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Posted : admin On 16.07.2019
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I have an orginal Chandler 'designed by B.K. Butler' tube driver from 85. Works best with an already slightly breaking up amp to my ears. There are a lot of versions of this pedal and its variants, but if you search the web, there's tons of good info to help identify the good ones. Shown above (left to right) - The 1985 BK Butler Tube Driver, the revised 1986-87 BK Butler Tube Driver, the unauthorized 1988 knockoff made by Chandler after Butler parted ways with them, the 1990s Tube Works 911 Tube Driver, and a B.K. Butler reissue of the 911 Tube Driver from 2006.

MacDaddy - Does your unit have an internal or external xfmr? Some models were powered by 120 VAC, so the xfmr.

Other units use a wall wart, so the xfmr. Generally, if the xfmr. Is a wall wart there isn't much inside the pedal that can/should rattle around.

Still, it's worth checking. OP - can you post a video on You Tube? Was the pedal always noisy, or are you just noticing it? Have you tried the pedal in a different location (another room)? Sometimes you can pickup noise radiated from outside sources (cell phones that are close, noise from other gear, etc.). Is the WW plugged into the same outlet as your other gear?

I plug everything into the same power strip. Make sure you test it w/o any other gear just guitar, pedal and amp to elim. Possibility of other sources of noise. Nevermind, MacDaddy.

Should've read your post more closely. I wonder if the noise could be a simple ground loop. My BK Butler Real Tube has a 3 prong plug and the transformer is internal. I have not experienced hum with my Real Tube pedal but other 3 pronged devices have caused hum in my fx chain.

The solution was easy. Buy one of those orange plugs for a few dollars at any hardware store. The plugs are made for old houses that do not have the earth ground part of the socket so that you can use a 3 prong device in an old, 2 prong, electrical socket.

They can also work as a ground lift if you don't connect the screw-on part of the orange plug to the outlet plate. Click to expand. I have no experience with the Chandler wall wart version of this pedal, I know Butler gave an interview in which he said those Chandler wall wart versions of the pedal were sort of knock-offs by Chandler during a period with Butler and Chandler were in litigation over the design and, to quote Butler, 'They obviously had somebody attempt to copy the electronics and the physical design of my TD, then produced and sold them.


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I don’t know how many unauthorized units are out there. The mistakes inside are essentially within the EQ area and it would take too long to describe them. Also there is a basic ground loop mistake as well.' So, if there is a ground loop in the circuit, that could be the problem. Maybe there's a schematic floating around?

I have a Genz-Benz era Real Tube with internal xformer sitting right next to the tube, and it hummed and not low level, and I rehoused the xformer in a wall wart and put a ground lift RC circuit on the input to chassis ground and that solve the hum problem with that pedal. Obviously rehousing the xformer is of no relevance to your situation but the Tube Driver rev 2 schematic that's floating around the net has a ground lift circuit on the input, maybe that's something not on the Chandler?