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Characteristic of product we beat rival by impact! Solicitation power of video accelerating business! Business video making is soft. ■ Business version appears in quite popular PhotoCinema!


【送料無料】 デジタルステージ 〔Mac版〕 PhotoCinema+ (フォトシネマ・プラス)!今月人気提案,パソコン・周辺機器を確認。. Purchase:isg020) LiFE with PhotoCinema 3 Premium wedding BOX Macintosh version handmade wedding book Mac version.

It is full of templates which usable video can make with business right now Of course what promotion video can make records video assumed by every business scene as template to video advertisement and interview video, manual video. We can make high-quality video which is good for business just to prepare photograph and video material, text. ■ 'PhotoCinema+,' template of 'PhotoCinema+Wedding' is collected, too! Template of 'PhotoCinema+Wedding' is collected very advantageous package other than template for business in 'PhotoCinema+ Business' 'PhotoCinema+', too. ■ Of course basic feature largely revises, too!

Only business version supports Win, both Mac OS's! As well as new template addition, we accomplished further evolution for the cause in improvement of operability, voice of user including speedup! Of course we hang filter on the video, and popular function such as putting video on video is in good health.

Image editing software is reliable by attachment, too! The specifications details For more details, please confirm the following sites.

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This inexpensive monitor from LG has the company's excellent IPS panel, as a well as a very fast 5-millisecond response time. With a refresh rate of 60Hz, excellent viewing angles, and a designated gaming mode, this is a solid all-around monitor for most people. It doesn't offer much in terms of inputs (HDMI and DisplayPort only), but it'll do in a pinch. When it comes to excellent 4K monitors, the is hard to beat, with excellent bang for your buck. The is certainly nipping at its heels, though, with USB-C making it my pick for top spot.

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