Evoluent Rh Bluetooth For Mac

Posted : admin On 29.07.2019
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Evoluent Rh Bluetooth For Mac

Evoluent VerticalMouse 4 Right Mac - Mouse - right-handed - optical - 6 buttons - wireless - Bluetooth - white.

Evoluent Bluetooth Vertical Mouse (Mac) The Vertical Mouse is designed to match the shape of a hand. The innovative design allows your hand to move effortlessly without having to twist or contort.

Prepared with a comfortable thumb rest, you will be capable of working at your computer for longer than ever as you experience unrivalled comfort. Easily adjust and recognise pointer speed with a sleek LED display including extra low, low, medium and high settings. An extended lip on the bottom of the mouse ensures that your bottom finger never rubs on your desk. This Vertical Mouse operates on 1 AA battery and connects to Mac operating systems via Bluetooth connectivity. Features:. Adjustable optical sensor.

Evoluent Rh Bluetooth For Macbook Air

Kvr: odeon releases ufo for mac free. Pointer speed indicators. Two thumb buttons. Powerful and intuitive driver. Extended lip prevents rubbing.

Bluetooth connectivity. Mac compatible Resources Video.