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  1. Notebook were undertaken by Stephen Taylor at Bristol Myers Squibb, another of the organizations that has collaborated extensively with Symyx on ELN functionality.
  2. Aug 10, 2012 - Accelrys has a range of Electronic Lab Notebooks (ELN) to meet the full spectrum of. Symyx Notebook by Accelrys for the Integrated Lab.

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Following the Symyx merger in June 2010, bringing the Symyx Notebook under the Accelrys’ umbrella, last May, Accelrys acquired Contur, a Swedish company providing an online or on-premises ELN with a “keep-it-simple” approach.

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Symyx Technologies, Inc. Has announced the release of Symyx Notebook 6.3, a major version upgrade that significantly enhances the Symyx vision of an enterprise electronic lab notebook (ELN) to support many scientific disciplines.

Previous versions of Symyx Notebook had focused on biology, analytical and synthetic chemistry - version 6.3 rounds out the offering by adding parallel chemistry support for synthetic and medicinal chemistry. 'Responding to the needs of our large, diverse customer base, Symyx Notebook 6.3 enhances the general utility of Symyx Notebook and further improves scientists' ability to collaborate across the enterprise,' said Dr. Trevor Heritage, president of Symyx's software business unit. 'More and more, organisations in pharmaceuticals, biotechnology, chemicals and consumer products are demanding a single, enterprise ELN that provides improved productivity and operational agility and the ability to do more for less.' Symyx Notebook enables researchers to manage experimental workflows, capture intellectual property and share knowledge to gain scientific insight - all while optimising time and resources in the laboratory.

Symyx Notebook 6.3 improves support for synthetic chemists, analytical chemists and biologists in regulated and nonregulated environments by offering many new capabilities including support for parallel synthesis, library enumeration, searching of enumerated reactions and solid phase organic synthesis. Key features of version 6.3 include support for in-depth chemical representation combined with highly configurable library enumeration capabilities; expansion of exact and substructure searching, which permits the retrieval of fractional salts and hydrates; enablement of solid phase organic synthesis through the implementation of loading units and calculations and new 'QuickData' capabilities that speed information capture with enhanced procedure editing and standard phrase lists for procedural text. For more information, visit www.symyx.com/elnsynthesis. SOURCE: Symyx Technologies.