Calculator Correlacion Biserial Punctual Spss For Mac

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  1. Calculator Correlacion Biserial Punctual Spss For Mac Os
  2. Calculator Correlacion Biserial Punctual Spss For Mac

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Please see this technote: You can get both the point-biserial (PB) and the rank point-biserial (RPB), by following the steps below. By way of example, we'll use the Employee data.sav file, which comes with SPSS. (1) First, use AUTORECODE to create new variables, which are numerically, coded versions of your two-level nominal variables. In this example, we'll AUTORECODE the nominal variable Gender into a numeric variable named Sex. Go to Transform-Automatic Recode. In the Automatic Recode dialog box, move Gender into the variable list. Type the New Name Sex and click Add New Name.

Calculator Correlacion Biserial Punctual Spss For Mac Os

(2) To get the point-biserial (PB) for Sex and Salary, go to Analyze-Correlate-Bivariate. In the Bivariate Correlations dialog box add Salary and Sex to the Variable list.

Pearson-the selection you want for the PB-is already checked, so click OK to complete the analysis. (3) To get the rank point-biserial (PB), follow the steps given in step 2, except, before clicking OK, deselect Pearson and click Spearman.

Calculator Correlacion Biserial Punctual Spss For Mac

The Spearman correlation between a dichotomous variable and an ordinal level variable is the RPB. Also, should you wish to troubleshoot or locate product documentation for your product related issue please consider our Knowledge Base in IBM Support Portal at Simply type 'SPSS' in the Product Finder text box and select the Product and Version you would like information on.

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MacCalculator Correlacion Biserial Punctual Spss For Mac

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