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I’ve had a tool available for a while named, but it looks like it has reached the end of the road with macOS 10.12.3. The reason for this is because macOS 10.12.4 has introduced a change that. Uses the addition of a third-party installer package, so unfortunately this tool cannot be used to generate 10.12.4 or later OS installers. That said, I still want to be able to create macOS installer disk images for VMware Fusion and ESXi, so I’ve forked into a new script named.

Sep 12, 2011 - There are many ways to clone a drive on Mac OS X, but none quite as simple. Learn to make the right choices when cloning a drive; Disk image backups can. Of files—just not as elegantly as you might with other software. On a Mac, you can use Disk Utility to create images of discs. To open it, press Command+Space to open the Spotlight search box, type “Disk Utility”, and then press Enter. Insert a disc, click the File menu, and point to New > Disc Image from [Device]. Select “DVD/CD master” as the format and leave encryption disabled.

Createmacosvminstalldmg will generate stock OS installer disk images for the following OS versions:. Mac OS X 10.7.x.

OS X 10.8.x. OS X 10.9.x. OS X 10.10.x. OS X 10.11.x.

OS X 10.12.x This script does not use a third-party package, so it is able to build a macOS 10.12.4 installer disk image. For more details, see below the jump.

Disk To Image Creator For Mac

Downloading the script The createmacosvminstalldmg script is available from the following location: Once you have the script downloaded, run the createmacosvminstalldmg script with two arguments:. The path to an Install macOS.app or the InstallESD.dmg contained within. A directory to store the completed disk image in. Example usage: If you have a 10.12.4 Sierra installer available, run the script using this command: sudo /path/to/createmacosvminstalldmg.sh '/Applications/Install macOS Sierra.app' /path/to/outputdirectory You will be given a choice as to whether or not you want an.iso file for use with ESXi. If you choose to not create the.ISO file, this should produce a. Dmg file inside the specified output directory that is named something similar to macOSInstallESD10.12.416E19111134.dmg. This DMG will install a stock factory install of macOS 10.12.4.

If you choose to create the.ISO, you should have two files inside the specified output directory, named something similar to macOSInstallESD10.12.416E19111134.dmg and macOSInstallESD10.12.416E19111134.dmg.iso Creating a VM with the OS installer disk image 1. Launch VMWare Fusion 8.5.x 2. In VMWare Fusion, select New under the File menu to set up a new VM 3. In the Select the Installation Method window, select Install from disc or image.

In the Create a New Virtual Machine window, click on Use another disc or disc image 5. Select your macOS installer disk image file and click on the Open button. You’ll be taken back to the Create a New Virtual Machine window. Verify that the disk image file you want is selected, then click the Continue button. In the Choose Operating System window, set OS as appropriate then click the Continue button.

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In this example, I’m setting it as follows:. Operating System: Apple OS X. Version: macOS 10.12 8. In the Finish window, select the Customize Settings button if desired.

Otherwise, click the Finish button. Save the VM file in a convenient location. The VM is now configured and set to use the macOS installer disk image.

Disk Image Creator For Mac

To install macOS, start the VM and then do nothing. The VM should begin automatically installing macOS on the VM’s boot drive and reboot itself to the Setup Assistant when finished.

DMG Maker for Mac - Create Mac disk image DMG with encryption & compression Aolor DMG Maker for Mac is a powerful Mac disk utility developed to create Mac disk image file DMG with ease. With this Mac DMG creator, you are able to encrypt and compress a group of select files, folders, even hard drive disks, build DMG by adding custom background image, setting window layout and specifying volume options and burn data to CD or DVD.

DMG files generated with this DMG builder will be automatically mounted as volumes within the Finder when opened on any Mac OS X machine. Thus, this Mac disk image creation tool can be used by Mac app developers to distribute software over the Internet as an application installer maker and by common Mac users to compress files to save disk space, pack folders as archives for backup and easy sharing, and protect documents from prying eyes as a file compression tool. Input File Formats Supported All data, including files, folders, archives, disk images and hard disks, etc.

Output File Formats Supported Read-Only DMG files, Compressed DMG files, Compressed (ADC) DMG files, Compressed (bzip2) DMG files, AES-128 encrypted DMG files, AES-256 encrypted DMG files, CD/DVD System Requirements Supported OS Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard, 10.6 Snow Leopard, 10.7 Lion, 10.8 Mountain Lion, 10.9 Mavericks, 10.10 Yosemite, 10.11 El Capitan or 10.12 macOS Sierra Processor 1GHz Intel processor or above RAM 512M physical RAM or above.