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Graph Paper Software For Mac

Believe it or not, schools (the one where I work) still use graph paper. Digital and paper. Graph paper comes in all shapes, sizes, colors, line variations, and costs. The more complex or unusual the graph paper, the more difficult it is to find, and the more expensive it is.

Apr 8, 2013 - I'd even go so far as to say that a majority of Mac users either. Anyone who has tried to draw a graph in Excel will know what I mean -- it's a real hassle. It's best to use a spreadsheet program such as Excel or Numbers. HousePlan is a new app that is designed specifically to keep things like that from. And the best part is that you don't have to wonder if that piece of paper you.

So, use your Mac to rescue your students and your schools with Graph Paper Maker. In other words, there is a way to make your own graph paper. Graphs For Math, Science, And Fun I cannot imagine being a high school student and not using. For mathematics, engineering, and laboratories, graph paper is a must. Well, it’s a must for slogging through projects the old fashioned way. Graph Paper Maker eliminates the need to create your own customized graph paper by hand. That’s the really, really old fashioned way.

Today, digital designs rule, and so does digitally designed graph paper. From a simple, straightforward user interface, schools and businesses and students can design graph paper to fit specific requirements. Both X and Y axis can be set for scaling as well as linear or log scales. Comes with a dozen standard graph paper sizes, but you can create your own for specific projects. You control the color of the lines, weights for X and Y axis lines, range and spacing of labels. Titles can be added to each and the grid spacing can be specified, too.

How many graph paper designs are there? When I went to high school there was one (I’m sure there were more but that’s all we had at the time). To get started with Graph Paper Maker there’s Isometric, Axonometric, Trapezoid, Hexagon, Polar, Engineering, Line, Cornell Note Taking, Dots, Ternary, and more, including standard Cartesian graph paper. That’s just what you get out of the box.

From there you can customize each or dream up a graph paper design of your own. Works on Macs and Windows PCs, so it’s perfect for institutions of higher learning as well as special projects in companies where graphing is important.

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School’s almost here, which means so’s the task of buying school supplies. If you’re a high school or college student—or if you’re buying stuff for someone who is—one of the items on that list is likely graphing paper. You know, the sheets of paper with nice grids for drawing graphs, charts, shapes, and the trajectories of projectiles. The thing is, this paper can be quite expensive. I went to the local (similar to Walgreens, Longs, and the like, for those who aren’t familiar), and a pad of 20 sheets of graph paper was $4! Sure, you can get it cheaper in bulk at Wal-Mart, but it’s nowhere near as inexpensive as standard notebook or printer paper. Which is what makes Black Cat System’s $20 ( ) so useful to those who go through lots of graph paper: It lets you create your own templates which you can then print out as needed—on your own, cheap printer paper.


To do so, you simply launch Graph Paper Maker; choose the paper size, orientation, margins, number of lines per inch or centimeter, line thickness, and line color; and then click Generate. You’ll be asked where to save the new “sheet,” and Graph Paper Maker will create a PDF document with your chosen grid design drawn right on the page. Whenever you need a sheet, simply print it out—you can keep the PDF around for future use, and even distribute it (for example, to other teachers in your school). You can also create logarithmic grids with up to 5 decades. Although quite useful, Graph Paper Maker has some shortcomings. For example, you can’t create graph paper with darker and lighter lines on the same axis unless you choose a logarithmic scale—for example, some paper has thin lines for the main grid with thicker, darker lines every, say, 10 lines.

And because you’re printing your paper out on a home printer, it’s difficult to get your homemade grids to print right up to the paper’s edges. You also can’t label the axes when generating a sheet; you’ll need to do that later by hand (or by editing the PDF in a graphics app). Finally, there’s the question of whether or not Graph Paper Maker is worth its $20 price tag, which may seem high given the application’s limited scope. The answer depends on how often you’ll need to print sheets and what kind of printer you have. Thanks to the high cost of inket refills, you probably don’t want to be printing lots of graph paper on an inkjet printer. (Laser printers, on the other hand, are ideal: A toner cartridge for my Brother laser printer is approximately $45 and is good for 2,500 pages; that’s 1.8 cents per page. Paper is roughly $3 for 500 sheets, or 0.6 cents per page.

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So once I’d shelled out $20 for Graph Paper Maker, I’d be paying approximately 2.4 cents per page to print out my own graph paper—around $12 for 500 sheets. That’s a reasonable cost—less that most of the graph paper I’ll find in stores—and I’d also get the benefits of printing new sheets whenever I need them and choosing whatever scale I need for each sheet.) Those printing out significant volumes of graph paper—for example, a school or a teacher—will also be more likely to consider Graph Paper Maker a genuine bargain. Steam browser/store not working : steam for mac mac. However, if you have only modest needs, the software will be worth its cost mainly if you regularly need graph paper with different scales—or if your favorite student is desperately trying to finish a project and the local Target and Wal-Mart are closed. (Perhaps a tiered price—one for organizations, one for individuals—would be a better approach for Black Cat Systems to take.).