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Jump to Can NVivo projects be transferred between Mac and Windows. - Yes, NVivo for Windows and NVivo for Mac projects have different. Aug 22, 2018 - You can export selected items, a collection or your entire Zotero library to an RIS. Importing bibliographic data from Zotero to Nvivo 11 for Mac.

NVivo for Mac Overview. Import and analyze documents, images, PDFs, audio, video, spreadsheets, web pages, and Twitter and Facebook data. Soft rock don't stop believing on flowvella.


Work with data in virtually any language. Save time by autocoding datasets.

Organize information using theme, case, and in-vivo coding. Review your work with coding stripes and highlighting. Import and create editable, synchronized transcripts. Keep track of thoughts and ideas with memos and annotations. Ask questions of your data using text search, word frequency, coding, and matrix coding queries. Visualize and share your data with word tree and word cloud visualizations.

Export items to easily share your data, analysis and findings. Want to know more? KEEP DATA ORGANIZED Use powerful organization and search tools to keep your data under control. Storing all your information in the one place means you can find what you need quickly and easily. Save time by automatically grouping information based on your set criteria. Store ideas, assumptions and future plans in memos so you can prepare reports faster, and increase transparency and reliability.

Download Nvivo 11 For Windows

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Use annotations to make notes about information in documents and PDFs as you work, so you don't lose ideas that you want to explore later. CATEGORIZE AND ANALYZE Use powerful tools to categorize and classify data. Use coding to bring different themes and topics, or entities like places and people together in a single category, so it's easier to search, compareand identify patterns in your data. If you're working with structured datasets, like surveys, take advantage of time-saving auto coding and auto classification functionality. Keep entities like people and places separate as cases so you can build powerful queries based on attributes like demographic data. ASK QUESTIONS OF YOUR DATA Look for emerging themes and discover words and concepts using text search and word frequency queries. Search for content based on how it's been organized using coding queries.

Does nvivo for mac pro

Find all content coded at selected nodes and combine multiple criteria to ask deeper questions. Test ideas, explore patterns and see connections between themes, topics, people and places in your project. Then if you need to understand how groups differ in their opinions, experiences or behaviour, try a matrix coding query. VISUALIZE YOUR RESEARCH Use visualizations to see your data through different lenses and uncover subtle themes, trends and patterns. Use coding stripes and highlightingto review your work. Visually represent words of interest in context, and discover new themes, phrases and lines of enquiry using word trees. Word clouds help you to find key terms across different sources, themes or your whole project.

When you're ready to share your findings, export your visualizations and use them to support the story of your research in reports and presentations. Important Information About Working with NVivo 11 for Windows and NVivo for Mac You can use the ‘Copy Project’ feature in to convert your NVivo 11 for Windows projects to NVivo for Mac projects. Before converting any projects, we recommend you backup your project and also as all data may not successfully convert due to restrictions on data interchange between operating systems. Please note that to work with a project in this way, you need to be using the latest version of NVivo for Mac with NVivo 11 for Windows.

Nvivo 11 Download

Due to and issues we recommend that teams avoid using NVivo for Windows and NVivo for Mac for one project. All data may not successfully convert between platforms due to restrictions on data exchange between operating systems.