Fin Del Soporte Para Kaspersky Internet Security 14 For Mac

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Name and information link Available for Release date iCloud for Windows 7.8.1 This update has no published CVE entries. Windows 7 and later 27 Nov 2018 macOS Mojave 10.14.1 Supplemental Update for MacBook Air (2018) This update has no published CVE entries. MacBook Air (2018) 07 Nov 2018 watchOS 5.1.1 This update has no published CVE entries. Information about products not manufactured by Apple, or independent websites not controlled or tested by Apple, is provided without recommendation or endorsement. Apple assumes no responsibility with regard to the selection, performance, or use of third-party websites or products. Apple makes no representations regarding third-party website accuracy or reliability.

Risks are inherent in the use of the Internet. For additional information. Other company and product names may be trademarks of their respective owners.

Before beginning the installation, you are advised to close all applications currently running. Kaspersky PURE R2 is installed on the computer in interactive mode using the Installation Wizard that starts when you open the installation file. To install Kaspersky PURE R2 on your computer, run the installation file (file with the.exe extension) on the product CD you have purchased. You can also receive the application installation package via the Internet. The installation of Kaspersky PURE R2 from the installation package downloaded via the Internet is identical to that from the installation CD. When the installation package is opened, the application will automatically search for the installation file (with the.msi extension). If it is found, the application will search for a newer version of the product on Kaspersky Lab servers on the Internet.

If the installation package file is found, you will be offered to download it. When the download is complete, the installation of Kaspersky PURE R2 starts. If the download is cancelled, the application installation will proceed in standard mode. Step 1. Verifying that the system satisfies the installation requirements Before installing Kaspersky PURE R2, the following items are checked:. if the operating system and the service packs meet the program requirements for installation;. if the software required for the proper functioning of Kaspersky PURE R2 is installed on the computer;. if the user has rights to install the software.


If the check is successfully completed, the Kaspersky PURE Installation Wizard window opens. If a condition is not met, a notification with the problem description will appear on the screen. In this case, before installing the Kaspersky Lab application, you are advised to install all necessary service packs using Windows Update and programs. Step 2. Selecting the type of the installation If the computer meets the system requirements, the Installation Wizard window will open. To select Custom installation, check the corresponding box. In this case (if the Custom installation box is checked), you can modify the default installation settings. You can select which application components should be installed and specify the folder where the application will be installed.

The protection settings recommended by Kaspersky Lab will be specified for each component you have selected. When the installation is completed, you can activate the application and configure the protection against unauthorized access. The custom installation mode is recommended for experienced users only. To proceed with the installation, click the Next button. Step 3. Accepting the license agreement Before installing the application, you will be offered to view the License Agreement concluded by you and Kaspersky Lab. The License Agreement lists the user's rights to use the software he or she has purchased. Without accepting the terms of the License Agreement, you cannot proceed with the application installation.

Please read the agreement carefully, and if you accept each of its terms, click the I agree button. The application installation will go on. Step 4. Participating in the Kaspersky Security Network program You can participate in the Kaspersky Security Network program. The purpose of the program consists in revealing new threats to data security and improve the quality of Kaspersky Lab's products. To help us do it, you can provide our company the right of using the information about the status of your computer's security and the threats you have detected.

To perform the analysis, you can also send information about the operating system and the unique identifier, which is assigned to your computer by Kaspersky PURE R2. Kaspersky Lab guarantees that no personal data will be used. Please view the regulations concerning the participation in Kaspersky Security Network. If you accept all terms of it, check the I accept the terms of participation in Kaspersky Security Network box. Click the Next button. The installation will continue.

Step 5. Selecting the destination folder At this step, you can select the destination folder into which Kaspersky PURE should be installed. The default path for the application installation is as follows:. Program Files Kaspersky Lab Kaspersky PURE – for 32-bit systems;. Program Files (x64) Kaspersky Lab Kaspersky PURE – for 64-bit systems. To change the destination folder, click the Browse button and specify a different folder in the window that will open. You can also specify a new installation path, by entering it in the Destination folder field.

Please remember that if you enter the full path to the installation folder manually, it should not contain more than 200 characters or include any special characters. Click the Next button. The installation will continue. Step 6. Selecting application components for the installation At this step, you can select the application components that will be installed on your computer. You can open the Computer Protection component by clicking the plus ( +) on its left and select which sub-components to install. You can view a brief description of the component you have selected shown in the bottom part of the window, and find out how much free disk space is required to install this component.

To select a component for installation, open the menu by left-clicking the icon next to the name of the component and select the This feature will be installed on the local hard drive item. To cancel the installation of a component, select the This feature will become unavailable option from the context menu.

When you have finished selecting components to be installed, click the Next button. Step 7. Searching for other anti-virus applications At this step, the wizard searches for other anti-virus programs, including other Kaspersky Lab applications, which may conflict with Kaspersky PURE R2. If any anti-virus applications were detected on your computer, they will be listed on the screen.

You will be asked to uninstall them before you proceed with the installation. To remove the anti-virus programs that you have detected, use the Remove button. In the Incompatible software window click OK, to confirm the removal. The Setup Wizard is automatically interrupted before Kaspersky PURE could be completely installed. In the window click OK. Once all incompatible applications are removed and the computer is restarted, launch the installation of Kaspersky PURE and perform all the steps described above.

Step 8. Disabling Microsoft Windows Firewall If on step 6 ( Selecting application components for the installation) you selected to install Computer Protection component which includes the Firewall component then to avoid the conflict between two firewalls you should disable Microsoft Windows Firewall. For this in the window select Disable Microsoft Windows Firewall. Final preparation for installation This step completes the preparation for installing Kaspersky PURE R2 on your computer.

At the initial and custom installation of the application, please do not uncheck the Protect the installation process box. If any errors occur during the application installation, enabling the protection will allow you to perform a correct procedure of installation rollback. When you retry the installation, we recommend that you uncheck this box. If the application is being remotely installed using Windows Remote Desktop, you are advised to uncheck the Protect the installation process box. If this box is checked, the installation procedure may be left unfinished or performed incorrectly. To proceed with the installation, click the Install button.

Program installation If you install the application on your computer working under Windows Vista / 7, then a message from the User Account Control service may appear. In order to continue the installation, click the Yes button.

Wait until the installation process is over. Kaspersky PURE Configuration Wizard will automatically start after the installation. Step 11. Activating the application To perform its functions the application should be activated. The application activation procedure consists in registering a license by installing a key file. The key file can be downloaded from the Kaspersky Lab servers after input of your activation code. Based on the license, the application will determine the existing privileges and calculate its term of use.

You can Activate commercial version if you have purchased a commercial version of the application, and you have been provided an activation code. You can Activate trial version for 30 days to evaluate Kaspersky PURE R2 or you can Activate later. If you select this option, the stage of Kaspersky PURE R2 activation will be skipped. The application will be installed on your computer, but you will not be able to use certain application functions, for example update (you will be able to update the application only once after its installation). To continue with the activation process, click Next. Wait until the activation process is complete if you have selected either the option Activate commercial version or Activate trial version. In the Activate the application window click Next, to go to the next step. Step 12. System analysis You can password protect the application to prevent unauthorized attempts to disable your computer protection or modify application settings.

In order to set a password, check the box Enable protection by administrator password and enter a password. To confirm the password, enter the password once again in the Confirm password entry field. You can specify actions which will be password protected. In order to do this, check the required boxes next to the actions to be password protected:. Exiting the application. Password requests will appear on any attempt to close the application. Click Next to proceed with the installation.

Step 13. Selecting protection mode Two modes are available in the Protection mode window: automatic and interactive protection modes. I trust Kaspersky PURE and prefer it to make decisions on computer security itself and not to ask me any questions (recommended).In this case you select automatic protection mode.

If any important events occur, Kaspersky PURE automatically performs the action recommended by Kaspersky Lab. Once a threat is detected, the application attempts to disinfect the object; if it fails, the application deletes it. Suspicious objects will be skipped without processing. Pop-up messages inform the user about new events.

I prefer making decisions on computer security myself. Kaspersky PURE should ask me every time it is necessary to make a decision.

In this case you select interactive protection mode. In this mode the application reacts to events in the manner you have specified. Once an event requiring your attention occurs, the application displays notifications which offer you to select an action. To continue configuring the program settings, click Next. Step 14. Configuring application update The quality of your computer's protection depends directly on regular updates of the databases and application modules.

In this window, the Configuration Wizard asks you to select the update mode and to specify the schedule settings. Automatic update (recommended). The application checks the update source for update packages at specified intervals.

Fin Del Soporte Para Kaspersky Internet Security 14 For Mac Pro

Scanning frequency can be increased during anti-virus outbreaks and decreased when there are none. Having discovered new updates, the program downloads and installs them on the computer. This is the default mode. Scheduled updates (time interval may change depending on the schedule settings). Updates will run automatically according to the schedule created. You can alter the schedule settings in the window that will open by clicking the Settings button. Manual updates.

If you select this option, you will run application updates on your own. Clicking the Settings button you can select the resource from which the updates will be downloaded. The default update source is Kaspersky Lab’s update servers.

To add a different update source, click the Add link. If you are using a proxy-server to establish the internet connection, set the proxy-server settings by clicking the Proxy-server button. The program can detect the location of the update servers itself, for this in the Regional settings section select the Detect automatically option or select the region nearest to you in the drop-down list by selecting the option Select from the list. To confirm the changes of the update parameters, click the OK button. To continue configuring the program settings, click Next. Step 15. Selecting threats to be detected At this step, you can select the threat categories to be detected by the Computer Protection module.

Computer Protection always detects programs that are capable of damaging your computer, including viruses, worms and Trojans. Once you have selected the necessary categories click Next to go to the next step.

Fin Del Soporte Para Kaspersky Internet Security 14 For Mac Free

Step 16. Analyzing the applications installed on the computer At this stage, information about Microsoft Windows applications is collected. These applications are added to the list of trusted applications which have no restrictions imposed on the actions they perform on the system. Wait until the analysis process is over. Step 17. Closing Configuration Wizard Once the installation process is over, in the window The installation is complete check the box Start Kaspersky PURE to immediately start the application. To close the Configuration Wizard window click the Finish button. If during Kaspersky PURE R2 installation any problems occurred or any error messages appeared, send a request to with the detailed description of the problem. Attach the following information to the request:.

Fin Del Soporte Para Kaspersky Internet Security 14 For Mac Download

Report of the Getsysteminfo tool. of the error (problem). If Kaspersky PURE R2 was installed on Windows 7 you can get report of the problem using the OS embedded tool.