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Posted : admin On 14.11.2019
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As long as AutoMute is running, whenever your Mac goes to sleep, wakes up, or a pair of headphones gets disconnected - the sound is automatically muted. Works with bluetooth headphones as well! This is meant to prevent those embarrassing moments when you're arriving at your perfectly silent office or school, opening up your mac, only to find out your beloved 'Best of Shakira' playlist is still playing at full volume from last night. It will also prevent the classic 'walk too far away with your bluetooth headset' scenario, where again your mac will take over the sound and allow your co-workers to bask in your embarrassment. Would love to hear your feedback, feel free to contact me at: [email protected]


You open your MacBook to take notes in class or during a meeting, and your music starts playing. Not only did you disrupt everyone, you also revealed your passion for 90’s boy bands to a room full of people who once respected you. It’s too late to win back that respect, but you can stop this from happening again. Just install, a tiny open source program that automatically sets your volume to any level when your MacBook goes to sleep. Whether you leave music, a video, or even a game running, this program makes sure no one can hear that later when you wake your Mac up. Installing is simple:, then open the ZIP file to unarchive it. Next, drag the icon to your Applications folder.

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How to Mute Safari Tabs in Mac OS X. It will automatically mute if you leave the active tab or session. In other words, it’s automatic in iOS Safari, where the additional steps are necessary in order to play background YouTube from iOS Safari to start the auto-paused audio track again.

Open the software and you’ll see a single window used to edit the settings. The main toggle lets you decide what the volume should be set to when your MacBook goes to sleep. Two check boxes allow you to start the software every time you log into macOS, and to turn the service on and off. Note that closing the window will not close the software: it continues to run in the background. There’s no menu bar or dock icon, so you’ll have to open this window again to disable the service, or and quit the process from there. Once you’ve set everything up, AutoVolume will set the volume at your desired level every time you close the lid or otherwise put it to sleep. I recommend just muting things: it’s simple enough to turn the volume on later.

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