Bt878 Wdm Video Capture Drivers For Mac

Posted : admin On 07.12.2019
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  1. Easycap Video Capture Driver

Has anyone been able to get any bt878 based video capture cards working in Windows 10 x64? I have a Leadtech WinFast TV2000 PCI card.

I don't care about the old NTSC TV tuner on it, just want to get the S-Video input working. Why this old card? Because Leadtech told the video industry to go micturate up a rope, it ignores all analog copy protection systems.:) Thus it causes no problems when digitizing any tapes from my Panasonic AG-1980 Super VHS VCR. Rather annoying when capture software falsely claims old home videos are 'copy protected'. What would be most wonderful is if someone could update this open source bt capture driver. It works, supports a huge number of capture cards, as long as you're running 32 bit Windows XP or older. How hard would it be to port it to 64 bit and update for Windows 7/8/10?


Btwincap WDM Video Capture Driver for WinMe, Win98SE,Win2000 and WinXP for Capture Boards based on Brooktree┬┤s Bt848 / Bt849 / Bt878 & Bt879 Chipsets. Also a simple WDM capturing utility.

Got a link to the actual driver download, instead of Driver Dr? Click the link or Download button and it goes to another page with a big, green Download button. All that does is wants to download Driver Dr.

I tried Driver Dr. And it wouldn't download anything unless I registered and paid money.

Easycap Video Capture Driver

DriverMax did find and download and install a driver. I got an entry for Bt878 based video capture, and one for Bt878 based video capture unused audio. The video capture one gives me the can't start error 10 error. The unused audio one shows no errors. Error 10, Windows doesn't know what's wrong, or if it does know, it's not telling.


Similar help and support threads Thread Forum I would have posted in WMC but this seems to be a hardware issue. Device manager only shows one Avermedia tuner. These are identical PCIE cards. In device manager should it not display 2 Avermedia devices? It shows the USB vbox 3560 tuner, it shows an Avermedia tuner. Oddly WMC claims tuner.

Hardware & Devices I was looking at the m791 card. Some avermedia tuners have both ATSC and Analog shielded, like the m780 tuner PCIe card. The m791 only has a metal shield over the analog part of the tuner, the ATSC part of the tuner is uncovered. I have a working m780 in the AMD Phenom II PC Hewlet Packard MB.

Media Center This forum is the closest I could find for the problem my computer is experiencing. I'm just using the video on my computer's motherboard, it's good enough for my purposes. I've been putting up with an annoying problem that suddenly appeared a couple of months ago. Certain sized text - a bit.

Graphic Cards Ok. First post here, so ill say hi first! (long time reader first time poster:P), hope someone can help me out, it would be greatly appreciated! Ok I am running Win7, I have a winfast TV tuner card and a nvidia pcie gfx card. Up until recently, I had absolutely no problems with them. Hardware & Devices Hello, I have MCE7 and windows 7.

I have a Pinnacle 800i TV tuner card which receives QAM. Everything works great, but I wanted to get the option to watch a channel while recording another. I was hoping to downgrade my DVR to just a standard box if I can record my shows on my PC. Do I need to. Media Center Our Sites Site Links About Us Find Us.