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Posted : admin On 03.11.2019
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I recently download a file which was ment to be a BIN file for my ps1 emulator, but it turned out to be a SUB file, i tried it again and it download a ECM file. Plz help, is there anyway to convert it back to BIN file???

I download this and I'm still not sure how to use it. It say bin2iso - Convert CD.BIN to.ISO Converts CD-ROM.BIN images (including full 2352-byte sectors) into.ISO format (2048-byte sectors).

Ecm Psx

Automatically detects mode 1 or 2. Will warn if there are any form 2 sectors, which are not convertible. Usage: bin2iso -f inputfile outputfile -f: Force conversion and bypass checks So how do I use it? I don't know what this means.Assuming that you have installed ecm (which you can find in the Software Center or Synaptic), do the following. Open a terminal. Go to wherever the file is you're trying to convert. Assuming the name of the file is something like 'Fred.ecm', type the following in the terminal.

Ecm To Bin Converter
  1. Open the folder where your ECM file is, now drag and drop the ECM file on unecm.exe in the ecm100 folder A similar window may pop-up when you drag and drop the ECM file into the unecm.exe, wait for it to decode 100%. Once it's 100% completed, the cmd windows will close, now check the folder where tje ECM file was, a BIN file will be created.
  2. Oct 22, 2010  Some PSX game you download give you An ECM file, to convert it to BIN, follow the instruction in this video, download ECM tools: With.

It looks like the problem you are experiencing is failure to correctly use the command line and filesystem. This isn't bad, just inexperience like you have stated.


For starters, it appears that you have the unecm command installed. If I understand correctly, the compressed CD image is located on your desktop (the TonyHawksProSkater2.bin.ecm file, henceforth known as the ECM file).

You will want to change directory to your desktop. It appears you attempted to change directory to your desktop in the first command, but didn't read or understand the output. Code: [email protected]:$ unecm TonyHawksProSkater2.bin.ecm /home/haroun/Desktop/TonyHawksProSkater2.bin.iso UNECM - Decoder for Error Code Modeler format v1.0 Copyright (C) 2002 Neill Corlett Decoding TonyHawksProSkater2.bin.ecm to /home/haroun/Desktop/TonyHawksProSkater2.bin.iso. TonyHawksProSkater2.bin.ecm: No such file or directoryYou did not need to specify the full path to where you wanted to save your file, the /home/haroun/Desktop/TonyHawksProSkater2.bin.iso part. However it doesn't hurt, it just would default to using the current working directory if you left out the /home/haroun/Desktop/ part. Finally, do not append the.iso extension to the end of the file.

Ecm To Bin Converter Free Download

Although you might be most familiar with ISO files, which is a type of disc image, there are MANY different types of disc images and you cannot simply change the extension to another format. It appears that your disc is using the BIN type disc image, as evidenced by the.bin part of the filename. These are commonly bundled with another file with the same name but with a.CUE extension, which isn't always needed. You could use the BIN to ISO converter, once you have managed to decompress the ECM image to get the disc image into an ISO format, but there's no point.

Playstation emulators for the most part understand the difference between BIN and ISO and do not require you to convert it. Finally, playstation discs generally cannot be accurately represented by the ISO format and may break your game if you try. Hopefully this wall of text will help!