Best Buy Hrh Keyboard Cover Silicone Skin Protector Protective

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Best Buy Hrh Keyboard Cover Silicone Skin Protector Protective Average ratng: 9,5/10 3145 reviews
  • LENOVO Laptop Keyboard Protector / Keyboard Cover / Keyboard Guard Select Item. Lenovo 15.6 inch laptop keyboard protective film dust cover affixed to new 700 saver y700 G50. Oversea Shipping. TB Keyboard Cover Silicone Skin Protector for Lenovo510S Laptop Notebook Slim TE. Oversea Shipping.
  • Protect Laptop Protectors are custom molded to fit almost the entire line of Dell Notebook, Laptop, and Keyboards.From the Dell Latitude, to the Dell Inspiron, we have a cover to fit your Laptop. We also carry protectors for the Dell QuietKey keyboard.

I love this keyboard cover! It is so cute!

MOSISO Keyboard Cover for MacBook Pro 13 Inch 2017 & 2016 Release A1708 No Touch Bar MacBook 12 Inch A1534 Protective Skin (EU Layout), Clear. Keyboard Cover Extra slim silicone skin. Se7enline Unique Ultra Thin Silicone Keyboard Cover Pink Keyboard Skin Protector EU Layout for All MacBook Air 13', MacBook Pro.

I debated between this one and another product that had blue feathers, and decided that I liked this one more. I made the right decision! The texture is great, it doesn't bubble up in the middle, and it fits perfectly to the keyboard.

The designs are easy to see, and really cute and creative! Because the letters are so large and colorful it makes the keyboard easier to use. If you have OCD don't buy it unless you can get passed the lettering; some letters are uppercase and other lowercase resulting in the pattern to look like this 'QWertYUIOPasdfGhJkLZXCVbnM' I think its cute but I do twitch occasionally;) Overall GREAT PRODUCT! I ordered 2 keyboard covers - one for my desktop and one for my laptop - and DHZ sent me an additional 2 as a free gift! Totally unexpected and such a treat! I LOVE my new keyboard covers. The colors are vibrant and beautiful, I got large font for one of them, they fit perfectly, and the feel of them is perfect for typing.

I will definitely order from this company again. The picture shows the two covers on the keyboards and the two complimentary ones in front of the keyboards. The complimentary ones are great because they allow the light from the keyboard to shine through. I am a very satisfied customer!

Just recieved it today thru U.S. Postal Service today. Only took 3 days!.typing on it right now!.Fit perfectly on my 15 inch MBP (retina display) Its not the super bright yellow like the pic on Amazon but i still love it since it contrasts great against the black carbon fiber skin i got from X-gear!!! The keyboard cover came in a simple brown envelope all by itself with no additional pacakaging protecting it but surprisingly there was no damage what so ever. It slipped right over my keyboard perfectly. I am satisfied that i can see the keyboard keys in the dark with the keyboard lit up.

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Best Buy Hrh Keyboard Cover Silicone Skin Protector ProtectiveBest buy hrh keyboard cover silicone skin protector protective productsBest Buy Hrh Keyboard Cover Silicone Skin Protector Protective

Im just so glad that i can protect my keyboard from dust, grease, food particles etc since i like to surf the web while i eat. I have tried many different keyboard covers before decided to give this more expensive product a try and I am glad I did. This keyboard cover set has lower key heights, which fits to the thinner keys on the retina macbook perfectly even macbook air. In case you didn't know, the regular resolution macbooks have thicker keys, covers made for regular macbook pro will create a air gap between the keys and the cover. It was not difficult to get use to using this product, since I used keyboard covers before.

I simply lift it off when doing type intensive works and slip it back on for casual use. PROS: -made for retina macbook (size and fit) and also Macbook air -good material, feels similar to Moshi's $25 ones -high clearity, does not block keyboard backlight, loved both colors -easy to get use to CONS: -none so.

It fit my keyboard like a glove right out of the package - see my video. I'm a speed typist and have no problem typing with this. It took about a minute to get used to, and I do have to press the keys just slightly harder than without it, but I adjusted to it quickly.

I purchased this after looking at keyboard stickers because I like the added protection this offers from spills, dirt and dust. I'm going to order another one for my other keyboard. Great price, and fast shipping with Prime.