Five Free Videoconferencing Solutions For Mac

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The recent news that Skype has for group videoconferencing may not have come as a surprise to anyone—after all, the company had clearly stated that it was planning to make the feature a pay service once Skype 5.0 exited beta. However, that doesn’t change the fact that one of the best multi-party videoconferencing options for OS X has suddenly disappeared behind a paywall. Fear not, though. The intrepid Macworld staff has scoured the Internets to bring you five alternatives to Skype that will let you create a videoconference with your friends while still preserving the sanctity of your wallet.

Some of the options are obvious ones, while others are a bit off the beaten path. In all cases, this article only focuses on applications and services that allow multiple users to be connected together in a videoconference, rather than just simple one-to-one conversations. IChat Let’s start with the choice that requires the least effort:. Available on every Mac as part of the default OS X installation, iChat is not only great for one-on-one conversations using chat, audio, and video, but can also connect you and three others via video. If you own a copy of iLife, you can even use GarageBand to record your conferences and turn them into podcasts. IChat’s only real downside is that it’s an OS X-only application, which means that you won’t be able to share the joy with your friends and colleagues running Windows and Linux. QNext is a multi-platform chat and conferencing application that allows users to interact in a number of ways: instant messaging, media sharing, and audio and video chat. It runs on OS X, Windows, Linux, and a variety of mobile devices, and supports videoconferencing between up to four computers.

While QNext is entirely free and supports text chatting with users of multiple networks like AIM and GTalk, it does have to be installed on the computer of each participant in order for a videoconference to take place. Tokbox Unlike the other two solutions that we have examined so far, Tokbox’s is not a client application that needs to be installed on your computer, but, rather a service that runs directly in your browser, via Adobe’s Flash platform. It is also a specialized system that was designed primarily for videoconferencing, which means that it is unlikely to replace your current instant messaging client for day-to-day chatting. However, Tokbox’s ephemeral nature also means that you don’t have to spend the first ten minutes of every conference call waiting for the other participants to install software on their computers; you can simply invite them to join your conference directly from a Web browser and, as long as they have a recent version of Flash installed, you’ll be able to see their smiling faces in a matter of seconds, regardless of what operating system they run. Tinychat In the company’s own words, “provides dead simple, free to use, video chat rooms that just work.” Much like Tokbox, Tinychat is a Web-based service that uses Flash to allow multiple users to chat via audio, video, and text.

Its greatest strength is its simplicity: you visit the Website, choose a name for your own chatroom, and end up with a URL to share with your friends. There is no need to sign up for service, give out any personal information, or install any software. Given how easy it is to use, Tinychat could be the best solution for chatting with family members who like things to “just work” and are not comfortable with custom software. On the downside, the service offers little flexibility in the way your videoconference is run—for example, you cannot limit access to it by setting a password, and the moderation tools it provides are very limited. The combination of free service and ease of use also tends to attract a number of colorful users, which means that browsing the service's existing chat rooms is not for the faint of heart. Sifonr Our final stop on the road to videoconferencing independence is a system called.

Much like Tinychat, this Web-based application uses Flash to create video chat rooms with an unlimited number of participants. Most interestingly, it takes advantage of a feature called to allow the participants to share their bandwidth in order to improve the overall quality and efficiency of the service—obviously a plus for users with limited Internet connectivity. And the service throws in peer-to-peer file sharing for good measure.

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Sifonr does not require its users to sign up for service; like Tinychat, it allows you to create a chatroom in a matter of seconds just by picking an arbitrary name. You can then share the room’s unique URL with your friends and get your conference started without too much hassle. Once again, the controls are minimal and moderation tools are very basic, which means that just about anybody can join your videoconference with little or no warning. One nice feature, however, is the ability to run the videoconference in full-screen mode. The adventure continues Our short list of five alternatives to Skype has only begun to scratch the surface of the many different options available to Mac users. A few minutes’ worth of Google time will lead you to a veritable treasure trove of options, from complex business-grade solutions to simple consumer-oriented tools. At the end of the day, you may still decide that the fee Skype charges for its service is low enough to outweigh the hassle of using a different provider, but, if you want choice, there is plenty to be had.

Contents. What is iTunes Error 9? ITunes Error 9 is not a very common error code, unlike. Though when it arises, whatever you are trying to do is stopped. Usually, iTunes Error 9 appears when you are trying to upgrade/update your firmware.

It may also appear when you are trying to restore your iPhone. The iTunes error 9 comes with the following error message: The iPhone could not be restored. An unknown error occurred (9) The Apple support page has listed this error as a possible security software issue. This means that the firewall blocking access to specific websites/web resources that iTunes needs to access. However, this error could also occur due to a hardware issue. Possible causes of iTunes Error 9 These are the most common reasons for the appearance of iTunes Error 9:. Corrupted or incorrectly configured network settings.

Security software or the firewall preventing access of iTunes to a certain website or webpage. Damaged or defective USB cable or ports. Your iPhone is jailbroken. There may be some other reasons too.

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Luckily, there are several solutions too, available to fix iTunes Error 9. Things to do before using Solutions Here is a list of some things that will help you to get rid of iTunes error 9 in most cases without even using the Solutions:.

Your iTunes should be in its latest version. If it isn’t, update it. Also, update your Mac/PC if there is an update available to it. Check if there is enough space available on your device to bring in a new update.

Your iDevice should not be low on battery power. If you are still facing the iTunes error 9, then you can move further to use the solutions to fix it. How to Fix iTunes Error 9? Luckily, there are several easy methods available to fix iTunes Error 9. If the error is security software related, then you can fix it, or it is hardware related, then also you can fix it.

Five Free Videoconferencing Solutions For Mac

Just follow the procedure that I suggest you. Turn off Antivirus and Firewall (Temporarily) Antivirus and the Firewall often prevent iTunes from accessing the Apple server, and this results in iTunes error 9. The procedure is different for Windows and Mac users. Follow these steps in order to resolve the issue: For Windows users Step-1: Open the Antivirus software and go to its Settings. Look through and find the option to turn it off.

Step-2: Turn off Windows Firewall by following this procedure:. Open Control Panel. Select the System and Security link. Choose Windows Firewall. On the left side of the “Windows Firewall” screen, select Turn Windows Firewall on or off. Select the bubble next to Turn off Windows Firewall (not recommended). Step-3: Check if the error is solved.

Step-4: Now turn on the antivirus and the Firewall again. For Mac users Step-1: Open the Antivirus software and go to its Settings. Look through and find the option to turn it off. Step-2: Turn off Mac Firewall by following this procedure. Choose System Preferences from the Apple menu.

Click Security or Security & Privacy. Click the Firewall tab.

Unlock the pane by clicking the lock in the lower-left corner and enter the administrator username and password. Click “Turn Off Firewall” or “Stop” to disable the firewall.

Step-3: Check if the error is solved. Step-4: Now turn on the antivirus and the Firewall again. Check the Cable A faulty cable is a very common cause for iTunes Error 9. Follow these steps in order to resolve the issue: Step-1: Use a different cable to connect your PC/Mac to your iPhone/iPad. Step-2: If iTunes error 9 doesn’t appear when you use a different cable, it means there was a fault in your previous cable.

Throw it away and get a new one. Check the Port A faulty port is also a common cause for iTunes Error 9. Follow these steps in order to resolve the issue: Step-1: Try a different port of your PC/Mac to connect your iPhone/iPad.

Step-2: If iTunes error 4013 doesn’t appear when you try a different port, it means your previously used port is defective and you should get it repaired. Check Wifi Network Bad or slow Wifi network can also cause iTunes error 9. Follow these steps in order to resolve the issue: Step-1: Disconnect Wi-Fi both on your computer and iPhone. Step-2: Wait for some time. Step-3: Now try to connect them to the network.

Step-4: If you are still in trouble, try to connect to a different wifi network if it is available. Fone is an amazing third-party tool to repair iTunes error 9 in a very easy manner. Follow these steps in order to resolve the issue: Step-1: and launch the Dr. Fone software. Step-2: Click on Repair to start the procedure. Step-3: Connect the iPhone/iPad to the computer using the USB cable.

The software recognizes the iPhone or iPad. Descargar gratis star wars old republic for mac. Step-4: Click on Start in the software to initiate. Step-5: To recover from an operating system failure, the latest firmware is needed to be downloaded to the iOS device.

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The software recognizes the model, asks for confirmation, and suggests the latest download. Click on Download and let the process complete automatically. Step-6: When the firmware is installed, the software begins preparing the iPhone.

It may take about 10 minutes for the device to start working properly. Once everything is done, you can start using your device without experiencing iTunes error 9. Conclusion iTunes error 9 is an uncommon iTunes error. These were the Top 5 Solutions to resolve the issue.

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