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754 Shares Last updated on October 3rd, 2018 at 12:16 pm Want to truly customize all your Cricut crafts and projects? Learn how to upload fonts to Cricut Design Space! It’s easy and gives you a ton of flexibility when creating your Cricut designs. This post is sponsored by Who here also love fonts? I love fonts like a cat lady loves cats. I tend to be fairly minimalistic in most areas of my life, but the font folder on my computer suggests otherwise—1284 fonts.

That’s not crazy, right? Tell me I’m not crazy. One of the reasons I love fonts so much is that my hand-lettering game isn’t all that great.

I’m working on it and I’m learning more and more every day, but it’s so much easier to be able to grab a font and put it right into one of my projects. Script fonts, block fonts, quirky fonts—I love and use them all! Today we’re going to talk about how to use your own fonts in. Cricut Design Space has a ton of Cricut fonts, but often you may want to use your own fonts (called “System Fonts” in Cricut Design Space).

Let’s check out how to do it. Where to Find Fonts to Use On Your Cricut First of all, where can you find new fonts to download? In the past, I just downloaded free fonts wherever I could find them online. But this came with one big problem. Often I didn’t know if I could use those fonts on products I sell, like the digital artwork in my.

Some fonts had commercial licenses, some didn’t, and some had licenses that were somewhere in between. Some fonts had a commercial license listed on one site and not on another. It was a mess. Additionally, often free fonts are poorly designed, so I spent a lot of time frustrated with letter spacing, kerning, and other font design issues.

Now I almost exclusively purchase my fonts. First of all, I believe font designers deserve to be paid for their work. Second, I like purchasing my fonts when I know they have a commercial license attached—that way I can use them in my own files and not have to worry about breaking any licensing agreements. My favorite place to purchase fonts is from. The have enormous font bundles every month or so that are at hugely discounted prices.

The current Fantastic Fonts II bundle costs just $19 and you get $315 worth of fonts! 40 fonts from 20 different font families. And all of the have commercial license attached, so I can use them in my design work for sale! My favorites in this bundle for Cricut designs are Gorgeous, History, and Bold Brush, though almost all of them will cut perfectly on your machine. Image via I also love professionally designed fonts like those found at because they are better designed and they often come with alternate characters (also called stylistic alternates, glyphs or in some cases, ligatures).

Free Cricut Designs To Download

For instance, there may be three different styles of the capital A, or several styles of a double “tt,” or a bunch of swashes that you can use to customize your projects even more. You can learn more about using alternate characters in Cricut Design Space in an upcoming post! You can totally up your Cricut design game when you have more options in your font folder! How to Upload Fonts to Cricut Design Space Step 1: Install the Font On Your Computer Before you start to use your fonts within Cricut Design Space you need to get those fonts onto your computer! If you’ve already installed your fonts on your computer, you can skip to the next step.

Free Downloads For Cricut Machine

I use a Mac, so the screenshots on this post are for a Mac. If you’d like help installing fonts on your PC, click.

When you download a font, it will most likely come in a zip folder. Click on the zip folder to unzip the file. Your font (or fonts, if you buy a bundle) will be in the new unzipped folder. Often there will be two versions of the font, one that ends with.ttf (a TrueType font) and.otf (an OpenType Font). For technical reasons I won’t go into here, I suggest going with the.otf font if it’s available (it’s just a more robust font type). If there’s only a.ttf, that’s fine too! One of the reasons I love is that they bundle all the.otf fonts together in one folder, in addition to having them individually.


If you want to install them in one big chunk, you can select all the fonts in the folder and right click to open with FontBook, the Mac’s font application. You can also go to each individual folder and only install the particular fonts you’re looking for. A box will pop up for you to install your fonts (if you choose to install all of the fonts in a bundle at once, a lot of boxes will pop up, one for each font!). Click Install Font and your computer will do its thing. Your font will now appear in your FontBook and be available for you to use in Cricut Design Space. Step 2: Access the Font in Cricut Design Space Now that you’ve installed the font or fonts on your hard drive, accessing them in Cricut Design Space is easy!

Use the Text tool in the Design Panel on the left to create a box with your text. The Text Edit menu will open along the top of Cricut Design Space and you can u se the Font dropdown to select different fonts for your project. Both Cricut fonts and your system fonts are listed here.

You can sort by system fonts, if you’d like, to only see the fonts installed on your computer. You can also use the search bar here if you know the name of the particular font you are looking for. This is particularly helpful if you have a gazillion (bajillion million) fonts like me. Let’s select Antenna, which we installed above. So easy, right? This is the process for selecting any system fonts you want to use!

What are Good Fonts for Cricut Design Space? We’ve installed our fonts and accessed them in Cricut Design Space. I did want to talk about a one thing you need to be aware of when it comes to using system fonts. Technically, using a system font is no different than using a Cricut font—though there is a risk I want to mention here.

The Cricut cuts mathematically simple files better than it does mathematically complicated files. Cricut fonts are designed to be mathematically simple, so they cut easily. Your system fonts, however, might not be as simple. Let’s take two fonts from this bundle as an example. The first is Blushing.

The edges of this font might be a little rough for the Cricut. The Cricut has to adjust the blade and mat direction with every little angle.

The Cricut is an amazing machine, but it might not cut this as well as you’d like. Take a look at Bold Brush, on the other hand. Nice smooth edges. Perfect for cutting on the Cricut!

Install Cricut Expression Software

Keep this in mind when choosing one of your system fonts to cut on the Cricut—smooth edges will cut better. The nice thing about this bundle from is that I found most of the fonts are actually really great on the Cricut. If you ever wonder if a font is going to cut nicely, just do a test cut using whatever material you’re planning on using in your final project.

This can give you a good idea whether or not the font will cut well! Make an Easy Onesie with Your System Fonts Let’s walk through the process of creating a simple onesie using your system fonts. Start by creating a heart using the Shapes tool in the Design Panel, and resizing it to be a bit larger while we work on it.

Change the color, if you’d like, using the Layer Attributes menu in the Layers Panel on the right. Create a text box and write the word Love. Then select that great Bold Brush font from this bundle. Cricut Design Space always starts with increased letter spacing, so decrease your letter spacing in the Text Menu to.05. Then resize, rotate, and move over your heart. Select both the heart and the word and click Slice in the lower right, at the bottom of the Layers Panel.

Need to learn more about the Slice tool?! Your result will have quite a few extra shapes.

Move them away from your final heart with the cutout and delete! Now we have an easy file to cut using our Cricut. I made this sweet for my friend’s new daughter!

I cut the file out of black vinyl and used my EasyPress to adhere it to my onesie (you can also use a traditional iron or heatpress). So cute, right? I love being able to make 100% customized gifts for my friends! I hope this post has helped show you just how amazing it is that you can use your own fonts within Cricut Design Space. It allows us to create amazing designs, above and beyond what Cricut Design Space offers on its own.

Make sure to pop over to to get this month’s amazing bundle, and sign up to get notified when the next one goes live! See what else you can do with Cricut Design Space. My only suggestion, is to let people know that there are better ways to create text using your own System fonts in offline programs and saving in Image format and uploading the text image to Design Space. The FREE program of Fontlab Pad is easy to use, and you can save your text in image in SVG format to be used as a Cut file or a PNG format to use in Print then Cut projects, where you would FLATTEN the text image to a shape or another image and print it out on your Printer and your Explore or Maker would cut only the shape or image with the printed text on it. There is a very good video by Kay Hall on YouTube, named Easy Beautiful Text for Cricut Design Space where she shows how to use the free program of Fontlab Pad. Using a program such as Fontlab Pad, eliminates the need to arrange Cursive fonts so that they flow naturally as the font designers intended in Design Space.

Design Space renders the letters from a font as single images. I have uploaded phrases, quotes, greetings, etc. Created offline in offline software programs using my own system fonts. Much easier than dealing with the way Design Space renders fonts.

The term of “Upload” fonts to Design Space is kind of misleading. Fonts are “Accessed” on Design Space, the Design Space program “accesses” your computers Fonts folder via your internet connection, it doesn’t upload them to be stored on Design Space – it only Accesses what you have installed currently on your computer (or ipad, or iphone) and Note you need to install fonts to your iPad and iPhone separately using apps to do that. And if you create a project on your computer using a system font, and then open that same project on your iPad or iPhone, if you don’t have the exact same font installed on those devices, the font will default to a system font on your ipad or iphone or may not render at all. That’s another reason I like creating text images, as they are uploaded to DS and saved as images, and accessible on an iPad or iPhone as such images.