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I have been using this exact coconut oil for about 2 years now. 1- Dry skin I get very dry skin when it comes to winter/cold season i used to use this daily after the shower but i after a good 3 month it started to make my skin dry and itchy so i stop using it every day and that when away. It makes my skin very soft and gives me a beautiful glow and gets rid of pimples.

Cold Pressed and Unrefined. This oil comes packaged in recycled plastic buckets. Suggested use. Food and cosmetic use. Kosher Certified. This is a truly spectacular oil with a deep and mildly intoxicating scent of pure coconut pulp. It is one of the most revered oils for nutritional purposes. Jul 14, 2016 - The first day of my coconut oil adventure went pretty smoothly, although I. I have quite oily skin around my T-zone, but it can get dry at times.

2-Hair I use it on my hair once or twice every month i leave it on for about an hour before i get in the shower:) it helps grow my hair soft and silky it makes it fall less. 3-pregnancy I noticed coconut oil helps reduce itchy skin better than cocoa butter did and moisture my belly & helps with stretch marks too. 4-cooking I also like to use it for cooking its a great replacement for canola oil & butter. Gives food a great taste. 5-makeup remover.

Maxcare Virgin Coconut Oil (VCO) is extracted from fresh coconut milk and is 100% natural. It is unrefined, unbleached and cold pressed. The white meat. VCO has strong anti-microbial properties which help fight and prevent skin disorders.

Perfect and very easy to remove your makeup while moisturizing your face at the same time. 6- Teeth whiting I recently find out it helps to whiten your teeth I usually brush my teeth first with my normal toothpaste then i use a different toothbrush to brush my teeth with coconut oil or you can do it like a mouthwash. So far its doing its magic:). I really like this product because although it says that it is cooking oil but it also says clearly on the bottle that it can be used directly on the skin and on the hair. So what I did was I bought some of the small cosmetic containers and place them in there for makeup removal. What I also did was use this on my skin when ever I feel like my skin needs a bit more moisture.

A few weeks again I made garlic chicken with this and the taste was so much better than using olive or vegetable oil. This is great for whitening teeth and detoxing your body. I use the oil pulling method- it takes a little bit longer and also is kind of weird feeling at first, but once you do it a couple of times it's very natural feeling. I oil pull in the shower a lot since you should do it for over ten minutes. Also an important tip for oil-pulling is DONT swallow any of the oil. Since the coconut oil is basically acting like an antibacterial in your mouth, and you are swishing around, it picks up all the bacteria and dirt in your mouth and swallowing could upset your stomach.

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The point is to take the bacteria out, so be careful not to swallow. I have before and it is not fun.

Product Name: Cold Pressed Coconut Oil Quantity: 1 Litre Ingredient Type: Vegetarian Cuisine: Indian Specialty: No Preservatives, No Genetic Engineering Brand: Standard Country of Origin: Erode, TamilNadu - India Storage Instructions: Store in a cool & dry place Item Package Quantity: 500ml / 1 Litre / 3 Litres / 16.5 Litres (TIN) Certification: FSSAI No 0648 Form: Fresh Caffeine Content: Caffeine Free Serving Recommendation: Suitable for Cooking, Oil Pulling, Oil Massage & Head Massage Package Information: Wrapped in Carton Box with Zero Breakage Maximum Shelf Life: 6 Months. Order below Rs. 90 Between Rs.1000 - Rs.1500 Rs. 150 Between Rs. 180 Between Rs. 225 Between Rs. 270 Between Rs.

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Cold Pressed Unrefined Coconut Oil Benefits

855 Between Rs. 900 Cold Pressed Coconut Oil - World’s Healthiest Oil Coconut oil has been known as miracle ingredient of nature which could cure almost anything. Has distinctive fragrance which makes it perfect for numerous uses. One great thing of this particular oil is that it never requires refining, bleaching or deodorizing. The Cold Pressed Coconut Oil that we serve is not processed or heated. You can use it for multiple purposes without fearing issues like harmful residues or solvents, preservatives, or strong chemicals.

The natural benefits of the oil are not harmed and that’s why it’s served in purest natural form. Why should you use Coconut Oil Cold Pressed? This is very distinct from the regular coconut oil and provides diverse benefits in comparison. When you use the oil regularly or frequently you can enjoy various benefits like:. Protects heart: controls blood pressure, saves from disease and converts harmful cholesterol into healthy. Cancer preventive item: Cold Pressed Oil saves user from deadly cancer.


Enhance digestive process: helps to absorb calcium, soluble vitamins. Healthy kidneys: heals infections by curing the kidneys and urinary system. Boosts immunity: fights bacteria and viruses to keep you fit. Improves brain activity: memory and functioning gets improved by regular usage. For enjoying all these healthy benefits you can. Safe Solution for Body Coconut oil is nature’s blessing for human body. It’s totally safe and no issues would be faced when you buy and use cold pressed coconut oil.

It’s not prepared by processed methods which are generally used for oils. This is why, this type of oil is best in terms of safety as no side effects would occur. It could also be used in treatment of many allergies including the year old skin problems that are not cured. When coconut oil is taken properly, advantages could be noticed in very less time.

Since this item is natural, it’s safer and more effective than other chemical products. Budget Friendly Cold Pressed Oil You can easily avail the trial pack which is beneficial in price terms.

The packaging is done in a way that quality and richness of the oil is maintained perfectly for longer time. It’s packed in many variations so that you can select the right one according to your requirement or budget. Pricing is done so that all could try and check how valuable Cold Pressed Coconut Oil really is. After buying it at nominal rate, you can use it for many reasons including skin care, losing weight, shiny hair.

It can cure many cardiovascular diseases due to the antimicrobial properties which are present in it. Storage of the Cold Pressed Oil is very simple and does not require huge efforts. Leading the healthy life is not easy in modern times, but natural items like these are immensely helpful in achieving better health. Filled with antioxidants and antimicrobial properties, there can simply be no other substitute of this oil. Coconut oil is perfect healthy oil which you can use to make your body fit and healthiest. Immunity Booster Using cold pressed coconut oil on frequent basis can definitely make your immune system better.

Coconut oil has some really efficient properties like antibacterial that can safeguard body from any disease. Making body free of any disease and discomfort is now possible because of.

The method of obtaining cold pressed oil is distinct and it’s made in way that oil’s nutritious properties are maintained. Coconut oil can make the stomach functioning better and help in much faster and better digestion. Presence of Antimicrobial Properties is so effective that it protects you from measles herpes, influenza and other common diseases. It kills the harmful bacteria and saves body from sickness which is caused due to these. Helpful in Weight Loss Too many people are worried for health because they are unable to control weight. This triggers hundred other problems that can lead to severe health issues in long term. But those who use the Cold Pressed Oil would see that weight loss is actually easily possible because of this oil.

This oil has the least chances of getting stored in the fatty tissues of body. This is why it gets utilized faster and is the ultimate energy booster. Coconut oil in this form can promote metabolic rates and could help you to lose weight according to your wish. When women use this, they can see changes in their abdominal area and fat gets reduced faster. The belly and abdominal area are prominent parts where body fat gets stored and is hard to deal with. But with this oil, it’s effectively possible to push fat out of these body parts.

Serving you Trial packs We make sure that the Cold Pressed Coconut Oil is available to all in fewer budgets. This is why we offer the trail packs which are smaller and can be used to check if this oil is helpful to you. These packs are used by many and they have found these very effective in various issues related to body. You can easily Buy Cold Pressed Coconut Oil Online India from our site and check its utility. Just by trying this oil once, you would notice high difference and then you will surely want to use this regularly. Getting benefit from natural things has now very easy for you, as we bring you the richest quality cold pressed oil.

All those who have been conscious towards the way there body is, can now relax totally. Simply take the trail packs of the Cold Pressed Coconut Oil and see astonishing difference in your health and skin. The rates are really nominal for the regular packs as well as the trail packs. This is why you can select the pack which would be suitable to you.

Children that take cold pressed oil frequently would have better health and great height and immunity. People who lack the energy can use this as the wonderful energy booster. Try this once, and get the best results which make your body healthiest than it has ever been. View our Google Map Listing Google Plus Page on.