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Mac OS X Installation. Download the latest Mac OS X Installer. If you're unable to run the Windows Installer for some reason, there's also a zip file available that can be used to install PhoneGap Desktop manually. Download the zip file for the latest release and follow the instructions in the README and INSTALL files within the downloaded zip. How to install GAB for PC and MAC on pc or mac. How to install GAB for PC and MAC on pc or mac. Yes it's bothersome but the world needs a non globalist controlled social media app and it looks like GAB will fill the gap. Let's be patient. Hoping to dump Twitter n facebook, no such luck. How about getting things up and running then. Apr 30, 2011 - The easiest way to build Gimp and Gimp-Gap is using Macports. So I've successfully downloaded "gimp gap" from the Gimp.

Note: You may see other tutorials using Eclipse (with the android plugin) – this is an outdated way of doing things, and is going to cause you some serious headaches. A.) Download Android studio from: b.) Run the.dmg and walk through installation (leave all the default settings, & accepts the licenses etc) c.) Open Android Studio and create a w project (just use default project settings – we won’t even use this) Download and install PhoneGap 1. Installing Node.js & Apache Ant (PhoneGap Dependencies) brew update brew install node brew install ant. Note: Generally when using PhoneGap we are going to have to use a slightly older version of the Android SDK, this is because the PhoneGap team has to build their software off some SDK and by the time it’s ready their is a new SDK out. Currently PhoneGap uses version 19, while Android studio installs and uses version 24 by default.

In the future it’s likely that both PhoneGap & Android studio will use newer versions, however they pry won’t match by default – so you will always need to install the version that PhoneGap uses. If you don’t have the correct version, PhoneGap will let you know when you to build the app with an error message like: Error: Please install Android target “android-19″. After installing the correct SDK version/API & adding the SDK libraries to our path, we can initialize a default android template: phonegap platform add android. Note: It’s important that we don’t try to build our app yet (we to import the app into android studio first), otherwise Android Studio will not be able to import the project properly. Importing PhoneGap App into Android Studio & Running the App Cool, now we just need to import the app into Android studio and run the app, this process should be pretty easy. In Android Studio go to: File-Import Project - Select the Project Folder “/Users/taylorhawkes/Desktop/helloworld” – Click Next Until you get to the below screen and make sure you select “Android API 19 Platform” - Then Click Next - Finish.

Download Gap For Mac Download

Download Gap For Mac

After importing the project, we will make sure everything is working by running the Android Studio Emulator. Got to Run- Run Android as shown below: Andriod studio should fire up the emulator and you should see something like this. You will need to run “phonegap build” after every change you make in your html/css/js app.

Download Gap For Mac

Make sure you don’t run this command prior to importing into Android studio, or will run into errors when trying to run your App. Then, back in Android studio lets run our app just like we did before: Run- Run. This time we can see the changes we made in our app, try clicking the red button and see what happens:-). Pushing your App to a real device Now we will push our app to a real android device.

First we need to do a few thing to prepare our android device for the app. Plugin your device. Under you android device go to settings - General – Security and ensure that “Unknown sources” is checked under “Device Administration”. Under settings - General – Developer options check: “USB Debugging” Change Run Configuration in Android Studio Go to Run-Edit Configuration - and select “Show chooser dialog” under target device, then apply and hit ok.


Push to device by going to Run - Run - Select your device and hit ok: Congrats!!! You should now see your app launch on your device. If you looking for the RingRoost mobile app you can find more about. Thanks to these various articles: Posted on Author Categories.

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