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Screencasting is a good way to help your friend troubleshoot his computer. Here are some of the best screencasting apps for Mac OS X. Amateur Mac recording engineers have known about the power of Audacity for years. A robust desktop client for recording and editing multi-track projects, Audacity will let you edit and add effects. How to Record Screencast on Mac How to use the Screen Recorder on a Mac screen recording mac Designed to record anything on your screen, instantly — both audio, and video! Create Screencasts.

Software for use in grabbing your favorite news, music, and other programs or producing your own. This list is organized around platforms, so some will work with smartphone OS, tablets, MP3 Players, iPods, Iphone. Other players allow you to simply subscribe and listen with your web browser and are ideal for times when you're using a computer other than your own, etc. Choose Platform: (pocket devices) (tablets, etc.) News about this list: I'm also adding are software for producing and publishing podcasts, especially on tablet and browsers. If you see any broken links, or any defunct software, please do. I want this list to remain fresh.


I know this list looks a bit janky and is not mobile friendly - but I'll be fixing that soon! I do not provide support.


This is just a directory. Please let me know if any of these programs proves problematic. Name Type Intro Catcher A free client designed for the visually impaired. Download files into your MP3 Player or Ipod. Catcher Find, record, download, convert and enjoy music, films, videos and Internet radios everywhere.

Catcher Apple's heavily commercialized tuner. Works well with iPhone, ipod shuffle, ipod nano, and regular ipod or ipod video. Iphone and ITouch users can download podcasts directly to the device via Wifi and, if the podcast is.

Fishcakesscreencast Recording For Mac Download

Cloud recording should be implemented across the board, regardless of platform. Recording meetings locally on my PC is not an ideal scenario, as I end up with huge files which need to be uploaded or sent by email.

Screen Recording For Mac Free

It adds up, when you have a lot of meetings. So - implementing local recording for Skype for Business on Mac is a dead end, in my opinion - I'm glad they have shelved it and moved instead towards recording to the cloud independent of platform (this should also be available on Android and iOS), if you're correct that this is the real roadmap.