Download Hd Top 3 First Person Shooter Games Free For Mac

Posted : admin On 06.01.2020
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First-person shooters are a necessity in any gamer’s library. Chances are you already own Call of Duty, Halo, and Battlefield, widely considered to be the top three FPS games of all time, but. Classic first person shooter Shadow Warrior is available as a free download for Mac over on GOG and Steam this morning. The 1997 PC game garnered fans for its wacky humor, multi-function weaponry.


'Dead Rising 4' is the zombie-survival horror-themed fourth game in the series. In this one, Frank West returns (though with a bit of a makeover from the last time we saw him—back when he 'covered wars, y'know'), and the series returns to the tone of the games before 'Dead Rising 3' took the series into a moodier, more serious place. Set in the town of Willamette, Colorado, players are called on by one of his students, Vicky Chu, to help investigate a military compound where the first zombie outbreak occurred. Frank ends up on the run, trying to clear his name while fighting a dark organization called Obscuris, zombies, and worse.


FRAG Pro Shooter is the new action game from the creators of SUP Multiplayer Racing. This FPS is not like any other shooter game. Visuals and gameplay of FRAG Pro Shooter are appealing and different from other action-packed addictive titles. Players particiapte in team battles in the FRAG Pro Shooter. Each team has options to choose different types of heroes. One hero is a girl named Mech and the other two are commandos.

These heroes form a deadly combination, if used wisely during battles. Every character has its own special weapon that can do unimaginable damage to the member of rival team.

One character fires show balls, the commando warrior fires bullets, and the Mech has her own special weapon. After selecting team members, players enter a battle arena where they move in different direction to eliminate enemies. Be careful in controlling the movement and direction of your character and handling automatic weapons.

Download Hd Top 3 First Person Shooter Games Free For Mac Free


The enemy’s heroes hide behind different structures in the battle arena. Use boosters to quickly search the place for rewards and bonuses. Find objects before others to gain advantage in the battle. Keep an eye on places where enemy is hiding and destroy them using your weapons. At first, gameplay might seem a bit hard to understand but soon you will get familiar with the moves required to survive. If your character gets killed quickly, you will be assigned a different hero.

The characters you control keep changing as they get neutralized by the enemy. You have to kill the rival characters. There are over 40 characters with different abilities to choose from. You can unlock other heroes as you level up.

The team with the most powerful heroes will be hard to defeat. The characters and their skills can be upgraded to a higher level. Social club is where players meet to form new teams. FRAG Pro Shooter has amazing visuals and is a breath of fresh air when it comes to first person shooter games.

FRAG Pro Shooter is still in its early development phase, as of this writing. The initial positive response was so overwhelming that it quickly reached the test phase player quota limit. Full version of the game is expected to be out in a few days. The FRAG Pro Shooter looks even more impressive when played on bigger PC displays. It has HD graphics that look like a console or computer game. I got my hands on this mobile game and played it on computer via BlueStacks and Nox App Player. In the following guide, you will learn how to get FRAG for PC.

Download Hd Top 3 First Person Shooter Games Free For Mac

FRAG Pro Shooter for PC is available to play on Windows and Mac. You can use BlueStacks or Nox Player to install and run FRAG Pro Shooter for PC on a Windows 10, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 8.1 and Mac OS. Here are the steps. Download FRAG Pro Shooter for PC on Windows and Mac 1 – Download from its official source and install on your computer. 2 – Now search FRAG Pro Shooterin your Android emulator’s and install it.

3 – You can also install this game using FRAG Pro Shooter APK if your Android app player tool supports APK installation. 4 – Once installed, click on the game icon to launch it.

Download Hd Top 3 First Person Shooter Games Free For Mac Download

5 – Follow on-screen instructions to finish the game setup. You can now start playing FRAG Pro Shooter for PC on your Windows or Mac.