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Posted : admin On 04.10.2019
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MAC Address filtering for Vodafone Easybox-802 router. MAC filtering allows you to limit access to your Vodafone Easybox-802 router. To enable this feature, enter into your Vodafone Easybox-802 router the 12-character MAC ID of each computer that will connect to your network. Be sure to update this information if you add or remove devices.

Reset Vodafone Easybox-802 router to factory defaults To reset the Vodafone Easybox-802 to its default settings, you have to do the following steps:. Turn on router.

Press Factory Reset button and hold for at least 15 seconds. Device restarts automatically. Default settings have been restored The unit will reboot automatically. Once the power light stops blinking, the unit has been reset and is ready to use. Resetting the router does not reset the firmware to an earlier version, but it will change all settings back to factory defaults.

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Where are you placing the Vodafone Easybox-802 router in the house? You wouldn’t think about this at first, but where you place your Vodafone Easybox-802 also has a bearing on your security. Place the Vodafone Easybox-802 router as close as possible to the middle of your house. The first benefit is that all the rooms in your house have the same access to the Internet.

Easybox Wifi For Mac Download

The second benefit is that you don’t want to have your wireless signal range reach too much outside your house, where it can be easily intercepted by cybercriminals. For this reason, don’t place your Vodafone Easybox-802 router next to a window, since there’s nothing to obstruct the signal going outside your house.