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INTRODUCTION PyVib2 requires at a minimum Python 2.5 and depends on several external packages, which are to be installed prior to the program itself. If you don't want to install all of these, you can also download one of the binaries/packages available for Mac OS X and Debian (see instructions below). Note that on Mac OS X, XQuartz is required!!! Since the introduction of Windows 10 Anniversary (Version 1607), a linux bash shell can be executed directly on windows 10 for 64 bits version. The debian package can therefore be used there see below for instruction. For other Windows version, please follow the instructions below to install from source.

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I use a desktop Mac and a laptop to communicate with my Nuvi 765. I've installed LMU 2.0.1 on both Macs and updated CN Europe to 2012.20 on the Nuvi and the desktop Mac.

Note that '$' in the following text indicates the entry point in a terminal or in a Windows Command Prompt and should therefore not be typed. DEPENDENCIES 1) Python Megawidgets - a library for a flexible GUI building, based on Tkinter. See To test if the installation was successful, execute in a Python shell: import Pmw 2) NumPy 1.0+ - the fundamental package for scientific computing. See To test if the installation was successful, execute in a Python shell: import numpy 3) VTK 4.4+ - Visualization ToolKit, a high-level 3D rendering library. See Do not forget to install the Python bindings to VTK.

To test if the installation was successful, execute in a Python shell: import vtk 4) Matplotlib 0.98+ - a 2D plotting library for producing publication quality figures. See To test if the installation was successful, execute in a Python shell: import matplotlib OPTIONAL UTILITIES PyVib2 enables the user to produce animations of vibrations in the Animated GIF and FLI format. For that the following external utilities are needed: 1) Animated GIF Netpbm - graphics tools and converters.

Desktop Icon Manager 2.0.1 For Mac Free


See Gifsicle - a UNIX command-line tool for creating, editing, and getting information about GIF images and animations. See 2) FLI ppm2fli - producing FLI animation files. See To produce spectra in the PDF format the ps2pdf program must be installed. See INSTALL DEPENDENCIES AND PYVIB2 FROM SOURCE Download either file or the.tar.bz2 file (if you know how to decompress it).

Set up Desktop Icon for Design Manager Cloud and Other Cloud Apps on a Mac Modified on: 2017-04-07 16:59:56 -0400 For Cloud Users with a MAC OS with Citrix Receiver Version 11.0 higher: If after installing the Citrix Receiver, you already chose to Add Account, skip to # 4 below. If you have not installed the Citrix Receiver yet, click. Click on the Macintosh HD icon. Click Applications, then double click Citrix Receiver. Click Set up account/Add Account.

Desktop icon manager 2.0 1 for mac

Enter the following Email/Server Address/URL:. Choose Add. You will then be prompted for the Domain User and Password. Type the following: Followed by the User Name provided For example: testadmin.

Your User Name will be the one you were sent by Design Manager. In the sample above the User Name was testadmin, but your User Name will be different. Enter the Password that you were given, or if you have changed it already, enter your new password.

Check the box “Remember my password”. Click Log On. Click Add Apps, click All Applications, click Design Manager. You will see a green check mark and your icon appear on the Citrix Receiver Window. You can then drag the icon onto your desktop by clicking on the Design Manager Icon, holding down the mouse button and moving the icon to your desktop. Did you find it helpful?