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Posted : admin On 13.08.2019
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Share on Facebook Tweet this Share Looking for a great home security system? Home security systems differ quite a bit in terms of what’s offered. Some old school systems like ADT might require contracts, professional installation, and offer both the hardware and customer support, while others allow you to install the system and connect to existing smart home security devices for do-it-yourself home monitoring. Prices for home security systems depend on a combination of what type of system you’re looking for as well as any installation fees.

Some companies might have monthly membership or cloud access fees, while others may not. We’ll talk a little bit about pricing for each item on this list, but for an accurate look at cost, it’s best to visit the website and request a personalized quote. Get ready to feel more secure with these home security systems, listed in no particular order. Ring Alarm is the latest home security system on the market, and it doesn’t disappoint.

A starter kit comes with a hub, keypad, motion detector, and contact sensor. You can easily add more sensors to track movement (such as windows opening), or one of Ring’s doorbells or outdoor security cameras for more comprehensive security. And with the kit starting at $199, you aren’t breaking the bank, either (you will pay a small monthly fee for professional monitoring, though). Ring also offers products such as the Alarm Flood & Freeze Sensor, Alarm Smoke and CO Listener, and Dome Siren.

The company promises that soon, you’ll be able to connect other smart home devices such as smart locks or light bulbs to your system, making it a truly connected system. Find out more at: SimpliSafe is a home security hub that comes with alarm monitoring, sirens, and a number of sensors to detect movement, flooding, fires, and many other natural disasters. The “simpli” part of the system?

There’s really only one device, plus a security code keypad you can use. You can also buy an additional smart cam, but the system is based on that sensor-loaded hub. This makes installation as easy as picking a table to put it on, and keeps associated costs down, making this an ideal option for people who want to save money. SimpliSafe is not the first provider to offer this one-hub-that-does-everthing model, but they are one of the few to offer an alarming monitoring service along with it. If you want to protect an apartment or smaller home, look into this option. Find out more at: Vivint Vivint offers the latest smart devices for creating a home security system — and its more fully. You can pick from a number of thermostats, cameras, doorbells, sensors, and smart locks, or bundle multiple devices to get exactly the setup you want, which is ideal if your house is a little short on smart devices.

Best Overall System: Fortress Security Store Wireless Security at Amazon “Uses a landline or VOIP connection to alert six different numbers.” Best Monitored System: SimpliSafe Shield Home Security System at Best Buy “No-contract monitoring system gets rave reviews from users.”.

You’ll need to have the Vivint system professionally installed, so this option is great for people who are wary of doing it themselves. Find out more at: Nest Secure Nest Are you a devoted DIY enthusiast? Are you okay with skipping the monitoring services for a system that you don’t have to pay for every month?


Nest has one of the best solutions on the market for those who are already comfortable with managing their own smart homes. Provides a hub with a motion sensor and a satellite Detect sensor for guarding windows, doors, and other areas. There’s also a separate Tag device that lets people or pets pass by the sensors without setting them off. Buy as many sensors as you need, add some Nest cameras, and put together your own system. But keep in mind the initial costs for buying Nest devices can be high.

Find out more at: Abode Abode has one of the easiest (and most beautiful) we’ve seen in a home security system. The kit includes a hub device, door sensor, motion sensor, and key fob for easier entry. Set up these wireless devices where you need them, download the app to monitor for alerts, and add more Abode devices like cameras as needed.

The monitoring services are also pleasantly versatile, with three-day, seven-day, and monthly options you can pick from to save money. Find out more at: ADT ADT remains one of the most traditional home security brands on the market, but the company has updated its packages with a Pulse line of smart home devices.

They’ve also partnered with other brands like Nest and Samsung SmartThings, so it’s easy to find what type of home security system you’re looking for. Recent updates also include free installations for low-tier packages, and freebies like a Nest Thermostat with the right video setups. However, reading the fine print is important: ADT monitoring, which starts at around $30 per month, has some of the most restrictive contracts in the business.

Best Home Security System For Money

Find out more at: Link Interactive Link is a strong choice for those who want a traditional security system with professional monitoring, locks and detection devices, and packages that take care of the process for you. Link also features monitoring and controlling from an app. To this, Link features some advanced protection, like an electrical setup that keeps the system active if a burglar tries to disable it. Many traditional security brands have tried to update their offerings with smart home tech, and Link is one of the most successful. Find out more at: LiveWatch There’s a lot to love about LiveWatch, particularly if you are already smart-tech savvy and have some automation in your home. LiveWatch provides a set of security-focused, wireless smart devices for you to set up as you wish.

You still pay a monthly fee for remote monitoring, but it starts at $20 — one of the lower rates — and LiveWatch is easy to cancel without the same high termination fees that some other companies have. Find out more at: Scout Scout has a far more flexible model than many other security brands. This comes with distinct advantages: The devices are narrowed down to four sensors and a hub that you can customize and place as you like around your house, allowing you to make all your own security decisions.

The app is easy to use and gives you quick alerts if alarms go off. While there are monitoring plans, they are particularly cheap (starting at $10 per month) and there’s no contract, so you can cancel at any time. However, this approach also brings a disadvantage: Scout does not have any security cameras. This kind of omission may mean that some people are better off assembling their own security systems.

Find out more at: Protect America Protect America offers customizable plans that allow you to add all kinds of smart gadgets to your system, from door sensors to Amazon Echo devices. It all ships at once, and they install everything for you. Prices vary, but tend to big a bit on the low side, and rates are locked in for life. If the other, more traditional home security brands don’t do much for you, Protect America is worth a look.

Find out more at.

It’s never been easier to keep an eye on your home or business remotely. There are dozens of security camera systems available, many of which run on your Mac and can be monitored remotely from another computer or even your phone. Fancy keeping an eye on the cleaner, or checking that the kids have got home safely? Or perhaps you’ve gone away for a few days and want to check on your house occasionally. We’ve listed 10 apps below which are all available in the Mac App Store.

Many make use of your Mac’s built-in camera (or an external USB one) so you can check what’s going on while you’re away. ISentry Price: £FREE Link: iSentry is another simple (and free!) app that uses your webcam record what’s going on.

Just like Home Watch, it can be triggered to send you a video or photo whenever motion is detected. There are also various settings to control the activation time, sounds, alerts and email notifications. Images can be uploaded to various hosting sites, so you can view them from literally anywhere. Any movement near your Mac triggers a photo or video 3. IWatchU Price: £5.49 Links:, iWatchU is one of the most feature-rich of the surveillance applications we’ve covered, and just like most of them, it features some pretty advanced motion detection algorithms and can record video whenever an intrusion is detected, and let you know by sending an email. Every event is recorded to its history so you can easily look through all the events, which can be saved as either images or movies. The app supports unlimited USB or Firewire cameras simultaneously – handy if you want to monitor multiple rooms at once.

Perhaps it’s best feature (and something the other apps don’t seem to offer) is that you can stream live video of the action! View everything on your iPhone and iPad too with the freely available companion apps. IWatchU certainly provides all the features you could ever need to make sure your Mac is safe and sound! One of the most advanced and feature-rich surveillance apps we've seen, including streaming 4. My Webcam Broadcaster Price: £FREE Links:, My Webcam Broadcaster is another pretty decent free app, but it doesn’t have very many features – however the basics are covered well. It’s compatible with the built-in Mac iSight camera and many external USB ones, and can its snaps be viewed on the web, iPhone, iPad and iPod touch (you need to download the iOS app first). It takes regular snapshots to create a time-lapse video, which you can make public or keep private.

Simple features but the time-lapse video lets you see everything that's been going on 5. OpenEye Remote Price: £FREE Links:, OpenEye Remote is a little different to the other apps listed, because you need to have one of the remote controlled OpenEye professional cameras for it to work.

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Check out the OpenEye website for the full range of cameras – once you’ve got the correct one, you can view them remotely even pan, zoom and tilt! The app is free but of course you need to splash out on the hardware A brilliant app to monitor multiple cameras - however you have to buy an OpenEye camera first! Security Camera Price: £2.99 Links:, Security Camera is another basic app, but it’s simple to use and setup is a breeze. Every time your computer wakes, it silently takes a pic and saves the photo into the folder of your choice. You’ll be able to see who’s been using your Mac without your knowledge with this little app installed Pictures can be uploaded to a Dropbox account for remote viewing, so even if somebody steals your Mac you’ll probably have a picture of the thief. It’s password protected, so nobody can disable it or delete the photos. Who's been using your Mac whilst you've been away?

Spy Cam Price: £6.99 Links:, Another app by Alice Dev Team, Spy Cam has more advanced features and capabilities than Security Camera. Videos are saved in 320 x 240 resolution, and can be triggered at intervals between 1 and 30 minutes with video lengths of between 5 and 60 seconds. Every video is compressed to save space on your Mac’s disk, and the developers claim that it doesn’t take up much system resources as it quietly runs in the background. Like most of the others apps, a password ensures that nobody can interfere with it, and videos are automatically sent to your Dropbox account. Not bad for just £6.99 and greater peace of mind that your beloved Mac is safe Save videos and photos to find out who's been rummaging through your Mac. Tattletale Price: £2.99 Link: Tattletale only works with the Mac’s iSight camera, but most Macs (except the Mini and desktop Pro) have one built-in anyway. The app silently runs in the background and takes snapshots whenever someone logs onto your account, or wakes up your computer.

Images can be saved to any folder and sent by email, and location information is included (such as the IP address and Internet Service Provider), which could be quite useful to help recovering your Mac. If there’s any built-in positioning capabilities (which required Wi-Fi), these details are also used to pinpoint your computer’s location even further.

Caught in the act! Third EYE Price: £3.99 Link: Third EYE uses advanced motion detection to determine whenever somebody moving is near your Mac. Most of the apps use similar principles (a combination of image processing and the Mac’s ambient light sensor), but Third EYE claims their system is particularly advanced – the benefit of better motion detection is that you videos and photos are only activated when there really is movement in the room. Third EYE includes two modes – either continuous recording of photos and videos which can be sent by email, or it can record them only at the time of intrusion – the output can be sent by email to a mobile phone or computer. Monitor several rooms at once with Third EYE 10. Who’s Looking Price: £2.99 Link: Who’s Looking also has two modes – continuous pictures taken at defined intervals (it has a built-in thumbnail image viewer so you can browse them quickly), or it will take a snap when your Mac wakes up.

Every image is only accessible within the application (which is password protected) so nobody disable it or delete vital evidence! Dropbox is supported and it’s one of the few apps that supports external USB cameras in addition to the default iSight camera – great for multiple room monitoring. Upload the pictures to Dropbox and check remotely who's been on your computer.