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Posted : admin On 27.02.2019
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Electa Live For Mac 2017

The new application is available for download here: All first-time users will be prompted to install the app. All users who prefer to use the old Java version can do so following the link on the launch page. In addition to the improved interface we have introduced all the features that were not available in the Java version but could be found in the Windows application. Now MAC users can benefit from the full functionality of Electa Live.

ELecta Live Screen Recorder eLecta Screen Recorder is a free tool through which you can record screen activities (either full or selected area), system sound and microphone. It’s a lightweight and easy to use tool suitable for creating rich eLearning Content.

We have also introduced playback of local el8 files, which was not available in the Java version. If you need help and support please do not hesitate to contact Electa Live Support here. As earlier announced in a previous blog post from March 20th 2014 we started upgrading our Windows user to non-java session entry points. This update process has almost completed and most of our Windows users are now using the non-java entry points to enter Electa Live sessions. Along with the new entry points we are shipping an updated version of the virtual classroom plug-in.

Here are some of the changes: - A moderator shortcut to toggle speaking permissions to all users at once. This option is available from the “Audio” item on the main menu bar. A new moderator option to grant whiteboard access to all users at once. The option is available from the “Whiteboard” item on the main menu bar. Improved overall appearance on Windows 8 platforms using high resolution - Fixed a bug while screen sharing on Windows 8 platforms running on high resolution (more than 96 DPI). Improved screen sharing performance and quality. Added 640x480 px option for live video broadcasting.Other minor bug fixes and improvements. If you need help or any additional information regarding this upgrade please contact Electa Live Support here. As you may already know Electa Live is supported on multiple platforms - Windows, MAC OS, Linux, Android phones and tablets.

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Earlier this year we have added support for Apple iPads and iPhones. To enable fast and easy access to live sessions Electa Live uses a set of different approaches. One such option for Windows users has been Java. During the past months however Java has been blocked by many browsers for security reasons. Because of this we have started a process of shifting away from Java as a launch option for our users. Our software team has successfully developed a new secure and faster entry procedure for our Windows users. This entry point does not use Java.

We have already started shifting our existing customers to this easier session launch method. This has already been set in effect for all new customers that are signing up after March 10 2014. All existing customers will be automatically updated to the new improved entry procedure within the next two months. No service disruptions are expected, nor any changes in exiting schedules or libraries. As of now this process will cover Windows users only. MAC OS users will still need Java to run live sessions.

This however is a subject to change later this year after the release our new MAC OS application for teachers and students which will be available for free download in the Apple MAC Store. Android and iOS (iPhone and iPad) users already have a secure and Java free entry point using the free Electa Live app from Google Play and App Store. For any questions regarding the above please feel free to contact our support team at.

During the last week (Sep 18 2013 – Sep 24 2013) we have shifted our recorded sessions cloud storage from our former provider Nirvanix to a new faster unlimited storage provided by RackSpace. All Electa Live customers will now experience even faster downloads. And of course we will continue to provide unlimited space for all of our customers.

This shift was carried during the past week as Nirvanix unexpectedly warned its customers of terminating its services leaving them almost no time to migrate: Our engineers had to transfer several terabytes (TB) of recordings from the old storage to the new one. This huge move had to be done fast and without any disruptions to our customers. The process involved multiple computers working together to ensure undisturbed access to our services.

Electa Live For Mac Pro

Task was completed for about one week and all recordings are now hosted in their new location. How this will affect you: All your recordings are already transferred safely to the new storage. You can still continue playing your recordings from your control panel without any changes.

Electa live for mac 2017

Any “playable links” links that have been extracted and published on websites or sent to users by email before Sept 24the will continue to play till mid October. After that they will expire automatically and new links have to be extracted. All new “playable” or “downloadable” links that are extracted after September 24 2013 will be life time. At the moment we have disabled the “expiry time” option for links as this is currently not supported by the RackSapce cloud storage.

Electa Live For Mac

All other virtual classroom and online collaboration services are unaffected and functioning normally. A recent Apple update blocks Safari browsers from launching Java applications automatically. After installing this update from Apple your Safari web browser will not be able to join Electa Live sessions automatically. To resolve this issue Apple users have two options: Solution 1: Launch manually the session using Safari.

After the browser pop up window that launches the session appears please open the Safari “Downloads” and choose to open the most recent file named eLectaSessionxxxx.jnlp Solution 2: Launch the session using a FireFox browser. In either case just make sure your java is up to date by visiting. Sunday Dec 30, 2012 Our goal is to provide you with the most dependable and flexible online collaboration service in the industry. To ensure the most reliable service, we are planning a maintenance window which may temporarily affect your services. Improvements made in a controllable and pro-active fashion will significantly reduce the risk of unplanned incidents.

We appreciate your patience as we make these pro-active changes. Change Details Window Start Date & Time (24h UTC): Sunday December 30, 2012 08:00 Window End Date & Time (24h UTC): Sunday December 30, 2012 12:00 Change Activity Details: We are performing server upgrades on the infrastructure hosting the web based control panel for with e-lectazone.com domain. Impact Statement: There is the possibility that you will face service disruptions during the above timeframe. If you have any questions regarding this maintenance window, please contact your Account Manager or our Customer Care department through our ticketing system.