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For prior cars I've owned that have had a sunroof - I likely open it once every 2-3 years. As a California owner - I hate sunroofs. Consider it a negative, but most vehicle makes include them in our area. Adds more noise, reflections and undesired overhead brightness.

Also something more to go wrong eventually. Ok, I know I'm in the extreme minority so get what works for you. I don't think heat is a concern as the glass reflects 98% of the heat and is not much different than a hard roof. In cold winters, the glass is cooler than the solid roof, but seems like few notice it as a problem.

We live in North Yorkshire, England where it is more often cold than hot, our Tesla Model S has a hard roof, specifically because it makes more sense in our part of the world. We rarely opened the roof on previous cars, they were very noisy when rarely used, and always a potential source of problems. Additionally one of the key advantages of driving the model s is that it is silent. An open sun roof demolishes that advantage in an instant. The soft lining on the hard roof also has a good effect on the sound system, where as a hard reflective glass surface would probably end up bouncing the different frequencies all over the car! There are web sites dedicated to trying to understand the value of an opening glass roof, so far they have listed a lot more cons than pros.

Disclaimer: I live in So Cal so I guess this is biased. BUT, just got my Model S w/ glass roof 2 weeks ago and I have to say the glass roof is one of my favorite features. It was in the 90s over the weekend and I haven't had any problems w/ excessive heat. I'm not sure if the sunroof is tinted exactly the same as the solid glass panel, but even with noon-time sun directly overhead, I've never noticed it unless I look directly up. Others love the 'see-through' roof as's such an unexpected, but brilliant design feature.

Can you get just a sunshade for macbook

As others have stated, I've always had a sunroof, but I don't miss it for a second. I think it really just comes down to whether or not you will actually open the sunroof on a regular basis. I never did; and I like the constant open/airy FEELING of the glass roof instead. A Californian here who has a sunroof and never uses it. I take that back. The other day my son took his cleats off after a soccer game in the heat.

The smell that permeated the cabin was so odoriferous I opened the roof to air it out. It really came in handy, because my son didn't like it, therefore I don't think he'll ever take his cleats off in the car again. So unless you have a family member who has an inclination to air out his or her feet, or if you plan on traveling with Unshod Bob, you might not want one. Sorry another Californian here, but we live kind of inland valley so it does get Texas hot-90-110+ during the summer/fall days, and we have the pano sunroof.

Can't say we find it noisy closed; and there are times when it's great to be able to open the roof up and quickly vent the hot air to cool the car down. We don't feel the sunroof which has IR and tinting gives off any noticeable heat.THAT comes from the windshield and hatchback in a big way.

If your AC ever fails, I'm sure you'll wish you had the sunroof. We bought the Tesla sunshade for anytime we want to open the sunroof and it's sunny and beating down on you. That or maybe where we are in a mosquito/buggy area and want it open. Easy in and out and folds compactly into the sleeve that comes with it.

We enjoy the sunroof mostly in the evenings when we don't get the heat from the sun and don't need to have the AC on (and sometimes when you are low on battery). Find it quieter and more pleasant than opening the car windows while driving. One car we owned only had a moon roof and we felt that was a waste of money and regretted not getting the sunroof.

On a more fantastical note but true event and not one that you ever expect this to happen to you - but one driver who was avoiding hitting a deer - found himself going 500 feet down a steep slope and his car flipped over landing on it's roof at an angle. Managed to climb out of the sunroof area. In posts on another forum he said he had trouble opening the doors so went out the sunroof which was his easiest way out.

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My suggestion is to see if you can arrange for an overnight or weekend test drive of a MS with a pano roof and experience it for yourself. There's really no consensus on this. Got the sunroof (pano roof) here in Seattle, and I don't really like the sun, but we really like the sunroof. Being able to open it a crack is really nice, especially when leaving the car in hot weather.

The view is terrific. I also very much wanted the option for adding the Whisperbar roof brackets. However, the all-glass roof looks totally awesome, and it would offer an even better view. I'm sure you won't go wrong either way. Both look terrific from the outside, but the all-glass is even more unique and stylish. I live in Dallas and love the sunroof. First car I've ever really used it on even though I've had sunroofs on my cars for 30 years.

Heat and sun when it's closed hasn't been an issue for me at all. You can always get it tinted darker or get an aftermarket shade for it. One thing I like is that on a nice day, I can open it all the way and roll down the windows and it's roughly equivalent to having a convertible. Some have complained about rattles, leaks, and mechanical issues. I haven't had any of that. But I've only had the car for three months-and it's leased. So the warranty should take care of any issues for as long as I have the car.

I take Elon at his word when he says Tesla will never stop innovating. So it will be a new S for me in 33 months. I'm in New Hampshire and I love, love, love the sunroof. My work commute is 35 miles each way on relatively uncrowded roads doing 40-60 MPH. It's sooooo nice driving with the roof wide open, which I do just about any day it's not raining and the temp is at least in the 50's or higher. When it's warm enough for the windows to be down too, it's almost like driving a convertible.

We've had a couple of 93-94 degree days recently with bright sun and when the roof is closed, it does just find deflecting some of the sun and heat. Highly recommended! @mo.iqbal - I think the best indicator is did you have a sunroof in your previous car, and if so, how often did you really open it. My wife has sunroof in her last two cars. Only time either was ever opened is when I took her car for some reason during nice weather and I opened it.

I on the other hand owned a Honda S2000 convertible for 15 years before purchase of my MS. I was the primary (only) driver of it and it was driven with the top down every chance I got, including in weather when I'd have a coat and insulated hat on with the heater turned up full blast (yeah, I'm really that nutty!). Anyone want to take a guess on what type of roof I got for MY MS 90D a year ago?? If you guess pano roof, you'd be right, and it's open most any day that the weather cooperates.

Oh, and I do not live in California, but am in central Indiana. Where we have two seasons: Summer. And then August.

Love the pano roof even if I open it only occasionally. It's worth it to me.

I have had no problems with noise, leaks, mechanical issues, reflections, overhead brightness, or heat with the pano. I have no experience with the cold. Did I mention I was in Texas?

I agree there is no consensus and both the pano and all-glass roof are great options. You can't go wrong. I also agree you should reflect on your past use, but test both in a Model S and get what you like best in the Model S. If I get a second Tesla like a Model 3 or X, I will almost certainly get the all-glass roof to have one of each for variety's sake, and because they both have unique advantages. I live in dallas and love the sunroof on my CPO. Firstly, compared to the non-glass roof you get a couple extra inches of headroom.

Both my wife and I are very short so this is not an issue, but that may be something to consider. I haven't had any issues with wind noise/leaking/etc, from the sunroof at all.

Maybe if I was going 100+ mph there might be a difference but I don't cruising around at 100+ mph. I had similar worries about the heat from the glass/sunroof. Let me tell you - its super minimal, like non-existent. The glass is naturally tinted and pretty dark.

In fact, its darker than the maximum (non limo) window tint in Texas, so that should give you an idea of heat. I WILL though all the sources of the heat (checked with a thermometer) comes from the windshield. If you are not used to a large windshield (and this is even bigger because it slopes much more) you will feel the heat from that. It FEELS like its coming from the sunroof - it isn't - its coming from the windshield.

If you need to close out all sources of heat to the max, you can always tint the sunroof more or buy the tesla roof shade. IMO neither are needed, even in Dallas. But I am considering doing one of those clear windshield tints to help block more heat - that windshield can be a cooker. Note: I actually do use the sunroof quite a bit. Early mornings when its not those bad summer days (where it never drops below 80), but many days I get to open it up. And during the spring/fall for those few weeks - when I drive home from work too. 'mo.iqbal May 23, 2017 I appreciate everyone's feedback.

So the basic theme here is your good with it or without it. I have 30 minutes to change my order and decided might as well keep it. The all glass looks slick and amazon inside but the suede on the pillars for the sunroof looks amazing too. Decided might as well have vs. Not have it and regret it over 2k. I appreciate everyone's feedback though!'

Saw that you made your decision. Sounded like it came down to the wire for you. Did you get a chance to sit in a model with each roof type beforehand? After you've had your car for a bit (guess, what at least 1 month out for delivery?), I'd be interested to see how you find the sunroof in the Model S.

A couple years ago our awesome Kickstarter backers helped us launch the laptop mounting system which has since become the standard for professional photographers worldwide. Soon after we created a sun shade that mounted to the but is dependent on the hardware in order to be used. A great solution for users but not so great for non-DigiPlate users. So we began tinkering with the idea of creating a laptop sun shade that works more like a shade that you might find on a professional large desktop monitor. Those large desktop monitor shades are usually 3 sided with enough coverage to block out most glare.

They also are usually very bulky and need special hardware to attach to the monitor which we wanted to avoid. So our goal was lightweight and sturdy and with easy installation. Most of last year we worked on developing the 'Lite' version of the DigiShade. We went through several rounds of prototypes exploring using a magnetic mount and finding a shade material that was lightweight, strong, and wouldn't sag under it's own weight. Rewards.

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Can You Get Just A Sunshade For Mac Pro

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Can You Get Just A Sunshade For Macbook

THE SUPER BIG DOG: $325: This is the same as the THE BIG DOG reward except we'll substitute in a bundle instead of a bundle. You can see the specific bundle that is included in this reward. Make sure you choose the right reward as the DigiShade Lites are specific for each MacBook model and size. Two of the rewards include our previous Kickstarter project, the. More info on the can be found at.

We haven't settled on a retail price but it will be in the $80-100 range. Once we do our first run and have final costs in hand, we'll be able to determine the final retail price.

Kickstart us the rest of the way, please! So here is where you come in. We've gone through several prototypes of the DigiShade Lite and have it a point where we're ready to have you help us get over the last hurdle and get it produced. Just like any new product we need to get our manufacturer up to production speed which means 1) some start up costs like CNC programming and setup and 2) a decent initial order so each shade doesn't cost a fortune. With your help we are hoping to get your reward to you in May. We hope that you are inspired and excited by the DigiShade Lite and choose to support the project.

Either way please spread the word and share with your friends. Risks and challenges Our risks and challenges on this project are fairly low. The DigiShade Lite will be manufactured entirely in the United States and we already have local manufacturing partners lined up that we have worked with before (we know their capabilities, they know our quality standards). Your pledge is mostly helping us to get our manufacturing setup and to get a decent size minimum order to get the per piece cost down. Really the only risk is if there is a worldwide aluminum shortage in the next 30 days (highly unlikely) and there is a national strike of the CNC Workers Union of America (we made that up)—basically we are saying there isn't much that can delay this project.

We are very realistic and hard working and know what it takes to complete a project like this. The timeline we have set for all the rewards actually already have padding in them so if there any hiccups along the way, we have allotted for them.

If there are no hiccups, then we would deliver early like we did on our last Kickstarter project. For now, here is our projected timeline: April 1-4: order raw materials, begin programming CNC April 7-11: start testing manufacturing process and quality control April 14-25: A) send first batch from the quality control run for anodize for Early Bird rewards B) produce all sheet metal parts for remaining rewards April 21-25: assemble and ship Early Bird rewards April 21-May 2: anodize all aluminum parts for remaining rewards May 5-23: assembly of remaining rewards May 26-30: ship all remaining rewards.