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Posted : admin On 01.01.2020
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As said before, it gives you access to information including hidden attributes, which a player without the use of genie scout would otherwise not find. As it gives you an advantage over another player who does not use it, yes, it should be considered cheating. Plus isn't Football Manager about realism and immersing yourself in the game and having fun running a football team and finding the best players to improve the team, as opposed to just getting a program to do it for you? Depends, I'd say.

If you're playing to test yourself, then yes, Genie Scout is a cheat. The hidden attributes that GS reveals are hidden in the game for a reason; if you were a manager IRL, you wouldn't get to know those attributes until you had thoroughly scouted the player. If, instead, you're playing to test the game, then no, Genie scout isn't cheating. On the contrary, GS provides a lot of additional information that you can use to tailor your players to your tactics. It allows you to see how much a player can develop thereby allowing you to make a quick assessment of whether you want to keep him or sell him. Consider this: I am trying to design a perfect tactic/set of tactics that can work for any match, any pitch, any team. For that, I specifically need players with 12+ professionalism & versatility (so that they comply with my rigorous training schedules without getting all 'unhappy' on me) and I can't spend scouting time and resources for each regen.

Genie Scouts For Mac

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In this particular case, using GS has definitely saved me a lot of time in choosing which players can play my system. I think it's cool, because it's not a multiplayer game.

Go ahead and do whatever you want, you're not cheating other people out of the game. THAT said, I don't think it's cool to get 200 PA regens with genie scout and then post them online without mentioning that you used genie. Once you bring other people's experiences in, you need to make that disclaimer.

Finally, it can be really helpful as a tool for players who don't want to 'cheat'. When I retired FM11 I used it to check the PA/CA of the players I'd trained normally. It turned out that one player had a 199 PA, and it helped me to reconsider my scouting and training systems.