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I would think you can do that: Begin without force-download code in the.htaccess file in your web root or its parents in the filesystem, or in your Apache server’s configuration. Enable.htaccess files in the configuration. Place two folders in the web root, one called, “in-browser” and one called “download.” In both, place an index file containing links to files on your site. In the download folder, place this article’s code in the.htaccess file. Whenever you want to display your in-browser link, just point it to /in-browser/ and likewise your downloads link can be directed to /download/.

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Jump to Force Refresh - A force refresh or reload will cause the browser to re-check. Windows: Ctrl + F5; Mac/Apple: Apple + R or Cmd + R; Linux: F5.

Your download,htaccess only affects the /download/ folder and any subfolders under /download/.htaccess is a file with no “name” in front of the “extension,” as seen in Microsoft products and Windows OS. It is actually a hidden file in Linux, so designated by the leading dot. Polyphonics sound bank studio for mac. That said, create a text file in Notepad, and fill it with the material presented at the top of this page. Name it with quotes: “.htaccess” It will save properly in the Windows OS if the name with its leading dot is in quotes in the Notepad Save dialog. Upload this file to the web root of your site next to your index.html (.php,.cgi, etc.) page which opens when someone dials up your website without specifying beyond the “” Your host may not allow the use of.htaccess, and has the server configured not to look for it, even if it is an Apache server in Linux. I run Apache on Windows for my local testing, and Apache does use.htaccess as if it were on Linux.

Save your perl.exe on the same drive with the server, as usr bin perl.exe, and your Perl scripts will work as if they were looking at the Perl interpreter at /usr/bin/perl. I prefer to answer people’s beginner questions with something other than “get out of it until you know what you’re doing.” That was rude of the other person who so replied.

I test this trick, and work perfect in Chrome 15, Firefox 7, but in IE 9 this broken show many invalid characters. Searching more info found this code:.FilesMatch '.(mov mp3 jpg pdf)$'. ForceType application/octet-stream Header set Content-Disposition attachment./FilesMatch. Please replace. by as appropriate, for some reason in the comments do not see these characters. Test again and voila work in Chrome, Firefox and IE.

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In FF and IE show “save as” dialog box, but in chrome download directly. How to fix this last issue? Force to Chrome show “save as” dialog box Greetings from Peru Pavel.

Ok, I’ve been searching ALL DAY for an answer to this, I’m not sure i’m in the right thread but I’m going for it anyway! I’m running on a Windows 7 computer. I just purchased a digital scrapbook paperpack. She says she sent me the 12 individual files in a zipped folder. However, when I downloaded it it appeared in my downloads folder as a blank piece of paper. It appears to be a octet-stream file and none of my programs will open it.

I have no idea what to do with it. She then sent me the individual files, unzipped as JPEGS. When I downloaded them the only thing I could open them in is Windows Media Gallery. When I tried to rightclickcopypaste into a specific folder it appeared again as just a blank piece of paper and am still unable to open it in anything. (Photoshop is where I’m trying to use it) ANY suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated!

Chris, That’s the problem. It doesn’t download. But nekkid MP3 links play on an iOS device. And with several thousand people accessing the several 50MB files for each product our server is under severe strain – maxing our bandwidth @ 1&1. We considered off-loading the files, but the bandwidth costs at Amazon would be more than our revenue We need a way to prevent iOS devices from automatically playing nekkid MP3 links. Currently we wrapped ’em in a ZIP file but that creates a new set of ‘how do I unzip files?’ problems. Any suggestions?

I couldn’t get Chromium/Chrome to respond to AddType application/octet-stream.pdf so instead I used htaccess to send the Content-Disposition: attachment header as seemed to indicate was preferred. However, this still didn’t work. It seems Chrome interprets Content-Disposition rather strictly, as detailed. Having uppercase characters in my filename caused Chrome to open the file in the in-browser PDF viewer but changing these to lowercase caused the file to download, as intended. Interesting how letter case affects things.

Wordpress For Mac Download

Hope this helps. I would not use this approach as it currently prevents Chrome users from downloading the file. A link to a PDF it will not do anything when a Chrome user clicks on it. Chrome 24 – BAD – link does not work at all – user cannot access the file Firefox 17 – GOOD – works as expected IE 9 – OK – It downloads the file then opens it with the PDF viewer I would use the FilesMatch approach one of the other commenters noted – it doesn’t prevent any of your users from getting the file. ForceType application/octet-stream Header set Content-Disposition attachment. I’ve asked our resident programmer to force our PDF to download, and I received this response, of which, being a graphic designer, not a programmer, I understand pretty much nothing. Is he correct and am I asking for something particularly complex?: “I know what it takes to force a browser to download rather than display.

In fact I have some pages that do just that. It’s a server-side issue, because you have to specifically populate the response header with an “application-octet” stream directive, along with filename.

If you know a special way of doing it client-side, via HTML, CSS, and/or javascript that all browsers understand in the same way, by all means let me know and I can put it up. Otherwise it takes hours to get the server to do it just right. Hours that I won’t have for at least a few weeks.”. Put your.htaccess in the directory containing the CSV file. Here the.htaccess is only in effect in this directory and any subdirectories, and not on “sibling” or “parent” branches of your directory tree.

You may place the.htaccess file in the parent of this directory, and it will work equally well here, but will also affect all subdirectories under the parent. I do not know about WordPress, as most of my site development work has been in HTML or PHP, but this would be my first inclination of placement.

Hope helps you! I would like to point out, that all suggested solutions are not working if the user tries to download the file with a 1.0 – 4.3 Android operation system and the Chrome or stock Android browser. See this almost 5 years old bug report: Either you are ignoring this problem (should be fixed with KitKat), or you are informing your users to force download with long pressing the download button, or point out that there are other browsers for Android available, which none of them struggling with this task.

But don’t waste your time trying to fix this problem. There is no fix – both Chrome mobile and the stock Android browser are using the build-in Android download manager to download files – and as a web developer you are unable to get this very download manager to do it’s job right.