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Jun 23, 2017 - About the App. App name: PokerStars; App description: pokerstars (App:; App website:.

  1. Download Pokerstars For Mac Windows 10

Downloading PokerStars for Mac / Windows / Mobile / Android / iOS PokerStars may be unavailable for US players, but it is still the undisputed king of online poker rooms. Since its inception in September 2001, PokerStars has seen tens of millions of downloads performed. Throughout the last decade, a combination of,, and sites has enabled PokerStars to have as many online players as the combined number of those on all other poker sites. The poker site has built a solid name for integrity, fairness, and excellent customer support.

PokerStars Software The PokerStars software is one of the most powerful online gaming software, and it brings games at all stakes levels. There are fantastic rewards for players, such as cash, terrific promotions, and qualifiers into awesome live events.

Thanks to this software, PokerStars is the record holder for the most valuable online poker tournament ever played, whose prize pool exceeded $12 million. In December 2011, a multi player tournament that had 200,000 buy-ins was held by the poker room.

The software comes in a Windows, Mac, and Linux download version. There is no / no download version. Initially, if you were a Mac user, you would have had to use a Windows Emulator to be able to play. In this case, you might as well just have bought a Windows computer! The download process is straightforward, though it may be a little slower than normal due to the comprehensive terms and conditions. PokerStars Download for Windows The PokerStars download for Windows will work on all Windows OS versions from Windows 95. The minimum download system requirements are 100MHz Pentium Processor, 96Mb RAM, 20Mb disc space, and 800x600 screen resolution for Windows 95 version.

Download Pokerstars For Mac Windows 10

Those recommended are for Windows XP+ and they include 333MHz Pentium Processor, 256Mb RAM, 60Mb disc space, and a screen resolution of 1024x768. How do I download PokerStars Software for Windows? The download process is easy and quick, with the time taken depending on your computer speed. PokerStars has even provided a three minute video to guide you through the installation process in case you get stuck. You will find it on the home page, right beside the 'Play Poker' tab. To start the download, go to the website and click on the 'Play Poker' button.

As a precaution against file corruption during the download process, save instead of running the download file. When the download is complete, a set up window will appear and you should select your preferred language and click on 'I agree' to the terms and conditions of using the software. You can then select either 'Custom' or 'Express' installation in the new window that appears to begin the installation process.

The difference between the two options is in the browser tool buttons, desktop shortcuts, and quick launch facility that come with express installation. These features are removable. Once you have selected your preferred option, you click on 'Install' and then 'Finish'. PokerStars will be launched thereafter and you can proceed to register your account, fund it, and start playing cash games.

If you already have one, uncheck the 'Launch PokerStars' button before you click on 'Finish'. PokerStars Download for Mac PokerStars was the first online poker room to introduce a of its software. The poker download for Mac offered by PokerStars is similar to the Windows download.

It is compatible on Mac OS versions from 10.4.10 and basically requires a system with at least Power PC G4 Processor, 512Mb RAM, 60Mb disc space, and a screen resolution of 800x600. The recommended system requirements are Power PC G5 Processor, 124Mb RAM, 100Mb disc space, and a screen resolution of 1024x768. PokerStars Download for Linux operating systems can download PokerStars using WINE, which is an open source program. The WINE 1.2.3 release has compatibility with the latest Windows versions. Go to the official WINE download page to obtain the software so as to be able to complete the poker download for Linux. Instant Play/ No Download There is no ' option of the PokerStars software.

However, you will find a PokerStars Software Manual and numerous tutorials on the poker room's website to help you save space on the download files. PokerStars Mobile Poker PokerStars is not the undisputed king for no reason. It offers PokerStars TV and Clock work, which are compatible with iOS devices, as well as PokerStars which runs on both. Therefore, if you have an Android device with Android 2.2 OS and above as well as at least 800x480 in screen resolution, you can play online poker at PokerStars. The same goes 3G S, iPhone 4, iPhone 5, iPad, iPad 2, iPod Touch, or any iOS device with iOS4.1.x or higher.

If you reside in the United States, you cannot play online poker with PokerStars. You also should not play poker online with PokerStars while visiting the USA. We also strongly recommend against trying to circumvent this restriction (by using a VPN for example). PokerStars have become very cautious after paying huge fines to the US Department of Justice. In the past PokerStars didn't just turn a blind eye to US-based customers, but actively went out of their way to help circumvent the laws (which is what got them in trouble). In order to avoid future fines, PokerStars now actively ensure that no players residing in the US, or visiting the US can play poker on their network. While a VPN can trick the site into thinking you are located somewhere else, it just takes a single drop in network service while playing for you to get caught.

Why take the risk when there are other? Chest Rewards Avg. Reward Freeroll Red 7¢ - $50 18¢ $5,000 Blue 21¢ - $100 51¢ Bronze 53¢ - $250 $1.29 $10,000 Silver $1.35 - $500 $3.22 Gold $3.43 - $750 $8.00 Platinum $10.37 - $1,000 $23.52 Since poker played outside of home games is not a zero sum game, the economy relies on depositors, and yet these players are typically not given any special treatment. In fact, it's usually the 'net withdrawers' (AKA, the pros and the grinders) who get all the rewards. With the old Supernova program winning players were earning as much as 69% rakeback! PokerStars realized that rewarding players who are already winning is pretty pointless, so they shifted their focus to the players the game needs most to survive: net depositors.

The Stars Rewards program creates a dilemna for winning poker players (AKA 'net withdrawers'). Winning players have lost a huge amount of their earnings if they continue to play on PokerStars, with the top players suffering a decrease in rakeback rewards from 69% to as little as 5%! Since these players can all, many have left.

As these players leave and more 'net depositors' join to take advantage of the very favorable bonuses, the games on PokerStars get softer. Professional online poker players need to decide whether they would rather play tough games with 50-60% rakeback or soft games with 5-6% rakeback. PokerStars Stars Rewards You earn 1 reward point for every 1¢ you pay in rake or tournament fees. Earn enough reward points, and you earn a reward chest, which offer random prizes that vary greatly in value (from 7¢ to $50 for the basic Red chest). If you earn 4 chests of the same type on the same day, you move up to the next reward chest (e.g. From Red to Blue), which requires more reward points to open, but also has a higher average value of rewards.

If your last 3 chests were opened on different days, then your next chest will be 1 rank lower (with a lower reward point requirement). Bonus Best Typical Worst Cost Boost RB Cost Boost RB Cost Boost RB Red 18¢ 15 150 75 27% 200 75 16% 280 45 8% Blue 51¢ 32 320 160 36% 450 160 20% 675 100 9% Bronze $1.29 72 720 360 40% 1,000 360 23% 2,350 215 6% Silver $3.22 160 1,850 800 36% 2,250 800 25% 6,800 480 5% Gold $8.00 360 4,250 1,800 38% 5,250 1,800 26% 18,000 1,080 5% Platinum $23.52 800 8,000 4,000 65% 12,750 4,000 30% 48,000 2,400 5% With Stars Rewards, you also receive a 'boost', which doubles the number of reward points you earn while it is active.

Each boost is based on points, not time. For example, you might get a boost of 150 points, which means that while this boost is active, you will earn double the number of reward points for the next $1.50 you generate in rake or tournaments fees (gaining 300 reward points total, instead of the normal 150).

After completing a boost, you get a new boost 8 hours later, which makes it possible for casual players to always have a boost active! The confusing aspect of the Stars Rewards program is that the reward point requirements for each chest vary based on your player profile (and the variation can be huge). In addition, the size of your boost also varies. Although other factors contribute to your profile, the biggest is whether you are a break-even player, net depositor, or net withdrawer.


You may have seen similar analyses on other poker websites and noticed that our equivalent rakeback numbers are slightly higher. This is because our analysis is far more comprehensive. For example, each time you open a chest, you receive one of three possible bonus reward points towards your next chest. Each Red chest gives 5, 15 or 25 reward points towards your next chest (with an average of 15 bonus reward points). If your Red Chests cost 150 reward points, that's a 10% boost to your equivalent rakeback!

In addition to the regular rewards, there are also Featured Rewards, which increases the average value of each chest. Finally, there is a 10% chance to receive a freeroll ticket with each chest you open. Although this value is not reflected in the tables in this section, it is included in our overall calculations of the PokerStars rewards program. Please note that our equivalent rakeback calculations are based on the weighted average of the rewards from each chest. That is, you are unlikely to receive the exact rakeback our tables indicate. This is part of the draw of the Stars Rewards program - the opportunity to earn a big prize! The entire system is designed to attract gamblers.

While this system may not be very appealing to grinders (who would much rather receive a fixed rakeback percentage), playing against gamblers should be very appealing!