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The R-help mailing list has a posting guide which covers both asking and answering questions, including an example of generating data: Examples: Sometimes it helps to provide a small example that someone can actually run.

  1. Example Job Posting

Notice the slight indentation of the Owner’s Equity account. This slight indenting of the account that receives the credit emphasizes the credit is the right side of the entry while the debit is the left side of the entry. Notice also that the transaction maintained the basic accounting equation, with the left side (assets) increased by $10,000 and the right side (liabilities and equity) increased by the same amount.

Transaction 2. Jim leases a small plane for $1,000 a month.

Example Posting

Example Job Posting


The entry for the first month’s rent looks like this. The decrease in assets (cash) is offset by a decrease in equity (owner’s draws reduce equity). Gadget wide download for mac. Note that in an unincorporated business distributions to owners are not treated as expenses.


Such draws constitute reductions in equity. All journal entries, whether made in the general journal or in a specialized journal such as the cash disbursements journal, must be posted to the appropriate general ledger account. Here is what the general ledger “T” accounts look like after posting the above journal entries.