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Do you ever struggle trying to make your sound more unique or creating neat transitions on your track? Well, having the right glitch VST plugins can add that extra edge you’ve been looking for! However, finding the right plugins for this can be a bit tricky, since there are a multitude of options available to you. So, to save you some time, we’ve put together the ultimate list of the best 15 Glitch VST Plugins on the market! But first of all, what’s a glitch? What Do Glitch Plugins Do? The term “glitch” refers to anomalies, errors, and technical faults of sounds.

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The biggest criticism levelled at digital audio is that it doesn't have the same 'colour' or 'vibe' as analogue. Faced with a demand for warmer timbres, clever developer folk decided that there was nothing to prevent vintage sounds from being recreated in the digital world; and today analogue desk and tape simulation plug-ins abound.

We can find these in music as irregular clicks, unintentional skipping, distortion, beat repeats, and other digital artifacts. You can hear these occurring naturally in a skipping CD and scratched vinyl records. At first, they were considered errors that disrupted the track, but they’re actually sounds that producers manipulate to create cool sound effects. In fact, there are even dedicated digital plugins whose only job is to generate these technical glitches. How to Use Glitches in Music Production Glitch sounds have become remarkably common in modern styles of electronic. Music such as glitch op, lo-fi hip-hop, IDM, and downtempo utilize it.

But it doesn’t stop there. Heavier genres like dubstep, neurofunk, and drum & bass use it as well. A great example of this is.

If you’d like to add it to your own track, you can use glitches to replace the percussion, as they have a unique sound and timbre. You can also glitch full parts of your track as transitions. But these are just a few examples. The truth of the matter is there are endless ways to use glitches. So we suggest trying out some of these plugins to incorporate glitches into your tracks.

And don’t forget to experiment with the placement of the glitches, the plug in settings, and even the type of glitches. Learn how to perfect your mixdowns with The Mixing Blueprint (free for a limited time): 15 Of The Best Glitch VST Plugins in 2017 1.


By Illformed 49 USD Main Features:. Advanced sequencer. Ten high quality and unique effects. Powerful distortion module. Play multiple effects simultaneously. Trigger scenes from your keyboard. Randomize function Glitch2 is a big step forward from its former free predecessor and is now one of the most used plugins of its kind.

And It’s easy to understand why. The simple and user-friendly interface allows you to dive straight in and have fun the moment you download it.

What makes this plugin special is the multi-lane sequencer, which allows you to trigger any combination of its effects. At the same time, it is easy to navigate and program too. All the most-wanted features are available in this plugin like the tape stop, lo-fi gloss, reverser, and many more! It allows you to create anything from subtle effects to crazy ones by supporting multiple effects simultaneously. System Requirements: Available for Mac (VST and AU), Windows (VST), and Linux (VST) 2.

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By Sugar Bytes 119 USD Main Features:. 14 high-end effect modules. 16-step sequencer with tempo divider. Swing feature. Hundreds of presets available.

Two modulation tracks. Randomizer As the primary competitor of Glitch2, Effectrix boasts many more exciting features that set it apart from its contestants. With a very similar interface to Glitch2, this plugin headlines a transparent workflow with powerful effects. Mix them together and channel your creativity! The grid allows you to draw in the effects at the right time, correctly sync the effects to the track, and also apply some swing if you’re looking for a more human touch.

The “Tonal Delay,” is one of the more exclusive features that can create a melody out of any sound it’s applied to! You can also use this plugin to juice up your live show. You can sync it with your DAW or DJ software and trigger it through any MIDI controller. System Requirements: Available for both Windows and Mac as VST, AU, AAX, and standalone. By Image Line 99 USD Main Features:. Only available for FL Studio.

Manipulate time and volume with repetition, scratching, and gating effects. Presets can be linked to a keyboard/controller for real-time automation. 36 volume/gating envelopes.

Best Tape Plugin For Mac

Two bar audio buffer For all FL Studio users, this plugin is an excellent addition to your arsenal of creative tools. It features a wide range of creative presets to get you going right away.

And other than displaying a large selection of gating, scratching, glitching, and repeating effects, it can also be utilized as a side-chain tool. This eliminates the need to link your audio to an external source, and it already has a few duckin-style presets to instantly make your track pump! While it may not have as many effects as other plugins, Gross Beat is effective and useful for any live setting needs. System Requirements: it can only run on FL Studio and Windows. By Sugar Bytes 119 USD Main Features:. 28 distinct effect algorithms.

Individual modulation, Envelope, and Dry/Wet parameters per effect. Simple and intuitive interface. Unique keyboard layout. Vocoder function You’ll notice that this effects plugin has a unique layout. Artillery 2 delivers a fun and intuitive way to apply glitch effects to your music. The cool thing is that you can trigger its numerous effects with configurable zones on your MIDI controller. This makes it the perfect companion for live shows, but it’s also great for using it around in the studio.

What’s even neater is its vocoder feature, which is not very common with these kind of plugins. On top of that, every effect module has its own modulation, envelope, and dry/wet parameters for a precise and customizable experience. While this might be a little overwhelming to have so many parameters, this is what allows you to achieve intricate sound design tricks. System Requirem en ts: Available for both Windows and Mac as VST, AU, AAX, and standalone. By Sugar Bytes 119 USD Main Features:. 24 different effects to assign to eight different slots.

Modulate the effects in real time through the eight knobs, mappable to your MIDI controller. Incredibly simple layout. “Expert mode” for an in-depth customization of the effects. “Dictator mode” allows you to control all eight effects at once with one fader This is one of the most fun plugins to play with. By keeping the interface simple, you can concentrate on having fun and experimenting with the 24 different effects. Whether you use it in the studio or on stage, this tool is versatile and effective while keeping the controls to a bare minimum. In fact, you can control all eight parameters with a single knob!

But don’t worry, if you’re looking for more in-depth and advanced tweaking, Turnado also features an “Expert Mode,” which allows you to fully personalize its settings. System Requirements: Available for both Windows and Mac as VST, AU, AAX, and standalone. By iZotope 249 USD Main Features:. Easy to you use with clean interface. Powerful for both studio and live settings. Cutting-edge engine to slice and manipulate your sound in real time.

Over 800 presets built in. Ideal to create dramatic and unique transitions.

Control its “gestures” with your MIDI controller Because of its high-end price, you’ll immediately understand that Stutter Edit is the Ferrari of glitch plugins. While it is easy to understand, you still need a basic knowledge of MIDI routing to make it work. Once you lock in the tempo-syncing feature, you can experiment with various modules like gating, panning, filtering, delays, and bit reduction.

Every note on your MIDI controller will trigger a different combination of effects and patterns. However, the secret ingredient of this tool is its Stutter Matrix, which enables you to restrict the stutter module to the size you want. Use anything from eighth-notes to 32nd-notes to create unique rhythmic fills.

System Requirements: Available for Windows and Mac as VST, AU, and AAX 7. By Glitchmachines FREE Main Features:. Impressive engine to create robotic glitches and artifacts. Buffer, Delay, and Filter FX. Three LFOs. Allows you to reconfigure the order of the effects in the chain.

110 creative presets The fact that this little glitch monster is free blows our mind. That’s because it’s such a powerful tool with so many cool applications. This versatile processor is extremely useful when applied to drums, percussion, and synth lines. Run your audio through it and experiment with the different presets to generate crazy glitchy reactions!

You can also activate the randomize function to set all parameters to random values and generate unusual creative effects. System Requirements: Available for Windows and Mac as VST or AU. By Glitchmachines FREE Main Features:. Free advanced feedback-based glitch delay.

Stutter effect. Useful lowpass filter and modulation FX. Over 100 presets Here’s another free gem from Glitchmachines. It’s centered around a feedback-based glitch delay process. This plugin can create reverse delays, crazy pitch-shifting, and granular malfunctions. Just like “Fracture,” the presets are a fun starting point to experiment with as they create robotic sounds and technical glitches.

System Requirements: Available for Windows and Mac as VST or AU. By Glitchmachines 259 USD Main Features:. Includes seven creative tools to completely mangle and morph your sounds. Best bang for your buck. Includes samplers, sound generators, and effects processors This is the bundle for you if you’ve decided to dive into the world of sonic manipulation and glitches. In this bundle, you’ll find all the right tools to experiment and morph your music to the next level. For $259 USD, you get seven unconventional, one of a kind instruments, ranging from samplers, modular sound generators, and effect processors designed to generate abstract musical glitches.

There’s no other bundle out there focused on just glitch and sound mangling. However, we do recommend trying their free plugins first (described above). If you fall in love with it and can’t wait to dive deeper into experimental sound design, then this Glitchmachines bundle is for you. System Requirements: Available for Windows and Mac as VST or AU. By Vengeance 55 USD Main Features:.

Mangle your audio tracks with crazy glitch and stutter effects. Advanced buffer modulations. HP and LP filters. Internal sequencer.

Volume and pan modulations as well as pitch effects. 140 crafted presets Vengeance has built an incredible reputation for their quality sample packs and plugins. And their “Glitch Bitch” is no different. Built to create wild stutters and glitch effects in your club tracks, this impressive tool presents endless possibilities with its expansive arsenal of modules. It’s amusing to draw in custom envelopes to control the buffer modes and filters. You even have 140 presets to use as a starting point, reverse engineer, and dig deeper into the heart of the plugin.

System Requirements: Available for Windows and Mac as VST, AU, and AAX. By Unfiltered Audio 99 USD Main Features:. Seven new delay modules. Advanced and powerful modulation system. Wide variety of creative time-based effects.

Unique sample rate control. Clear waveform display for immediate feedback Unfiltered Audio is another heavyweight in the creative plugins battle. What’s unique about this tool is the “sleep mode,” which freezes the delay buffer and creates one-of-a-kind loops and grains. To take this to the next level, you can re-pitch, down-sample, reverse, and saturate the signal to completely transform the source material beyond recognition.

Try applying it to vocals, guitars, and lead elements to create never-ending echoes. Nonetheless, there are endless ways to experiment with this plugin! System Requirements: Available for Windows and Mac as VST, AU, and AAX.

By Unfiltered Audio 79 USD Main Features:. 36 spectral effects which you can apply three at a time.

16-step sequencer. Additional wideband processor with two pitch shifters, frequency shifters, audio freezers, and other glitchy processors.


Six display modes for instant visual feedback. Analog-style filters SpecOps is the newcomer of Unfiltered Audio.

Their plugin contains a dozen plugins into one. While this seems like a lot to learn, it’s extremely intuitive and easy to use. It’s hard to find a plugin with this many effects. However, you can only apply three at a time, which will still give you endless creative options. What gives you even greater flexibility is the ability to apply each processor to a different frequency band! It is perfect for injecting new life into dull synth sounds or ultimately transforming a vocal track to sound robotic. This is a true beast for sound designers, producers, and live performers of electronic music.

System Requirements: Available for Windows and Mac as VST, AU, and AAX. By Dmitry Sches 64 USD Main Features:. Eight powerful multi-stage modulators like lo-fi, glitch, delay, distortion. Create complex arpeggiated rhythmic sequences. Manually adjust the shapes of the envelopes. Master equalizer and reverb. Randomizer button for every modulator Tantra is one of the less known plugins, but is still incredibly powerful and unique.

The concept behind it is to be able to apply a rhythmic pattern to any sound through the application of its modulators and 32-step grid. It’s also super fun to draw in the shape of your envelopes to accurately control when the sound is modulated. We especially love the glitch modulation, which is capable of stretching your sound or recreating a modern “Stutter” effect! There are a lot of fun ways to experiment with this plugin. System Requirements: It works on both Window and Mac as a VST or AU. By Twisted Tools 49 USD Main Features:.

It’s a NI Reaktor ensemble. Granular multi-effect. Captures live audio and processes it real-time, with six granular and buffer effects. Playable via MIDI. Advanced automation system Perfect for tweaking your live audio source on the fly, this little wonder can achieve futuristic stutters, glitches, repeats, and the famous “chopped and screwed effect.” While it is not as user friendly, it does give you some unique mangling capabilities that you don’t get with other plugins.

If it’s a little difficult for you, don’t worry. You have over 100 presets to play with. On top of this, make sure that you own a copy of Reaktor (Native Instruments) to use with this plugin.

System Requirements: It works on both Window and Mac as Reaktor Ensemble. By Twisted Tools 98 USD Main Features:. It’s a NI Reaktor ensemble. Six unique delay modules. Each delay has its own independent and granular controls. Four modulation sequencers and a six-voice gate sequencer.

Playable via MIDI Also from the Twisted Tools family, this creative delay effect receives your incoming signal and mangles it through its six independent delay modules. It also acts as a sort of sampler, so you can generate sounds internally by using any of the samples included. What’s fun about this plugin is that you can individually modulate each delay module with the built-in effects. Mod magic v 53 for mac.

It’s the perfect toy for any producer looking to add any abstract and rhythmic mutations to their sound. You can even control it from your iPad or iPhone! System Requirements: It works on both Windows and Mac as Reaktor Ensemble. Select your global block. Conclusion As you can see by now, there are tons of different Glitch VSTs, and they all possess unique features. But we hope that by highlighting their strengths, you will be able to pick the right one for your needs.

Before you pull the trigger on any of these creative tools, however, make sure to download some of the demos and play around with the free ones! Which one of these is your favorite?

Make sure to let us know how you incorporate Glitch VSTs into your music production in the comments below!

Important Note: You must have an eLicencer dongle to use Vengeance Sound products - you can purchase one The Tapestop effect is as old as it is famous, and Vengeance has the deluxe version of this effect for you: VPS Tapestop is your new favourite tool when it comes to all kind of pitch effects. But stop, it can do a lot more: with the build in sequencer, volume and filter envelopes or the new 'tape slip' feature you can create crazy effects, way beyond the classic Tapestop pitch-down.