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You can even start editing on iPhone or iPad, then finish on your Mac. Download iMovie for iOS Download iMovie for macOS. See a film shot in 4K resolution. IMovie for Mac, free and safe download. IMovie latest version: Apple's official video editing suite for Macs. IMovie is Apple's flagship program to create and edit.

How to Download iMovie for Mac/Windows iMovie is an all-featured created by Apple Inc. IMovie claims that it can help you (including non-professionals) to easily transform videos into Hollywood-quality clips. Together with iPhoto, iDVD and GarageBand, iMovie is another component of Apple's iLife suite of software applications for video editing. Expect the iMovie for Windows, it provides iMovie for iOS to edit video on iPhone, iPad and iPod. When you want to make video editing on Mac, you will take iMovie as the first choice. Because iMovie for Mac is not free, so it isn't pre-installed on Mac.

Do you know where to download iMovie? If you are trying to download iMovie, or want to find, you are just at the right place. Keep reading to make your iMovie download. Part 1. Basic way to download iMovie The regular method to download iMovie on Mac is to purchase it on Mac App Store. Add it to the shopping cart and then you can get the latest version of iMovie. Step 1 Open the App Store on your Mac and enter 'imovie' in the search box to find the iMovie app.


Step 2 You can see iMovie appears in the search results. Click the 'GET' button to purchase it. Step 3 You will be asked to enter your Apple ID and Password to confirm the purchase. After entering, click Sign In to continue. Step 4 Then you can start to download iMovie. Once the app is downloaded, iMovie icon will appear in the Applications folder and Dock.

Download iMovie for iOS When you want to download iMovie to edit videos on your portable iOS device like iPhone, iPad or iPod, you can download the iOS version of iMovie. The method will be the same, just get it from App Store. IMovie free download If you want to free download iMovie? Everyone does.

But you should know that, when you want to get iMovie free downloaded on Mac, you can't get the latest version. You can't find and download iMovie 11 or iMovie 10. Here we list a version of iMovie (9.0.7) for you to free download.

Free download iMovie 9.0.7 Part 3. How to free download iMovie for Windows As we all know, iMovie doesn't offer its Windows version. You can't use or download iMovie on your Windows 10/8/7 computer. If you only want to find a video editor like iMovie, you can use the alternative to iMovie for Windows. Here we sincerely recommend the professional to help you edit video, customize output video effects, and more.


It is equipped with many key editing features, you can free download it and have a try.

Advertisement Back in August, I described in iMovie ’09 that made it as useful and some ways better than the original iMovie HD editor. Many long time users of iMovie, including myself, put off using the ’08 and ’09 versions because their features (or lack of) seemed to make the editing process slower, and the editor lacked support for third-party plug-ins. While Apple has still kept the application closed to third-party developers, it recently released iMovie ’11, which is a part of the latest iLife suite of applications. iMovie ’11 has a handful of additional features that bring back many of the missing features that made iMovie HD so great. Timeline As far as I”˜m concerned, the number one missing feature is the return of the timeline in iMovie ’11.

When you first launch the latest version, this feature is not evident by default. You get at it by selecting a project, then clicking the swap button, which will put the Project Storyboard at the bottom of iMovie and the Event browser at the top.

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Apple also brought back audio effects and an equalizer. So now you can apply voice and other enhancements to audio. Movie Trailers & Themes One significant tool I can’t wait to use with my next project is the Movie Trailer feature, which allows you to select clips from a project to create a really professional looking trailer. While it’s a template-based tool, allowing for very little customization, it’s a great way to share parts of your movie in a fast-paced short clip. In addition, a few other themes are included for making news and sports productions.

People Detection The process involved in building movie trailers is to include individual clips with one person or a group of people in them. The new iMovie helps streamline that process with what is called People Detection. This not like the. It doesn’t try to find individual unique faces, it simply tracks and tags clips of how many faces are detected in clips, and the distance they are from the camera.

It’s takes a while for iMovie to analyze clips for this detection, so be prepared to take a coffee break while you wait. After you click the filter search button, you can view tagged clips by one person, two people, or a group; as well as of people in closeup, medium, or wide shots. Sharing Apple also added options for where you can quickly share your iMovie projects. In addition to YouTube, you can now directly upload to projects to, CNN iReport, and Facebook.

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If you have a Mac Os X Server, iMovie includes a feature for creating and publishing podcasts to what is called Podcast Producer. It’s great to see iMovie evolve and start to become a powerful video editor for beginning and advanced users. Let us know what features you like, or what you still find lacking in the program. Also check out my other article on how to add. Explore more about:,.