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Posted : admin On 12.01.2020
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I would love to be able to puth notifications to be shown - NOT as push but rather as complication data (that's the name the little widgets of data that are part of the apple watch face screens) Since Pushover is suppurted for push notifications, I assume their new 'glances' feature which uses a different API could work very nicely for this new type of notifications! Read here: image Unfortunately, information exposed via HomeKit is only available in the Home.app on the watch, but not as a complication. Indeed, at todays keynote their is a chance that we see new features in this area. Powered by, best viewed with JavaScript enabled.

By accident, I noticed something 'markdown-like' on the Mac version. As someone who takes lots of code chunk notes, I find myself often. creating a one-cell table. pasting the code from editor or command line. formatting it mono-space font This sets the code apart from the rest of the explanatory text. Today I was doing this for a markdown sample and I stumbled on the fact that if I start a line with three back-ticks and press enter, it automatically turns into a mono-space font box. This works for me on Mac OS with EN 6.5.

Thanks for submitting this feature request! We've heard interest in PPPoE support a bit before the community came about, so it'll be great to have any discussion/interest taking place here as well. Google chrome 4 for mac. Feature Request +7. Support session: Reboot and reconnect for Guest on Mac. Michael Legato. Unfortunately, we could not implement the feature for Support sessions because the support guest client does not run as a service, making it technically not possible/permitted to execute the reboot command. We've also found that the guest.

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I use Evernote quite a bit, but am repeatedly let down by its lack of markdown support and nested lists. In regards to MarkDown support, this has led to hours of me wasting time looking for alternative solutions and configuring third party solutions. Although I can understand some trepidation with switching from rich text to markdown (despite the repeated requests on this forum), what I can't understand is the lack of nested lists. Nested lists are supported in all major word processors, and are used in a broad range of note taking methods. I can't for the life of me understand why this feature request has been ignored for touching on 7 years.