface: Use a browser to watch the live video, download your recordings or adjust the camera settings. Integrated Syphon Server: Allows easy integration of the video stream with 3rd party apps like VDMX or Quartz composer. Want to know more? Visit our website and watch the AirBeam demo video. Important notes.

Running AirBeam on your iPhones or iPads requires AirBeam for iOS, which is a separate purchase available in the iTunes AppStore (3.99 USD or equivalent amount in other currency). It is not required, as you can watch the video stream with any browser - however it is recommended for best user experience. Please follow regulations for video surveillance that might apply in your country.