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Just got the earforce dss for pc 7.1 virtual surround for games, i am using the ATH-AD900X headphones and a dell xps 8700. I'm using a 3.5mm to 3.5mm from earforce to pc and i can't get the 7.1 surround to work. I have a feeling my pc needs an optical input for this to work but it doesn't have one. Do i need another dedicated amp/sound card with optical to get 7.1 virtual working? Is there software i am also supposed to get apart from windows sound device settings?

Ear Force Dss Drivers For Mac Office

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Couldn't find any drivers for this thing. You won't get 7.1. Pro Logic II only supports up to 5.1. It's been around for years, and honestly, doesn't sound all that great. It does work, but there is a clear difference between a true 5.1 soundtrack and a stereo converted by Pro Logic II soundtrack. I haven't used Dolby since I sold my VHS tapes which only had stereo audio. Besides which, you aren't going to hear much of a difference between stereo and Pro Logic II with stereo headphones.

Get downloads for your Olympus Audio Systems. The DSS Player for Mac is not yet supporting Mojave. Www.shimovpn.com shimo vpn client for mac. Therefore, we recommend not to update your MacOS until we announce the full compatibility of DSS Player for Mac. Software update for Sonority Software. The software update version 1.4.7 is now available. Customers using Mac OS 10.

For best results, you want to input a true surround 5.1/7.1 signal into the device using the optical input and allow it to mix the channels into stereo. Taking a stereo signal, converting to fake surround, and then mixing it back to stereo seems kinda pointless. I've not used one, so I don't know how well they work. EDIT: You very likely have it configured correctly.

Earforce Dss Drivers For Macbook Pro

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  2. Dec 29, 2012  This is a tutorial for all of those who want to use their DSS, DXL1s and XL1s on their pc for gaming and other purposes. Turtle Beach Ear Force.

You just aren't hearing what you were expecting/hoping to hear.