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SAi provides sign making software for all production environments. We have a solution for all of your design and printing needs. Visit our site to learn more. 9 items - flexisign pro mac. ‹ All categories ‹ Computers Software Other Business & Productivity. Others are viewing. DELCAM ARTCAM PRO 2011.

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Neil Davey wrote:Hi, thinking of upgrading from my MAC G4 Quicksilver to a new Imac. Just wondering if anyone knows if Flexisign 7.5 will run on the new Imac with OS 10.5 or will I have to upgrade to Flexi 8.0 for MAC as well. Flexi works OK on my Ibook with OS 10.4. Thanks Neil Neil why not format the HD on your new iMac abd then install the earlier 10.4 OS?

That is, if you are not trading up simply for the new features in 10.5. OR If an Intel based iMac, perhaps it is possible to just re-partition the drive and instal the OS 10,4 of which you prob have the discs, onto one dedicated partition and run Flexi 7 in that, setting the Mac to startup in that OS. Regards BARRY. Ditched Fusion for Parallels as I found fusion very slow when opening, very very slow.

The only annoying thing with Parallels so far are the usb devices, dongle, plotter etc aren't loading when opening so I do it manually. It's ok as it's something I just do now but I'm trying to figure it out.

Of late, my Imac has been suffering from a lot of Kernel Panics but I traced it to the Flexi dongle and I've updated the driver and, fingers crossed, we haven't had a panic since. Apart from that it all works great. Peter Normington wrote:doubt if I will need a mac though, to create similar results. Nah, I'm sure you can do it all in Signlab.


Albeit at ten times the price. Seriously though, I'm not sure how TypeStyler stacks up as a stand-alone programme, or if it's even meant to be one, but when used in conjunction with Illustrator, it is a very powerful piece of software. I've been using it on and off for twenty years, although back then it was only for text manipulation as the print effects were of no use to me as a pure vinyl cutter. That's all changed now with our acquisition of a printer, and opens up a whole new world of cuttable printed decals.

FlexiSign-Pro isn't available for Mac anymore. There is a new standard among their products and the new feature is Cloud. For a certain amount of money you download an application from the cloud and use it on your computer, then all the operations are performed online. It means you will have to be online all the times. License verification is using online services as well. If it fails to connect, the software will shut down.

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Flexi Sign Pro For Mac

No, the version 8.5 will not work in Lion because it's not optimized to do so. For more information, access the official website.