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While there are ample number of options to choose from, we have complied the top 11 picasa alternatives for your Windows and Mac. Top 11 Picasa Alternatives to View Photos. Microsoft Photos. Microsoft Photos proves to be one of the best Picasa alternatives because of its striking similarity with Picasa. It has a better user interface and simpler navigation which makes even newbie photographers comfortable with it.

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Since Mac OS X 10.10.3 released, Apple Company showed Photos for OS X, but for iPhoto users, it would not be that happy. Like who get used to Aperture, Photos for OS X do lack of some functions. As well, for Windows users who cannot use iPhoto, is there any way to satisfy the need of those PC & Mac users? Here we prepared top 5 iPhoto alternatives; you must get one you like. 1., a freeware to view, organize and convert photos.

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With it, users can also create slide show, contact sheet and HTML pages. This powerful cross-platform media browser, viewer and converter can be launched on Windows/Mac OS X/Linux. And it is compatible with more than 500 formats, it worth a try. Pros: Works well for making photographs orient correctly; Good interface; Easy to use with numerous useful functions. Cons: Will be prevented by various virus checkers; No automatic going back to the first picture; Tools are hard to figure out and programs may sometimes crash. Tips: It is only free for personal version, if you want use it in a company, you are also required to buy a license.

2., it is kind of professional software for those photo lovers, but with this tool, users are allowed to quickly work with raw format images. You can manage all of your photos; showcase them in print, dynamic slideshow and interactive web galleries that are simple to create with Lightroom. Pros: Great for RAW files; Does a great job enhancing photos; Much more easier to use than Photoshop and also does a good job. Cons: Problems with processing some kinds of camera; Too expensive and heavy on computer; Image view time in develop mode is slower.

3., a kind of photo editing software, which can transfer, find, organize, edit and share images, all with this easy-to-use product. Pros: Works fast and can automatically sync; Easy to use and the running speed is fast; Product by Google, can work with Google Photos. Cons: Google is no longer updating or supporting; Does not play GIF files; Import duplicates files and may go back years. 4., an all-in-one style photo editor. Users can use it to view photos or make it as an editor.

With lots of tools than your photos will be ever interesting. Pros: Good for non-professional users, easy to operate; Does all the basic, good for simple editing. Cons: More functions can be added; The interface can be more attractive. Note: If you are Mac and Windows 10 users, you should download as your iPhoto alternative Mac. 5., a fast, stable, user-friendly image browser, converter and editor. It has a nice array of features that include image viewing, management, comparison, red-eye removal, emailing, resizing, cropping and color adjustments. Pros: Good for its free and quick and it works easy; Convenient in usage; Net design and friendly interface.


Cons: Need to do some different effect for editing; Does not support color management metadata; Program runs slow when picture is in folder. Most of these software are free iPhoto alternatives. You can pick up one and have a try.

Tips: How to Efficiently Transfer Photos from iPhone/iPad/iPod touch to Computer In order to better edit the photos you shot by your iOS devices, transfer to PC/Mac can also be an important job., which is recommended by thousands of users, can transfer 9 kinds of files from your iDevice. As a powerful manager, you can also get benefit from this software. To learn more details about how to transfer your files, you can read the.

No more boring Presentations! The 10 best PowerPoint Alternatives! No one can dispute that PowerPoint is the most popular presentation tool out there.

​ In the Business world, Powrpoint is the absolute standard. ​ ​ Ever since Microsoft released PowerPoint businesses have used PowerPoint for sales presentations, idea pitches and even for webinars. ​ Until recently there has been no real alternative to PowerPoint and a “Top 10 best PowerPoint alternatives” list was not even possible. But slides, slideshow, presentation have become synonymous with BORING and the Term “PowerPoint alternative” has been rising in google trends. So, if you are looking for PowerPoint alternatives, want some cool new presentation templates or just interested to see what new presentation options are out there.

​ Here is our list of 10 Best PowerPoint Alternatives: 4 Reasons Why Your PowerPoint Presentations Suck and What You Can Do to Fix it! 1 – 10 Best PowerPoint Alternatives: Powtoon Our number one, in​ our top 10 best PowerPoint alternatives, is Powtoon (no surprise here). Powtoon is the undisputed king of “interesting.” ​ If you really want to inspire your audience with a great pitch, story and emotional hooks, this is the way to go; Powtoon allows you to present using animated characters and to introduce yourself or your product using “story telling” rather than “fact telling.” ​ Most importantly, you can create short animated video clips from your presentations and embed them into your website (within 3 clicks).

The Pros: Free, super cool, easy to use, unique and great for linear story telling The cons: Still in Beta mode, styles are limited (certain styles require an “upgraded” account 2 – 10 Best PowerPoint Alternatives: Prezi Prezi’s up and coming presentation software made it to our top 10 best PowerPoint alternatives because it’s a great tool for non-linear presentations. Sometimes known as the zooming presentation tool, some people have actually complained that Prezi gave them motion sickness. Prezi is a bit much with all the flying objects and movements, but it’s the best tool for those who need to constantly jump from one part of their presentation to another.

The pros: Non-linear slide management, beautiful user interface, ​ strong brand name The cons: Too much motion, getting a good looking presentation is requires a lot of effort 3 – 10 Best PowerPoint Alternatives: Keynote Keynote made the third place in our “Top 10 best PowerPoint alternatives” list because of its easy to use user interface (in comparison with PowerPoint). ​ Keynote is only available as a software download for Mac users who won’t touch Microsoft PowerPoint if their life depended on it.

​ It allows all the same functions as PowerPoint, but its’s just much easier to use. We love the potential that iCloud brings to Keynote but hate the iPad application. The pros: short learning curve, easy to use The cons: Only available on mac, PowerPoint clone 4 – 10 Best PowerPoint alternatives: Prezentit Preszentit is another PowerPoint look alike. ​ Unlike Prezi, there is nothing groundbreaking here but it does allow you to create impressive presentations without downloading any presentation software. ​ This beta version is still in Alpha mode and is not even close to usable, but we chose it as 4th place in our “top 10 best PowerPoint alternatives” because the user interface has such potential.

Awesome Alternatives To Faststone For Mac

​ It’s simplicity is brilliant. ​ Prezentit’s strongest feature is it’s ‘transitions’ capability, so if you want killer bullet points that transition really well – you should really check it out. The pros: Free, simple, nice transitions The cons: Not reliable, limited functionality.

Awesome Alternatives To Faststone For Mac Windows 10

5 – 10 Best PowerPoint Alternatives: SlideRocket. As much as we hate to admit it – SlideRocket is really cool. ​ They’ve invested heavily in user interface design and it has definitely paid off. ​ (Note to Microsoft PowerPoint team – this is what your presentation software should have looked like)! As is always the case, good quality comes with a price and SlideRocket is not cheap, but if you have to choose between this and PowerPoint, well PowerPoint loses. ​ SlideRocket is number 5 on our “top 10 best PowerPoint alternatives”​ list because creating amazing slides is what this presentation software does well.