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Posted : admin On 04.01.2020
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Mind telling why the SSD that's built for a Mac by OWC, that works, is not for you? Instead you want to put in a module built for a PC that doesn't work reliably with a Mac. Now you're talking to someone that fits the adage 'If you can't dazzle them with brilliance, baffle them with BS'. If the 21.5-Inch 'Late 2012' or 'Early 2013' iMac models were configured with an SSD or a 'Fusion Drive' at the time of purchase, the SSD module is connected via a dedicated PCIe connector and another SSD can be installed in its place. Unfortunately, if the system only was configured with a hard drive, the needed connector is not present on the motherboard and there is not a way to add a PCIe-based 'blade' SSD afterwards.


Msata Ssd Connector

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