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Posted : admin On 24.06.2019
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If you love working with your photos, then you'll love Picasa. This Google-created photo editing software, has many abilities that you will love. Picasa provides you with all the features that are used in a photo-editing program, but free of charge.

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With Picasa you can resize your images, crop them, remove red eye, add effects, retouch, enhance colors, and much more. In addition to all this, Picasa also gives you an excellent way of organizing your existing images, by using facial recognition.

Free download picasa latest version for mac download

Here’s how it works: the software goes through all of your photos, determines which photos include the same person and groups those photos together. It goes without saying that the software is not always correct, so gives you the option of confirming its selection. Once this is complete, locating photos of a specific person just by searching them by name is incredibly simple. The program gives even more organizing options: you can tag photos and even geotag them, meaning you can add information about where the photo was taken. But perhaps one of the best things about Picasa is how easily it integrates with your online activity: you can share your photos on social networks, email them to your friends, or post them in your blog.

Free Picasa Download For Mac

With Picasa, you and your photos are always connected! Software Review. Picasa is a free photo editing and sharing program provided by Google and it is available on both Windows and Mac. After installing the program, Picasa goes through all of your computer’s files to find and show all photos and pictures in its program. All of the pictures are kept in their original folders to make them easy to find, though they can also be placed into newly created albums. In addition to the normal features that would be expected in photo-editing software (red-eye removal, cropping, resizing), Picasa offers extras such as facial recognition. The recognition software goes through all available photos and gathers together all the photos of each person (giving you the option to double-check that the chosen pictures are of the same individual), allowing the user to name and easily find all the photos of a desired individual in the ‘People’ section.

As new photos are uploaded they are also scanned and added to these albums. Users are also able to tag as well as geotag photos. There are many more refined aspects at your disposal, and they are extremely user-friendly. These include enhancement of color and brush-ups to, especially useful to get rid of any damage to older photos. As well as the ability to organize and edit photos, Picasa offers an easy way to share, allowing for email, publishing to a blog or Google+ (with the option to tag friends), and even to order prints. Ordering prints is as simple as selecting the correct country and then choosing from a large number of companies such as Snapfish and Photobox, allowing users to easily log in or create an account and begin uploading photos.

Picasa For Mac Os X

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Picasa 3.9 Download

Initial setup and cataloging can take hours. Facial recognition feature is low quality Product Details Rating: 5 ( 23739) Ranking in: 3 Last rated on: License: Free File size: 13.00 MB Version: Last updated: Supported Operating Systems: Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 2003 Languages: English, Spanish, German, Indonesian, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, Turkish, Czech, Chinese, Hebrew, Arabic, French, Japanese, Greek, Vietnamese Developer: Google Inc.

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