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For family historians the importance of maintaining a clear, organized and accurate family tree cannot be overstated. But finding a program that has just the perfect mix of features can feel like quite a task. Whether you’ve just started researching your family’s past, or are looking for a fresh start, our guide will help you discover the best family tree software program for your needs. You’ll find a quick comparison chart and a detailed breakdown of the top 6 family tree programs available today. Advertisement What are your special areas of concern?

Consider these questions: Are you looking for a free family tree program, or are you willing to pay for the right software? Do you want to download software to your home computer or would you prefer to keep your tree online? Maybe you’d like to do both?

Free Family Tree Maker 2017 For Mac Pro

What are your feelings about keeping your family tree private? Is the privacy of your tree an absolute must or are you happy to share your work in progress with others?

Are you looking for just the basics in a family tree software program? Or would you like to have access to a wide array of special features and fun extras? Do you want a tree-making service that allows you to search extensive records collections that are integrated right into the program?

How about one that provides you with helpful hints and matches that encourage you to grow your tree? Or one that syncs with or MyHeritage? Would you like to be able to easily share your progress with others and invite them to collaborate with you on your tree? Do you need access to a selection of printable and shareable charts, reports and maps? Or the ability to easily create a website dedicated to your family’s history? What level of user support do you need? Would you like your tree program to include extensive help pages, free learning centers or peer-to-peer forums?

  • Note: I will be posting my impressions of the beta version of FTM 2017 at the end of this article.I think the end is nearly in sight for the official release of Family Tree Maker 2017, for both Mac and Windows.
  • R Files created in Family Tree Maker versions 5 to 16 (1998-2006,.FTW or.FBK) will open in Family Tree Maker 2017 for Mac without prior conversion. R Files created in Family Tree Maker for Mac versions 1, 2, 3, and 3.1 can be opened with Family Tree Maker 2017 for Mac without prior conversion.

Once you’ve asked yourself these basic questions – and identified what elements will make up your best family tree software – you can begin the search for the right program. We’ve put together a breakdown of six popular family tree programs, some which are available completely online and some that you’ll download to your computer. You’ll learn about their basic features, what they cost, the type of privacy they provide, and hear about a few pros and cons for each.

Jul 16, 2017 - Family Tree Maker* (FTM) 2017 was officially released 16 July 2017. However, in February 2016 Software MacKiev, the Mac version's. At the same time, they promised free updates for owners of the then-current versions.

Send Me Tips We won't send you spam. Unsubscribe at any time. We have not chosen a favorite here because, the truth is, no single tree builder is perfect for everyone. Our top choices are listed below in no particular order. Start with the simple comparison chart of every family tree program on our list, and then scroll down to read all of the information in our detailed guide.

A Note About Cost: Some of these family tree options are free, such as Ancestry and MyHeritage, but are so integrated with their own paid record hints and searches that is can be distracting or difficult to complete your research if you do not intend to consider a paid subscription. You might consider taking advantage of a free trial of their record subscriptions before committing to their tree. Other programs, like RootsMagic 7 and Family Tree Maker 2017, are available for a one-time cost but may require you to pay to upgrade to a new version in the future. Keep this in mind when choosing the program that best fits your needs.

Free Family Tree Maker 2017 For Mac Torrent


Update: For a great free option we did not include in our guide consider. If you need help downloading a GEDCOM. Please know that we have teamed up with many genealogy companies to bring you news and updates about their services. We may earn money to support our site if you make a purchase through links found on this page.

This helps us support our work but does not influence our opinions in any way. Our goal, first and foremost, is to help you make informed decisions to benefit your research. Honorary Mention: Since publishing this guide many of our readers have written us about their love of the Legacy Family Tree program, which we did not include in this guide. Quick Comparison Chart of the Best Family Tree Options. has gotten lazy in the recent past in my opinion.


Especially frustrating is the new “Relationships” feature.they have my mother’s 1st husband (who is the father to 4 of my 1/2 siblings, so that is why I have him showing in my tree) listed as my “stepfather”!!! And NO way to remove that. In the same vein, my father had a daughter with a woman he never married, before he met & married my motheranother 1/2 sister, whom he acknowledged he was the father of & supported until he died, & she received SS & VA benefits the same as me when he was killed in a nasty car wreck when we were very young.her mother is listed as my stepmother!!!!

Again, NO way to remove that title.I called Ancestry (months ago) & suggested that they put a listing “None of the above” or something & a box for an explanation.they act as if no one ever had children/relationships/marriages with more than one person or at least only in a certain order. BTW – I HAVE a stepfather, my mother’s 3rd husband after she was widowed. Also, REALLY weird, there is a “hint” on my mother’s profile which changes her name to the name of a woman who has NO connection to our family, listing HER as one of my triplet brother’s MOTHER, for crying out loud!!! Also told Ancestry at the same time about thatit’s still there. (Also called SS Fraud division just in case, as it is a SS form indexed). I saw that too. I look under both adults’ relationship thing to see how the child is listed.

Delete the step parent thing for sure as I suspect that is the item that doesn’t work right. Delete other ways child is related on both adults. This should totally wipe the slate clean on both connections. Next, I make sure both adults have all their spouses attached first; and that the computer knows they are married. THEN when I go to add the children, I make sure the mother is showing on THAT page OR I go to her page and add the child. Because when the popup comes asking which is the mother (or father) you should have a choice to pick if there are two spouses.

If it still acts funky, then try adding them “in” while on the mother’s page. Play around with it.

You can totally deconnect a child without deleting the child’s data as all you are really removing is the “line of connect” and telling the computer something else by HOW you enter the info. Adding one wife and all the kids and then adding the other wife later will not go well as the computer is happy to add or delete or disconnect or merge — moving it can’t handle well 🙂. I do not see my previous comment, posted less than an hour ago. It was in reference to Reunion 12.

I queried LeisterPro about a link for DNA and received a response from them in about 20 minutes! Here’s their answer: “Reunion does not have a feature specifically for tracking DNA results. However, you could create a custom Fact or Note field via: Reunion - Preferences, Fields, Person, Facts/Notes (whichever you prefer) and store the information there.” I’d say that is a pretty quick response! And since you can include live links in those fields, that is a way to link your online DNA results.

Free family tree maker 2017 mackiev

Purchased the download of Legacy last week and it has fantastic charts to print. Uploading a GEDCOM file from Ancestry works great. Learned a few things like always put a period after an initial. The downside to Legacy is that it doesn’t sync to Ancestry so you don’t see DNA matches and it will NOT IMPORT pictures or attachments from ANCESTRY.

Also if you make updates on your Ancestry file, you have to create another GEDCOM file to upload to Legacy. I liked the colorful reports, charts and many features and hope they can make some agreement with Ancestry. I haven’t tried Roots or FTM – I purchased Legacy based on user reviews.

I was disappointed with the interface and they promptly refunded my money. I don’t like that Ancestry monopolizes the data that if your subscription runs out, you can’t access records attached to people on your tree. I was hoping for a program that would port that over to my computer so I didn’t have to save each individual piece. I am amazed you have not included Legacy Family Tree. It’s FREE (for the standard version, which is all many people require). It gives you ownership of everything you enter, because it’s on your own computer, and no one else can change it (as they can at FamilySearch).

You don’t lose access to your years of work when you stop subscribing to a paid service such as Ancestry or MyHeritage. Legacy provide lots of training videos — not that you need much unless you’re an absolute beginner to genealogy, because it’s pretty easy. There are numerous reports available, which can be tailored to do many things. I used about 6 other programs including FamilyTreeMaker before settling on Legacy, and I’ve used the Deluxe version through 5 versions, now up to Version 9.

I recommend it to every new genealogist I meet, so they can start entering their family details right away before investing a lot of money elsewhere. Attempt to upload a family tree in GEDCOM format to and you will get a suprise. As of October 2017 they deleted trees they felt were unreliable because they were not attached to’s online records. For years I did my trees and updated trees offline and uploaded a GEDCOM. The GEDCOM format has sources but no way to include ancestry priority record links. The point is my 11 trees which are fully sourced and were used by other researchers is gone. The are not viewable in the public tree search and are not searchable.

Most of these programs for making trees makes GEDCOM files for exporting to genealogy sites like ancestry. Ancestry will require each name to be linked to their records. My one tree has 14,000 names, and Ancestry told me they had to be linked or they would not be searchable. So don’t plan on sending a GEDCOM to Ancestry. So all these programs are under attack by Ancestries priority tree site.

That also applies to Legacy which I use and is a great family tree program. Rootsweb has returned the the family trees.