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NVivo Server 10 If you are running version of NVivo Server 10 there are no new updates that have been released. Return back to. For any other edition we recommend you install NVivo Server 10 Service Pack 1 This page contains the link to NVivo Server 10 Service Pack 1 and instructions for downloading and installing it.

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Please note you must have Administrator privileges for the server that you would like to install the service pack on. Download and installation instructions Follow these steps to download and install NVivo Server 10 Service Pack 1:. (approximately 10 MB). Save the service pack ( NVivoServer10SP1.exe) to a convenient location, such as your desktop. When the file has finished downloading, locate and double-click NVivoServer10SP1.exe. The InstallShield Wizard is displayed.

Nov 3, 2015 - NVivo 10 for Mac: Refer to How do I access the Sample Project Help topic. And want a 'fresh copy' you can download it using the links below. Home NVivo Support Overview Downloads NVivo 10 for Mac We recommend you install NVivo for Mac version 10.2.2 If you hold a current NVivo 10 for Windows or NVivo for Mac license key, please follow the instructions below to update your NVivo for Mac software.

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Follow the prompts to install the service pack. If you have questions about updating your NVivo software, please.