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Parts of speech (8): Noun: person, place, or thing (concrete) Pronoun: Take place of noun (he, she, it) Adjective: describes a noun Verb: an action (remember “to be” and “to have” are actions) Adverb: describes an action (often ends in ‘ly’) Conjunction: links words or actions Preposition: links nouns, pronouns, & phrases (to show relationships in time, shape, or logic) Interjection: added to show emotion (!).Articles: a, and, the The big black dog ran noisily through the neighborhood as it searched for its master. Noun: dog Adjective: big Verb: ran Adverb: noisily Mr.

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Essay examples would vary according to the type of essay you wish to write. Four kinds of essays exist including: narration, description, exposition, and argument. 7th grade 8th grade 9th grade Middle School High School College. More related articles on YourDictionary. How to Write an Essay. How to Write a Bibliography. Pros of globalization essay behaviours writing body of essays examples pdf what is overpopulation essay will happens essay writers for hire music bio important friend essay class 2nd year creative writing methods good opinion essay example ielts writing essay structure pdf on overpopulation opinion essay about media habits the future house. Romeo and Juliet Grade 10 Essay; Romeo and Juliet Grade 10 Essay. 863 Words Jul 9th, 2013 4 Pages. The Power of Tradition. Juliet and Romeo's relationship is another good example of the suffering that tradition can cause two people who aren't familiar with one and other. Romeo and Juliet fall in love and practically get married as soon as.

Green’s big black dog ran noisily through the neighborhood as it searched for its master Common: dog, master, neighborhood Proper: Mr. Green Pronoun: it, the dog Adjective: black Types of nouns Common: names any one of a class of objects Proper: names a particular person place, thing, or idea. Proper nouns always begin with a capital letter. As brushing my teeth. At a very early age, around 1st and 2nd grade, learning became the basic foundation of my growth. My youth was overtaken by many hours spent studying what was known to be correct 'Standard' English in an elementary form.

Constantly practicing to better my vocabulary and “correct English” skills, it was in the 4th grade when I hit a wall that I could not break through. As time passed, I found the subject of English to be a great inadequacy. No matter how much time I had spent Words 948 - Pages 4. Jason Valdovinos P.1 ENGLISH Do you have good grades? Well if you don’t have good grades, you need good grades to be involved in sports, extra curriculum activities, and you will have a hard time being accepted into a great college. Good grades are very important for eligibility in sports.

With ought a 2.0 grade average it is impossible to be in a sport. Sports are a great list to have on a file. Sports help you stay physically fit mentally and physically. If you are very athletic student Words 353 - Pages 2. English 7/ Period 7 Equality and Responsibility In today’s modern society, we have problems with stereotypes and basing things off of the past. We should know that things are different now, but some people are stuck in the past and keeping the rest of us back.

Stereotypes vary in all sorts of categories but the one that I am focusing on is equality for parental responsibilities. Most people would think the wife needs to do the cleaning and cooking and needs to watch the kids and go to the school Words 462 - Pages 2. Juliet Black Mrs. Eaton-Merkle College Prep English 4A September 17, 2013 12 Years of Education 1st Grade: Let the 12 Years of Torture Begin I remember waking up to the smell of eggs and toast. I raced downstairs in my fairy pajamas ready to fill my tummy with my mom’s glorious food. Before I gorged myself, I made sure to give my mom and dad giant bear hugs.

I loved the smell of my parents during our embraces. My mom had a faint scent of lilac on her from her perfume, and my dad reminded Words 2295 - Pages 10. Materials if you are late or were absent. If an unforeseen crisis arises, you will need to drop this class because of the time factor and its intensive nature. It is the student’s responsibility to drop the course, failure to do so, could result in an F grade!

Essay Example Grade 10

Assignments: Your homework should be turned in on time and in person to the instructor. Please do not send assignments via email or in other mailboxes at school. If you are sick or unable to attend class, you may have someone else turn in a paper Words 1355 - Pages 6. CHOICES By Chas Olsen English 10 Lees What is it we do in life?

Exist and choose. Everyday we spend on this earth we make numerous choices. From “What should I wear today?” to “Should I walk away?” We make hard choices and easy choices and “what ifs” and “oh wells.” Now, we are left with the notion of choice, what do we do? I believe that everything happens for a reason. Our choices are what make us unique, they make us who we are. What goes around comes around, something everyone Words 1068 - Pages 5. Christopher Vecchi Ms.

Spencer Hill ENG 4U 27 May 2015 The Plight of an Insurgent George Orwell creates a dark, depressing and pessimistic world in his novel Nineteen Eighty-Four, where the government has full control over its subjects. The protagonist, Winston Smith, is a Party member who has grown to resent the society that he lives in. He is portrayed as an individual that begins to lose his sanity due to the strict rules of society. There are only two possible outcomes, he either conforms to Words 1967 - Pages 8. Women and children lived in the barn for two weeks while the men were sent to a diferent building.

When the two weeks were over, they were sent to concentration camps by train. Two families lived in a 400 square foot shack with no privacy.

Imagine 10 people in one room. In the winter time, there was no heat supply to the people. They stayed there for several years.

Also, all the other stuff they owned that was left behind was sold and the government kept the money. This was quite unfair to the Japanese-Canadians Words 2354 - Pages 10.

Student writing sample: In my country teenagers do not have jobs because they have the job to study. Being the student an, an excellent student, is the most important role for teenagers.

Critical Essay Example Grade 10

It’s important to make the parents proud and to compete for good univesities and good jobs. Families and parents think it is really important for children to study very hard, very long, no breaks, so they get the top placements in the school. There are many many people in my country so only some can but there are only few spaces at university. So the students who are at top places in schools are the ones who go to university. Students who attend the best universities get the best jobs. It’s so important to get the best university then you can relax.

It’s so important to make your parents proud. Our country was at war in the 1950’s and our parents worked very very hard to get around over above it. The country had nothing. We are like Japan, parents work very many hours and students must study hard. Working hard brings honour to the family. Top scores are very important so parents feel proud of their son’s hard work. Our culture does not think teenagers should have to make money.

Parents pay for the teenagers shelter, food, and clothing. Working would take time away from studying. Parents have the job to make money. Teenagers have the job to study very hard. To concluding, teenagers should not work, they should do their very best in school and make a parents proud. Uses a range of utility words (student, money, teenager, jobs, parents, families, children, school, places, country, war, study), descriptive words (excellent, most important, proud, good, really, top, best, very hard, honour), subject-specific words (role, shelter, clothing) and academic words (compete, attend, placements, scores, culture). Uses negatives (should not work), irregular plurals (univesities universities), object pronouns (it), prepositions (for, at, in, to, of, from), regular and irregular verbs in past (was, worked, had) and future continuous tenses (no evidence).

Writes a variety of compound sentences (There are many many people in my country so only some can but there are only few spaces at the universities.) and complex sentences (Our culture does not think teenagers should have to make money.). Uses circumlocution (study very hard, very long, no breaks) and word substitution (around over above) to add descriptions and make better word choices. Produces expository and narrative texts using appropriate forms and styles (Writes five-paragraph essay with topic sentence and concluding paragraph.) Level 2: Connects ideas in a paragraph using conjunctions (because, so, and), time markers and sequence markers (then). Level 3: Connects ideas in a three-paragraph descriptive composition using transition words and subordinate conjunctions ( no evidence). Edits and revises texts for capitalization of proper nouns (Japan), apostrophes (It’s, 1950’s, son’s), quotation marks (no evidence), hyphens (no evidence), dashes (no evidence), commas (,), regular (important, proud, teenagers) and irregular spelling (universities, their), subject–verb agreement (It’s important, schools are, students who are), appropriate word choice (relax, take time away) and addition of supporting details ( Parents have the job to make money. Teenagers have the job to study very hard.).

Use the checkboxes below to display the corresponding benchmark text. Benchmark Ratings. How to use this Writing Sample This collection of grade-level writing samples provides teachers of English Language Learners with examples of student writing at each proficiency level.

Teachers can use these interactive examples to build their understanding of the different writing competencies and levels within the Benchmarks. Click on “View Full Size” to see the original student writing. Select the competency you wish to view. Boxes in the corresponding colour will highlight the text in the sample and display an explanation of the competency below. Click on one or more competencies to view at a time.

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