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I have been getting back into death metal as of late and this CD has been sitting on the top of my death metal album stack for a while now. I had listened to it a handful of times and it never really produced the same effect that Blood Rapture does. After a while the album grew on me, but sadly it is still not as strong as I had expected when I first purchased it. They should have seriously used a different name for the album title; even the overpopulated assortment of gore metal bands that plague the world over can spawn forth more clever names that “Terrorize Brutalize Sodomize”. However I guess they choose a more simple name to reflect the more simple nature to there music, seeing as Vomitory play death metal that follows a format more in vein of Cannibal Corpse the several other such fathers of common death metal. Compared to there other albums, Terrorize Brutalize Sodomize is much more technical and guitar orientated. The riffs after the guitar break on the track “Scavenging the Slaughterhouse” is simply intoxicating, it produces a nice trance effect similar to the Judas Iscariot song “Where the Winter Beals Incessant”.

However that is the only guitar part that has been implanted in my mind, seeing as while this CD tends to stay technical nothing ever reaches out and grabs you. Even though there is a nice bass solo on the sixth track, the bass guitar only adds to the bands sound. The drums thankfully aren’t as forsaken as much.

This album is not the annoying blast beat marathon I have come to expect from the majority of death metal CD’s, the drum kit helps add atmosphere every now and again, especially when the songs take a quiet approach or are written to sound menacing. The first track on this album starts with a nice punch in the face. “Eternal Trail of Corpses” starts the album off almost immediately with the full blown vocal attack. For me this is very bothersome, because I usually listen to several albums a day usually with each producing there own effect, so when I put in an album and it starts like this one does I become very unsettled and usually pissed off. The album eventually settles and the vocals continue to keep there using the same tone that the album started with. The growls sound angry, but I really don’t feel the hate. When stacked against Vomitory’s previous catalogue this album is mediocre.

Fotoblogg fr download for mac

There is a lot of good riffs on here but that’s it, the other instruments sound normal, and the vocals sound weak. This is a nice place to get started with the band, but when I first listened to this I was expecting something showing maturity (seeing as the band has released several albums) and at times this album does show that, however I was left wanting more.

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Fotoblogg Fr Download For Mac Windows 10

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Fotoblogg Fr Download For Mac Mac

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Fotoblogg Fr Download For Mac

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Fotoblogg fr download for mac windows 10Fotoblogg fr download for mac windows 10

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